GOOD GAME (GG) TOKEN - a utility cryptographic token that allows trust-less deals where anyone can pay players to take actions inside games.

  • ClanPlay is introducing a new marketplace for in-game actions where players and interested entities can incentivize other players to act upon their causes. A new meritocratic ecosystem will emerge where skill in games is financially valuable at large and any action that can be tracked - can be paid for!

    We believe that the time has come for players to be directly compensated for trying out and playing new games, and that blockchain is the facilitating catalyst to drive this revolution forward. Through a smart contract that leverages ClanPlay’s technology, we can track player actions, time spent and contribution in games - thus enabling developers to pay users in proportion to how deeply they engaged with their games while doing so in a transparent and trust-less manner.

    GG Token - A Revolutionary Marketplace for In-Game Actions


    GG is a utility cryptographic token that allows trust-less deals where anyone can pay players to take actions inside games.


      Developers can directly compensate players for discovering and then progressively engaging with their games. GG will become the vessel for providing players with gradually increasing compensation for their participation in games. Direct Discovery Campaigns can start with a small reward for watching a game’s ad, while additional rewards can be granted for downloading the game, completing a match or a level, taking various actions and even making a purchase. Developers that identify the optimal user journey for players, can plot an efficient campaign that encourages players to conduct proper analysis of their hard-developed product.


      GG will lay the infrastructure for a safe and flexible environment in which anyone can bid for In-Game Actions and players can buy into offers to perform them. The opportunities here are endless and will undoubtedly lead to a new meritocratic economy in which gamer skills are matched with a financial value.

      Example use-cases are leaders forming a new clan in a game and offering players (above a certain level) payment for joining and spending time in their clan; or creating rewarded challenges for existing clan-members to incentivize and engage them onwards; Another example can be aspiring players paying mentors for spectating their match and guiding them through; Players in collectible games can pay others to borrow their item for crafting or breeding, with a commitment to return it or pay its fair market price otherwise, and the list goes on to infinity. ClanPlay aims to create a dynamic marketplace where the community crafts and drives deal flow..


      Tracking the progress of eSport tournaments is very complicated and requires manual analysis. This obstacle forces the majority of eSport events to be constrained to a single game and to be held in a physical location and in constrained scale.

      GG holders are given the power to setup action-based tournaments where the prize pool is split between participants. This exciting opportunity opens a whole new world of cross game competitions based on any in-game activity - any action that can be tracked, can be made into a tournament goal. These tournaments are a great way to advertise goals and interests.

      As part of the framework to enable GG usage by 3rd party Authorizers, ClanPlay will work to define a regulatory-compliant structure. Authorizers will state the actions they support and fee structure for their supported tournaments, based on their data capabilities.


      Game data is decentralized in nature. There is no central database of game events and different parties have different access to information. GG’s innovation is in its trust-less agreement verification and matching between payments and actions. To achieve a state where two parties can engage safely while assuming a certain deal fulfillment, authorization providers are required to inspect actions and provide deal governance.

      Game data comes in two forms: deterministic and indeterministic. Examples of deterministic data points are a player’s level, current clan and item ownership. To be considered deterministic, such data needs to be available over public game APIs (for example Clash of Clans) where any party can quarry it and determine the result. On the other hand, indeterministic data will often be available only via private or semi-private game APIs and consist of information that can be interpreted in more than one way. For example, assessing how much time a certain player has spent in a clan can greatly vary in measurement methods (days, hours, etc.) and is highly effected by the time zone.

      The GG Marketplace will support both data types by opening to participation of authorization entities. Where the data is available publicly, any party can contribute contract processing to an Authorization Pool where results are accepted in a full or partial consensus; In cases where the data is privately held, any party that can demonstrate ability to accurately track player actions inside a game can participate as a competitive Authorization Node. Examples of competent node providers are ClanPlay, game developers, analytics providers, entities accessing a game’s private API and gaming platforms


    GG is a utility cryptographic token that allows trust-less deals where in-game actions are being compensated by players and game developers alike.

    Contact us at: [email protected]

    Token Details:

    Token Sale Hard Cap

    € 20000000

    Token Sale Soft Cap

    € 2000000

    Presale Start Date

    June 1st, 2018

    Presale End Date

    June 30th, 2018

    Token Symbol


    Token Type

    Utility token on Ethereum

    Initial Token Price

    1 token = 0.067 EUR






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