Project Radium Update #11 — The Hard Fork Approaches

  • Good evening all,

    Before covering the developments for this week, we would like to remind everyone that there will be a hard fork in the network on August 10th. You must update to the newest wallet version to remain on the correct chain.

    Radium 1.4.3 for Windows

    Radium 1.4.3 for macOS

    Github Repository

    Although this week has not been a very exciting week, it has been a productive week. SmartChain Phase 3.0 is getting closer to completion each day, and it keeps looking better and better.

    This week, we completed and tested the following functions for the Radium + SmartChain integrated GUI:

    — Loading Page Circular Progress bars: Because we decided normal, horizontal progress bars are boring, we decided to build our own circular ones.

    New loading / syncing page logic and GUI: What good are some new circular progress bars, if you don’t have anywhere to use them?

    — Auto chain image: Based on the Rapid Deploy system, this function allows for extremely fast initial syncing when running the Radium wallet for the first time.

    — Auto Bootstrap: When the wallet detects that is is more than 20,000 blocks behind the rest of the network, it shuts down, and downloads the latest bootstrap.dat, before restarting. This allows the wallet to sync from the bootstrap.dat, boosting syncing speed.

    — Recent transactions: The code to parse the recent transactions and display in the SmartChain GUI was completed, tested, and is finally stable.

    Multithreading wallet model: Added a wallet model class, running on its own thread, giving the GUI instant access to accurate wallet data.

    — Sending Radium: Finished the backend code for sending Radium, and for handling prompting the user for the passphrase.

    — System tray notifications: build code to display system tray notifications on transactions sent and received.

    In addition to the XAML progress, we have also made an update to SmartChain Verify.

    — When you verify a link, you now have the option to press a button to copy the dedicated SmartChain Verify Link for that file.

    We have written new comprehensive documentation for Radium Core and SmartChain Verify. Documentation for SmartChain Core will be written before the release of Phase 3.0.

    The new documentation may be found here:

    We’d like to hear your feedback on all subjects covered in this update, so let us know on Twitter @ProjectRadium or in the comments below.

    Until next time,

    — The Project Radium Team.

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