Reddcoin Development Update

  • Welcome again Reddheads to another weekly update of Reddcoin Development.

    This month of August will usher in a new era for Reddcoin and its future development.

    After 9 months of work, and with the help of volunteers for testing and translations, and with some work provided by the original developers, I am pleased to announce that the new Reddcoin wallet v2.0 is ready to go live onto the main blockchain.

    If you are not aware, with this release we have taken a fork from Bitcoin (rather than Litecoin as originally). Using this as a base, it will pave the way for easier feature implementation from the upstream Bitcoin core software that launched most other coins.

    Thank you everyone for your patience while this work has been undertaken.
    And thank you for everyone who took the time to get involved.
    Over the coming months, the goal will be to introduce more upstream updates into the Reddcoin Core to further improve the Reddcoin network…

    Here is the current status of what else is happening:

    • All work for v2.0 wallet is finalised.
    • Continue testing of block chain synchronisation on different platforms.
    • Creating an updated official bootstrap.dat and testing.
    • Release notes and other documentation updates.
    • Continue investigating the performance and behaviour of PoSV.
    • Investigate PoSV2 and improving network node support
    • Continue development of ReddID

    New v2.0 Wallet is now ready

    I have been saying it for a while now, but I am pleased to announce to you that the new wallet is now ready. I have completed putting the finishing touches and tidying the repository to a point where I feel it is ready for mainstream adoption.

    Release Date: 13th August 2016 AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

    Notable changes

    • Code-base switched to Bitcoin
    • New utility applications
    • Faster blockchain synchronization
    • Strict signature encoding (BIP66)
    • Staking v4 blocks
    • OP_Return 80byte data transactions
    • RPC access changes
    • Stakeminer will wait for both the blockchain and network on non encrypted wallets
    • QT includes network bandwidth and connected peer details
    • New DNS Seeds added

    Reddcoin v2.0 will be provided as both downloadable binaries and also compile from source

    • 32bit Linux binaries
    • 64bit Linux binaries
    • 32bit binaries
    • 64bit Windows binaries
    • 64bit OSx binary
    • Updated bootstrap.dat

    In the meantime, in preparation of this public release of the new wallet, I am continuing to contact and engage with the various major exchanges and 3rd party services to advise them that we will have an updated wallet in the near future.


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