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  • OlympCoin

    OlympCoin is a cryptocurrency dedicated to celebrate both summer and winter olympic games. It's distribution is based on POW and POS, but also on a Country winning distribution, which means that if your favourite country wins a medal you will get a prize too. The coin's infrastructure is built around the olympic games, rewards are 31 OLYMP/block as this years Summer Olympics is the XXXI. one, and from 2018 the reward will be reduced to 23 celebrating the XXIII Winter Olympic games.

    How to win with your favourite country?

    FIRST you have to sign up at this link providing your username, favourite country, and OLYMP address
    SECOND you have to cheer for your favourite country
    THIRD just watch your Wallet growing as your country earns medals


    Rewards for winning are as follows:

    Golden medal - 100 OLYMP
    Silver medal - 50 OLYMP
    Bronze medal - 25 OLYMP

    Payments will be sent the next day of earning a medal.
    Multiple registrations are prohibited. Users caught will be banned from the promotion


    - Algorithm: X11 -
    - Target Spacing : 30 sec -
    - Total supply : Approx. 50 mio. OLYMP -
    - 31 OLYMP until block 1.575.360 -
    - 23 OLYMP after block 1.575.360 -
    - Last PoW block: 3.000.000 -
    - PoS Interest: 5% Fixed -
    - Stake min. age : 8 hours -
    - Stake max. age : 14 days -
    - Premine 6% used for
    the country winning distribution and bounties -


    Source Code


    Win wallet






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