Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinsquare Announces Its Plan to Conquer European Market

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    Canadian cryptocurrency exchange Coinsquare announced the next phase of its expansion plan: to become a global crypto exchange. Customers in the European market will have access to the platform’s entire suite of coins. Presently, it provides trading of coins such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Litecoin.

    Coinsquare’s Next Expansion Plan Revealed After Its Association With DLTa21

    Coinsquare announced that for the fourth quarter of this year, it plans to open its business in Europe. Coinsquare CEO Cole Diamond said:

    “Entering on a massive market like the EU is an exciting step closer to Coinsquare’s vision of becoming a global 21st century financial institution. Already the premier cryptocurrency exchange in Canada, we are careful in how we expand internationally to ensure we can offer the same high quality, secure service in every country we operate.”

    This new venture is not the brand’s first dealings in the global cryptocurrency market. In the previous month, it ventured into a partnership with a blockchain investment bank named DLTa21 in Japan.

    Commenting on the partnership, Diamond said:

    “I’m excited for this monumental step in Coinsquare’s history. Working with a world-leading investment firm like DLTa 21 to bring a safe, secure, easy digital currency buying and trading experience to Japan is a thrilling next step in Coinsquare’s mission.”

    Coinsquare Aims at $120 Million IPO in September 2018
    During the early months of 2018, Coinsquare raised $23.63 million in funding and is targeting a $120-million IPO in September to help plant its feet firmly in the overseas market.

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