CryptalDash - ​ A Step-by-Step Guide to Joining Mega Airdrop Phase 3

  • Good things come in threes.

    You still have about 3 days to join Mega Airdrop 3 where 3 participating brands are giving out tokens/coins in 3 simple steps.

    How to Claim Your Airdrop Coins Now

    Step 1: Create an Account at

    For existing users, use your existing account at to log in and continue, or “Reset Here” if you have forgotten your password.

    For new users, go to “Sign up Here” at the bottom of the page.

    Wait for this message to appear on your screen before you can continue with Airdrop:

    Step 2: Follow Us

    Follow us on at least 3 of our social media networks:

    Step 3: Refer Friends

    Copy the referral link and post it to at least 3 of your social media accounts.

    One Last Thing….

    Activate your account at The CryptalDash Exchange to receive your Airdrop tokens from each of the 3 participating brands.

    Follow the link on the screen to activate your Exchange account.

    Now, your Airdrop participation is complete.

    We are social!

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