[ICO] [Airdrop] Zwoop (ZWP) - Transforming how the world shops online. Bringing crypto and AI to everyday e-commerce


    Zwoop is a revolutionary e-commerce FIND ENGINE. It combines blockchain, AI and advanced machine learning to remove the frustrations, inefficiencies and unfairness of e-commerce, saving shoppers time and money and giving them complete control of their personal data.

    • Zwoop will achieve mass market adoption by solving real problems for the world’s online shoppers;
    • It is built on a token economics ecosystem that works, balancing supply
    and demand;
    • The product is ready following 18 months of development;

    Introducing Zwoop final full stop

    Zwoop’s key benefits for the world’s online shoppers:
    • We provide unrestricted, unbiased and unbeatable access to the whole
    world of e-commerce.
    • We FIND available products that match a shopper’s precise needs -
    model, size, colour, fabric etc.
    • We show them the best deals available anywhere online, inclusive of shipping
    and taxes.
    • We make the buying process simpler and faster, enabling one-click checkout
    from any retailer and payments in Fiat, Zwoop tokens or major cryptocurrencies.
    • We give them control of their personal data.
    • We are not a search engine, shop or a marketplace – but a smarter way
    of shopping online.

    Zwoop - The future of online shopping

    Zwoop has created a FIND ENGINE that uses AI and machine learning to understand products and interpret product pages, rather than rely on links or keywords.
    With Zwoop, users can:
    • Find any product and instantly see the best deals from every merchant in the world, even if the product descriptions are different or in another language.
    • Know that the product is in stock and matches their requirements (size, colour, etc).
    • See the true price including shipping and taxes to their location.
    • Check-out from any merchant with a single click.
    • Use the Zwoop Token, any major cryptocurrency or traditional payment methods.
    • Control their data, decide how it is used, and be paid for granting access to it.
    • Re-sell their purchases in a trusted and anonymous peer-to-peer marketplace with assurance on product authenticity.
    • Access products from websites that do not normally ship to their home address by using Zwoop’s shipping services.
    • Set a target price for the products they want to buy and be informed when a merchant is prepared to match this target figure.
    • Purchase added-value services such as extended warranties.
    • Take advantage of better prices with a Group Buy facility.
    Zwoop gives shoppers a complete, accurate and unbiased insight into the entire e-commerce marketplace - allowing them always to find the best deals. No more fruitless searches, no broken links, no irrelevant content, no affiliate networks, no advertising influenced results, no complex checkout processes, no unauthorised harvesting of personal data.


    • Zwoop’s FIND ENGINE is far more precise than a search engine. It only shows the products that match the shopper’s exact specification and are in stock and it also shows the true cost of any purchase, including shipping and taxes.
    • Instantaneously provides shoppers with the best deals on the products they want.
    • Automates the registration and checkout process.
    • Provides an unbiased view of e-commerce, finding the best deals for shoppers without the influence of advertising, SEO, affiliate deals or other fees.
    • Authenticates the provenance of second hand products.
    • Provides the best deals available, anywhere online.
    • Enables the setting of price alerts.
    • Provides access to Group Buy deals.
    • Opens-up the whole world of e-commerce, giving shoppers access to any website, anywhere in the world.
    • Provides access to products and prices on e-commerce sites that were previously unavailable to them.
    • Enables consumers to control how their personal data is used.

    The underlying capabilities that allow Zwoop to deliver its unique services are
    presented below:

    Zwoop delivers knowledge and ease to the consumer and complete control over the buying process.
    Inefficiencies in the current online ecosystem cost billions through transaction processing fees, payments and the exchange of goods and services through intermediaries. Equally, there is a growing concern among consumers about the lack of control they have over their data and how it is used2. Zwoop addresses these issues through consumer services (built upon AI and big data foundations) and the capabilities, transparency and controls provided through blockchain.
    Blockchain integration enables Zwoop to make e-commerce, advertising, shipping and reselling more efficient and democratic; streamline payments and provides borderless access to goods and products. Furthermore, a decentralised data platform allows consumers to control access to their data, determine the level of engagement they desire and be rewarded if they choose to share their data.

    ZWP Token Economy

    Zwoop has created a meaningful and valuable ecosystem for the ZWP token, which is open to third-party participation. This features a balance of supply and demand, driven by multiple uses of the ZWP token, in particular:
    • Users will automatically receive ZWP tokens, initially for registering with Zwoop and downloading the app - an important way to drive trial - and subsequently when they buy products using Zwoop.
    • Zwoop users willing to share their personal data with other users (e.g. advertisers) or perform certain actions will be rewarded in kind with ZWP tokens.
    • Every Zwoop user is automatically allocated a wallet containing their ZWP tokens.
    If they want, they can extend this wallet to hold other major cryptocurrencies.
    • Users can use ZWP tokens to purchase any product from any merchant, in what we call the universal acceptance.
    • Buyers and sellers can earn and purchase ZWP tokens when they use Zwoop’s second-hand (peer-to-peer) market.
    • Merchants and advertisers will use ZWP tokens to access Zwoop’s highly-targeted advertising services, purchase data and in-depth reports and reward users’ loyalty. We forecast a discount between 20% and 40% on the regular price for merchants paying in ZWP tokens.
    • Merchants will stake ZWP tokens to obtain priority in Zwoop’s Group Buy market. Zwoop’s Group Buy functionality allows consumers to access bulk purchases. merchants can make bulk supply deals based on target prices set by consumers.
    • Miners will receive ZWP tokens in return for lending their CPU and GPU rigs to Zwoop for website crawling, stock verification and AI processing. They can use these ZWP tokens on the Zwoop platform to purchase any product from any merchant, exchange them for cash or for leading cryptocurrencies on integrated third party exchanges. Miners will need to purchase ZWP tokens in order to start mining. In general, they will be required to stake 30 days work of ZWP tokens before starting to mine.

    Zwoop API

    Zwoop has an API that enables third parties and partners to deliver value-added services and product purchase processes to their own applications.In this case, the ZWP token is essential to the ecosystem. In particular:
    • Third parties who access the API will stake a sufficient number of tokens proportional to their use of the API and the resources / services required.
    • Third parties accessing the API, or front-end partners of Zwoop, purchase tokens to pay Zwoop for the services provided by the APIs. Some APIs will be accessible ONLY if paid in tokens.
    • Third-parties will also receive tokens as mean of payment from some Zwoop users when they use the third-party services. Any third-party integrating with the Zwoop open API will also be required to accept tokens as a means of exchange for services

    Other exclusive token holders’ benefits

    Below are some of the exclusive benefits we envisage for the token holders or whoever pays for Zwoop services with ZWP.
    • Discounts on shipping enhancement fees;
    • Discounts on product add-ons, shipping insurance (provided by shipper/freig forwarder) and extended warranty;
    • Priority listing for second-hand (peer-to-peer) reselling;
    • Early access to beta versions of future features;
    • Access to limited edition sales or product releases;
    • Exclusive retailer events or promotions;
    • Discounts on merchant fees at accepted merchants;
    • Discounts on Group Buy Fees;
    • Priority access to Group Buy auctions;
    • Priority access to banners and collection spaces for advertising;
    • Free access to SKU filtering for advertising when pushing collections
    and banners (usually paid as an add-on);
    • Discounts on advertising fees;
    • Discounts on data feeds and reporting;
    • Free access to extended product categories when purchasing a
    product report;

    Partnerships and third party integration

    The Zwoop API platform will allow third party integration and extend Zwoop use to partners that add value to the ecosystem and both contribute and benefit from the large Zwoop user base.

    One example of these multiple partnerships is Zwoop’s partnership with Dropp.tv whose proprietary technology allows users to watch video streams and shop or store the products they see in real time. Zwoop’s AI finds these products online, confirming their availability and checking for the best available price - and automates the purchase process. The organic partnership between Dropp TV and Zwoop is creating a global, shoppable media powerhouse that is challenging media and e-commerce industries. Together they provide consumers with unrestricted and unbiased access to the whole world of e-commerce and media consumption. Specifically, Dropp TV will provide lead-generation technology for e-commerce through its consumer facing video interface, while Zwoop will provide the back-end fulfillment technology and services.

    Subject to the hard cap for the token sale, 30% of the total number of tokens to be generated will be available for the token sale at a price of 10 cents (USD) per 1 ZWP token. The tokens sold during the institutional sale phase have lock up periods of 12 months and Zwoop aims to have more involvement from these partners in the long term. The hard cap for the token sale is US$30 Million.
    Tokens allocated to the token sale are minted only upon purchase. This means Zwoop will only create tokens according to buyers demand.
    A percentage of the tokens is going to be locked in a reserve that will be used exclusively to fund the crawling pool (see the crawling pool section, page 24). The tokens locked to the crawling pool have lock up periods correspondent to 12, 24 and 36 months,
    and will be released according to the growth of Zwoop in the market and crawling
    network expansion.

    According to Zwoop token distribution, only 1/3 of the tokens distributed are not subject
    to lock up periods. Tokens distributed to public pre-sale and public sale contributors are
    not subject to any lock up period.
    The funds raised during the token sale are planned to be used according to the following chart:

    Zwoop roadmap

    All the components in the schema below, except those in white, have already been
    developed and tested. The components in white are either in development phase or are
    going to be provided by third parties.

    The Zwoop concept was created back in 2014. Our roadmap shows Zwoop’s team growth and the recent development accomplishments, as well as different future aspects such as technology and infrastructure development, market launch and expansion. Zwoop started beta testing with 30 000 users in the UK in July 2018.



    • Airdrop start date:  August 3rd, 2018
    • Airdrop end date:  November  15th, 2018
    • Airdrop pool size: up to 4,448,000 ZWP
    • ZWP Token price: US $0.10
    • Wallet type: ETH
    • Payment in: ZWP tokens
    • Airdrop rewards type: 1 stake per participant from the total pool. Stake calculations will be made not later than one month from the end of the campaign.


    Dear Participants, if you have questions about Airdrop and Bounty, please join this Bountize Telegram Chat, we will be glad to help you!


    • Jurisdiction requirement

      • Zwoop Tokens are not being offered or distributed to, and cannot be resold or otherwise alienated by their holders to citizens of, natural and legal persons having their habitual residence, location or their seat of incorporation in a country or territory where transactions with digital tokens are prohibited or in any manner restricted by applicable laws or regulations.

      • Participants must ensure they are not citizens of, natural and legal persons having habitual residence, location or their seat of incorporation in the following countries: China, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Ethiopia, Iran, Pakistan, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, United States of America and Yemen.

    • General Terms

      • Airdrop Rewards are made at Bountize discretion and Bountize or Zwoop reserves all right for changing airdrop campaign rules and regulations at any given time. In case any spamming or manipulation in form of fake likes, shares etc. is found, Bountize is authorized to disqualify the participant and will now be not eligible for any rewards. Airdrop participants may not change their payment addresses once submitted. If airdrop campaign will not meet the minimum considered participants, we reserve the right to allocate a fixed reward to each participant, and maximum reward will be capped at ten dollars worth in project tokens per participant.

    • Privacy Policy and Data Protection

      • By Applying or participating in this bounty or airdrop campaign, you agree that Bountize Ltd and Zwoop Ltd can collect, store and use the following information:  Email address; Social media account details and activity; participant activity data; Cryptographic payment address (eg. Ethereum wallet address)

      • The above information will be used for the purposes of bounty participation management, email updates about the Zwoop project, email updates about Bountize, payment management and notifications. Technical measures are in place to protect your data. We will not sell your data to third parties or use your data in any way. In the event of a data breach, you will be informed as soon as possible. Bountize Privacy policy can be found here contact us.

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