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  • What is our Product?

    Our product is a digital, innovative mobile app serving as insurance carriers’ means to provide
    UBI comprehensive & collision insurance, that offers an individual approach to every client
    through the analysis of driver’s behaviour, selected routes, accident rate, weather conditions and
    other characteristics. Our App is a product where you pay as you go. There is no payment for the
    period when the car is not used. The insurance coverage is per minute, kilometre or day. It is easy
    to subscribe to and convenient to use. The mobile App is free and there is no additional
    equipment needed. The services are online, accessible through the App and provided by the
    trusted insurance carrier partners.
    Our product is a part of the fast developing ‘Usage-based Insurance’ (UBI) industry, that builds on
    well-accepted key world automotive industry trends – including
    ●Rapidly increasing car usage time in major metropolitan areas, which transforms cars in profit
    centres, as opposed to cost centre for every household,
    ●Fast developing smart insurance market, uber-insurance and uber-like services market,
    ●Increased driving safety, in-vehicle access to information services, rapidly expanding market for
    value-added services and
    ●True usage based pricing.
    Digital technology makes insurance 'smart’:
    ●Telematics, navigation, and big data technologies enable precise profiling of insurance clients
    based on driving quality/style, weather/road/vehicle conditions, location and drivers’ social
    ●Risks can be managed through individual adjustment of insurance premium to the profile of each
    particular customer,
    ●Such profiling allows to determine a fair tariff / insurance rate for each client and of risk
    optimization for the insurer. We are all different, we should not pay the same, and
    ●Creates a ‘smart’ purpose-based customer interactivity and building of relationship.

    What is our concept?


    We reduce insurance expenses by 50% for driving safe. We use AI and telematic Big Data assessments with Pay-as-you- Drive model.


    We create decentralized ecosystem, where every careful driver will get an affordable insurance, and insurance agencies will be able to identify low-risk clients.

    Videos About K2G

    How does it work?

    Amongst the benefits for the customers are
    ●Price transparency,
    ●Personal control over insurance rates,
    ●Lower rates (up to 50% compared to traditional solutions), especially for young drivers and low
    mileage drivers,
    ●Flexibility for drivers sharing cars with family members, friends, etc.,
    ●“Peace of mind” for parents of teenagers and children of elderly people,
    ●Greater overall safety: improved driving, reduction in accident frequency and severity,
    ●Faster accident assistance and support and
    ●Rewards for loyalty.
    Amongst the advantages for insurance companies are
    ●Better risk management and control,
    ●Increase of customer base via attracting new, low-risk customers with personalized pay-as-you-go
    ●Lower claims losses – up to 30% reduction compared to insurers offering traditional solutions,
    ●Improved fraud analysis,
    ●Fraud detection and cost of fraud (reduced claims handling cost – up to 55% reduction),
    ●Better interactivity and communication with customers, resulting in increased customer
    satisfaction, retention and loyalty.
    * We fully understand that its implementation is possible only after we ourselves obtain an
    insurance license or through a licensed insurance carrier partner.

    Token Sale; KYC, AML

    This chapter presents the way the K2G tokens are issued for the first phase. The Company targets
    two issuance channels or contributors categories: crypto investors and fiat investors. Both
    categories can be car users or other investors. The sale is preceded by a pre-sale. The sale is
    business/milestone driven.
    A smart contract ensures that the next funding phase only opens once the relevant milestone(s)
    is(are) reached. The issuance of tokens complies with relevant KYC and AML regulations and
    security technological standards.
    A total of up to 600M of K2G tokens will be issued during the token sale. Contributions will be
    made available in ETH (Ethereum), BTC (bitcoin) and fiat (EUR or USD). Each ETH contributed for
    the entire duration of the K2G Token Launch will entitle the contributor to approx. 8,000 K2G

    Private Pre-sale

    We intend to bring partners onboard. Not investors interested in buying and selling tokens, but
    partners who we can meet in person, and who will contribute to the Company’s success in the
    long term. At the moment, many projects fail in their token sale because they have a public sale
    with a fixed bonus distributed to everyone. It is often perceived by the market as a “pre-ICO,”
    during which a bonus is given to everyone who participates. Unfortunately, it usually ends in a
    public token sale that has less interest and a token value that drops after the token sale. One of
    our main goals is to welcome major contributors while still protecting token sale contributors
    from “big whales” on the market. The pre-sale contribution period is by invitation only. K2G
    tokens, based on the funds raised during the K2G Token Pre-Crowdsale contribution period, will
    be generated and distributed several hours prior to the start of the official K2G Token Crowdsale.
    The K2G Tokens distributed during the Token Pre-Crowdsale contribution period will not exceed
    40% of all the available K2G Tokens assigned to the first phase. The participants are subject to
    lock-up periods and a bonus scheme. The details will be disclosed post private pre-sale.

    The ETH/EUR or ETH/CHF and BTC/EUR or BTC/CHF exchange rates will be updated every day
    during the public sale according to www.bitstamp.net. The public token sale will be open for 21
    days with the intention to close it early.

    Token Distribution

    From the maximal 600 M K2G tokens:
    ●Up to 300 M K2G (50 %) will be distributed to the contributors in the K2G token sale;
    ●Up to 162 M K2G (27 %) from the total will be allocated for the company and have 2-year lock-up;
    ●Up to 60 M (10 %) from the total will be distributed to the team and have 1-year lock-up;
    ● Up to 48 M (8 %) from the total will be distributed to the advisors and ambassadors and have
    6-month lock-up; and
    ●Up to 30 M (5 %) from the total will be distributed as referral tokens.
    The unsold K2G tokens will be locked up for 2 years to ensure future functioning and growth of
    services scope within the community.
    The smart contract will generate K2G tokens immediately upon receiving ETH at its address. In
    due time, after the token crowdsale reaches its hard cap or closes after 21 days, whichever occurs
    first, the K2G tokens will be released to the contributors and to the Company, according to the
    split outlined above. Each ETH contributed will generate a corresponding number of K2G Tokens
    (approx. 8’000 K2G Tokens for the contributor, plus potential bonuses and a corresponding
    amount of K2G Tokens to be distributed to the Company.
    A 15% bonus will be allocated to investors who contribute within the first two days of K2G token

    Token sale process Initialization

    During this phase the Company adjusts conversion rate and start/end date. This phase can
    optionally be overwritten by the owner to adjust the conversion rate, start / end dates before
    pre-contribution phase starts.
    During this phase, only registered users can contribute to the ICO and therefore receive a bonus
    until cap or end date is reached.
    Prepare Contribution
    During this phase the Company adjusts conversion rate by the ETH/EUR depreciation during
    Pre-Contribution and change start/ end dates in case of an unforeseen event. This phase can
    optionally be overwritten by the owner to adjust the conversion rate, start/ end dates before
    contribution phase starts.
    During this phase, all users can contribute until cap or end date is reached.
    Auditing. The Company awaits recommendation by auditor and its board will then finalize
    contribution or enable refunding. Every timed transition must be logged for auditing.

    Launched (Finalized)
    The ICO can only be finalized by an auditor which is nominated before launch. The number of
    tokens allocated to the team/partners, when the ICO is finalized. The calculation is based on the
    predefined team bonus.
    The contribution will be forwarded to this address after the token has been finalized by the
    auditor (public address) and the tokens are released.
    Once the ICO is in state finalized or refunding, there is no way to transit to another state again.
    If ICO is not successful, a refunding process will be initiated by the Company. Refunds can be
    claimed. A contributor can choose this option only in the case when refunding is enabled.
    KYC / AML
    In the sales environment, a two-tier verification and identification process allows to identify the
    acquirer and accomplish the contribution.
    On our landing page an investor fills out the KYC application form to go through KYC due
    diligence. We ask investors to provide the information regarding Country, Personal Contact,
    Address, Identification and answer questions about the source of funds. The stages of the due
    diligence are as follows:
    •Collecting Information: investor is to provide information to perform KYC.
    •Reviewing and Submitting Information: investor is to review entered information and submit it
    1.Next Steps: the user is routed depending on the declared contribution: the investor of the
    equivalent of EUR 9,999.99 and less proceeds to the document verification. This stage involves IP
    geo check, name/address match, sanction Screening, BTC/ETH address reputation check. Investor
    of the equivalent of EUR 10,000 and above is routed to an additional validation procedure.
    2.Document verification: documents are uploaded according to selected document type including
    document issuing country.
    Beyond KYC, it is of paramount importance for the Company to conduct an ICO in compliance
    with applicable AML regulations and expectations.
    Management involved in the ICO process have received AML training, which is particularly
    important for the pre-sale phase.

    After the data and documents have been provided, the KYC-Manager takes one of the following
    KYC decisions:
    2.Manual Review
    Sanctions Screening of Individuals:
    Through our plugin tool we have secured access to an extensive database of politically exposed
    persons (PEPs), threat finance organizations and actors, including terror financiers, state
    sanctions evaders, arms proliferators, and narcotraffickers. These organizations and actors are
    effectively blacklisted under the scope of OFAC, but are not currently included in any
    commercially available lists. This database expands OFAC designations by upwards of 55%, with
    tiered risk thresholds.
    Sanctions Screening by Countries:
    Due to regulatory and political factors, and to comply with international sanctions, the Company’s
    ICO does not accept acquirers domiciled in any of the following countries: Afghanistan, Algeria,
    Angola, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad,
    Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Cuba, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Guatemala,
    Guinea, Guyana, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Maldives, Mauritania,
    Nicaragua, Niger, North Korea, Palestine, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan,
    Tanzania, Turkmenistan, Uganda, United States, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

    Tokenized Ecosystem

    This chapter describes the way the go2solution’s ecosystem will be tokenized with the help of the
    funds collected during the ICO, and the functionalities attached to the K2G token.
    K2G token will be the fuel of the go2solution’s ecosystem used by customers and go2solution’s
    third-party business partners worldwide. For each drive conducted via go2solution’s platform, the
    K2G token will be used. Tokenizing property will allow go2solution to uniquely identify insurance
    assets and transform the information to other types of businesses via a digital record.
    We see this as a huge potential to transform the external, centrally governed insurance provider
    into an autonomous and decentralized solution. The relevant insurance smart contracts would
    have to support the following features:
    ●Policy Management
    ●Risk pooling
    ●Claim request and assessment
    ●Oracle to provide the risk factor and other user relevant data to the insurance contracts
    ●Decommissions the external reinsurance service in the long term. An increase of the liquidity pool
    should reduce the reinsurance costs.

    K2G token for car insurance
    This is our idea that will be implemented as follows. We fully understand that its implementation
    is possible only after we ourselves obtain an insurance license or through a licensed insurance
    carrier partner.
    The car insurance services rendered by our insurance partners as well as the discounts given to
    our community members by these partner will be done in K2G tokens solely, meaning that the
    clients will have to purchase K2G tokens to take out his insurance and also will get the discounts
    in K2G that they could potentially sell at an exchange. For that, this kind of insurance transactions
    will greatly grow the Company’s liquidity pool and importantly improve the trust and flow of
    blockchain business transactions.

    K2G token as an incentive for loyal customers

    Distribute tokens to users as a reward for their loyalty. This requires a smart contract which
    periodically or instantly calculates the number of tokens a community member receives. The
    reward algorithm will use the data from the central go2solution system, using an oracle service to
    retrieve the exact number of kilometers the client has insured so far. Introducing Premium
    Accounts (Silver, Gold, Platinum tbd). One main goal of the business strategy is to reduce
    dramatically the acquisition costs. Customers could be incentivized by receiving x percentage of
    tokens when he acquires new customers. For insurance, the peer-to-peer concept brings lower
    customer acquisition costs as the groups are formed through social networking and
    crowdsourcing, meaning the role of the middlemen is not necessary. The reward is locked until
    the new customer has insured a certain number of miles (to avoid scams).

    K2G for claims adjustment

    In the future, the Company may appoint some members of its go2solution community to process
    and report on the claims, a service that will have a financial incentive. Claims which go beyond an
    agreed threshold (exact amount to be decided) will be decided by professional claims adjusters
    who will report their recommendations to go2solution before informing the our subscriber. In
    essence, there will be no insurance company involvement as everything will be settled by the
    community on the bases of blockchain and smart contracts.

    K2G token for social pressure / penalty

    Blockchain can be used as a mean to improve fraud prevention on willful car damage or on
    providing false identity. It too will use the basic principle of social proof, meaning that the
    compensation will partly be covered by the insurance company and partly by the endorsers,
    putting social pressure on all the signing parties and quickly eliminating those that violate the

    Decentralized and autonomous

    At the second stage of development, we’re planning to convert the project to an open ecosystem
    that would facilitate completely new and transparent way of providing insurance services. This
    development would imply a regulatory review of the token functionalities, as a pre-condition for
    their extension.
    We’re planning to achieve this by creating marketplaces at every step of value creation, for
    ●Risk evaluation and fraud detection
    ●Claim processing
    ●Service payout
    ●Loyalty programs
    ●Safe driving, etc.
    Services on each of these marketplaces would be rewarded based on their QoS by smart contract,
    on a quantile basis.
    To start providing a service, a company or a project would be required to commit a collateral to a
    respective smart contract. This would make service providers accountable, since they will lose
    part of their collateral or even whole collateral, if their service would be detrimental.


    At this point governance over the blockchain would be moved to a blockchain-based voting of all
    parties. The weight of the vote would depend on the collateral at stake.
    Usually, cryptocurrency projects finance their infrastructure using one or several of:
    ●Using funds, collected during token offering (for example, initial Ethereum testnets)
    ●Inflation (for example, Bitcoin mining)
    ●Transaction fees (for example, NXT and other derived projects)
    In K2G we plan to finance initial infrastructure using funds, collected during token distribution,
    gradually shifting towards financing through transaction fees, as we open the ecosystem.



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