MintCoin (MINT) Release Desktop Wallet 2.1.0

  • Welcome back, MintCoin!

    This is the first release of MintCoin in more than 2 years. The primary focus has getting the code working on modern systems, as well as fixing the most painful user issues.

    • Peers updated from DNS #43 No longer will you have to give hints to the wallet so it can know where to connect by setting addnode= in your MintCoin.conf. An initial set of peers is pulled from the DNS.

      Note: We are looking for more people to run a DNS server. Scripts to set this up are in the MintCoin-DNS-lookup-server repository.

    • Fix for out-of-memory in Windows 32-bit wallet Building the Qt wallet for Windows to be "large address aware" fixes the crashing that many Windows users experience. Some more details can be found here.

    • Display when the next coin will be available for minting as a tooltip #57

      example tooltip#44 The wallet can run on single-board computers (SBC) if they have enough RAM (about 2 gigabyte).

    • Scary warnings fixed #59#60 #61

    • Build fixes We have a ton of fixes for Linux (both Debian-based and Fedora distributions), Windows, and macOS builds.

    • Lots of other bug fixes There have been quite a few other small fixes and documentation changes.

    For a list of all of the pull requests merged, you can use the GitHub pull requests list:

    For a detailed set of all changes, please look at the GitHub commit log:

    Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible.

    Source Code:

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