[ANN][SST] StandardScrypt-A simple, standard PoW Scrypt Coin

  • Scryptcoin

    As the name implies, StandardScrypt is just another simple, standard PoW Scrypt Coin. There is nothing special about StandardScrypt and it will be very affordable for anyone to own large quantities of it. As it is just a standard Scrypt coin, and it will be very affordable, you can use it for testing purposes to test high volume action without having to buy coins. I am interested to see what will happen with this coin especially because there isn't anything special about it. NO PREMINE! Cheesy I am looking forward to see what this will become, good or bad!
    Have Fun with this coin!


    Algo: Scrypt PoW
    Abbreviation: SST
    Address Start Letter: S
    RPC Port: 8052
    P2P Port: 8051
    Block Reward: 777
    Block Halving: Every 777777 blocks
    Total coin supply: 1208665458
    Block maturity time: 10 blocks
    Block time: 3 minutes
    Difficulty retargeting time: 9 minutes or 3 blocks
    Transaction confirmation time: 5 blocks
    Download Windows or Linux wallet here!

    Mining Pool:

    There isn't source code because its a free walletbuilders coin, but here's the link to the walletbuilders page for this coin: https://www.walletbuilders.com/mycoin?coin=8ce2ef87eb06267a51516795e8ae4f7247962961800c214c9e

    Bounty of 10,000 SST to the person who makes a block explorer for this coin!

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