Digix - Quick Update on Carbon Vote 1 and 2

  • Carbon Vote 1 Successfully Concluded:

    Link to Carbon Vote 1

    We have concluded Carbon Vote 1 as of 1st September 2018 8:00 UTC.

    We are proud to report that of the 2mio DGDs that are in circulation, ~680,000 or 34% of DGD tokens were actively used in participating in this vote.

    The Moderator rewards pool will thus be fixed at 4.2%, while the Minimum number of DGD tokens required to be a moderator is fixed at 842.

    Digix has abstained from the vote.

    Carbon Vote 2– approximately 24 hours to the end of the vote.

    Link to Carbon Vote 2

    We have approximately 24 hours left to the end of Carbon Vote 2 at 4 September 04:00 UTC.

    Digix has abstained from the vote.

    If the proposal is rejected, DigixDAO Eth remains in the DigixDAO crowdsale address.

    If the proposal passes, below will be the procedure for withdrawing the proposal funding from the DigixDAO crowdsale address:

    • Digix would first need to migrate DigixDAO’s entire ETH holding from the crowdsale contract (link) into an audited secure multi-sig wallet contract DigixDAOMultiSig as a security precaution. The address of the DigixDAOMultiSig is 0x75bA02c5bAF9cc3E9fE01C51Df3cB1437E8690D4. This multi-sig wallet will be used to hold the DAO funds from now on (until the full DigixDAO contracts are live).
    • Digix would then withdraw the ETH equivalent of $20MM funding from DigixDAOMultiSig, using the average of the ETHUSD at 4th September 2018 4:00UTC from Kraken and Gemini as stated in the proposal. To be more specific, the opening prices of the 1hr candles starting 4th September 2018 4:00UTC will be used.

    Digix has already contacted Etherscan to update this information at https://etherscan.io/address/0xf0160428a8552ac9bb7e050d90eeade4ddd52843

    Thank you.

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