FREE 300 XRBT (~ $15) Tokens - Airdrop EXCLUSIVE!

  • XTribe is airdropping 300 XRBT (~ $15) tokens to max 20,000 participants. Participate in our exclusive airdrop and complete all the required steps and submit the below form to receive your tokens in 3 weeks after the XTribe token sale. You can also get 150 XRBT (~ $7.50) tokens for every referral.


    Go link:

    1. Join XTribe Telegram group and Telegram channel.
    2. Follow XTribe on Twitter and on Twitter.
    3. Follow XTribe on Facebook and on Facebook.
    4. Fill out the airdrop form below with your details.
    5. You will receive 300 XRBT (~$15) tokens.
    6. Also get 150 XRBT (~ $7.50) tokens for every referral. (uncapped referral system)
    7. Check your referral balance using the form below.

  • Xtribe is a real company operating since 2014.

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