Bitmex Crypto Trading Signals & Bitmex trading BOT




    So the WAIT Is finally OVER! – We are the ONLY Community to provide ®Bitmex BOT – It is the most effective and productive BOT & the FIRST of its kind in Bitmex

    Are you unable to trade Bitmex Signals?

    Are you unable to manually follow and execute the Bitmex Signals on your Bitmex Account?

    Are you unable to detect the trend of the coin manually for Bitmex Trading?

    Are you unable to understand how to set the leverage and when to exit from profit from current trades?

    The Solution to all is Bitmex BOT which copies Bitmex Signals, detects trend, scalps daily profit in your Bitmex Account & removes manual work

    Just ON the  Bitmex BOT & forget about manual work – See the Profit growing consistently

    Benefits of Bitmex BOT

    This BOT copies Bitmex Signals from Telegram & automatically trades on your account as per the quantity selected/ as per the limit set

    BOT can trade on as low as $1 and still is capable to generate profit consistently

    It automatically detects trend of major coins & scalp daily profit – It buys & sells automatically as per the leverage set

    VIP Bitmex Signals are displayed on BOT – Even if you don’t have Telegram, still our BOT will show all the Bitmex Signals on your BOT

    It is a User friendly software for traders who are at amateur or beginner level – Easy to use, Easy to Gain

    Add your own strategy, indicators or customize it (get in touch with us for the same)

    All future patches will be FREE for current Members:

    Trailing Stop feature is currently under process and will be added soon in the BOT which will be a huge boost for any trader

    Additional Info:

    Can be used on Windows, MAC, Linux

    Setup the BOT in a minute (you get detailed tutorial video for setup assistance)

    One of our executive also connects to your screen via Teamviewer, Skype or Telegram to provide assistance in Setup (if any)

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