NanoX v 0.10 AMD GPU miner

  • Nanox - is revolution in GPU AMD mining.It will use all recources to
    squeeze out all possible power of your video cards for maximum profit
    without any losses.

    NanoX is a open source miner and comes with a built-in developer fee of 0.5%.
    It is only available for Windows operating systems as a precompiled binary that you can download and use.
    NanoX is designed for AMD OpenCL GPUs and will work on a wider range of AMD-based video cards,
    both older and newer generations such as the latest Radeon RX series.

    Download link:

    NanoX miner advanages:
    1) Developer fee 0.5%
    2) Stable high level perfomance
    3) 5/2 days support through github issues
    4) constant work on miner improvements

    Supported algoritms:

    Bat file example:
    NanoX.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -a x11Ghost -u mywallet -p x --donate-level 1 --max-gpu-usage 10

    Examples of Hashrate:

    AMD RX 460 4GB

    DaggerHashimoto 11.65 MH/s
    CryptoNight 360 H/s
    Equihash 0.14 kSol/s
    Pascal 323 MH/s
    X11Gost 2956 kH/s

    AMD RX 480 8GB

    DaggerHashimoto 31.04 MH/s
    CryptoNight 763 H/s
    Equihash 0.355 kSol/s
    Pascal 735 MH/s
    X11Gost 7750 kH/s

    AMD RX 580 8GB

    DaggerHashimoto 28.7 MH/s
    Decred 1600 MH/s
    CryptoNight 690 H/s
    Lbry 190 MH/s
    Equihash 0.35 kSol/s
    Pascal 910 MH/s
    X11Gost 8900 kH/s

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