Lisk v0.3.2 — Release Announcement

  • We have just uploaded the latest Lisk client v0.3.2 to our download server. The long awaited release fixes many different problems, bugs, and glitches in all areas of the code.

    Most importantly, the unconfirmed transaction broadcasting issue, affecting exchange withdrawal / deposits is now resolved. With the release of v0.3.2, transactions should now be broadcasted to the nodes on the network consistently. If in an unforeseeable event, such a case still occurs there is now a transaction expiry mechanism in place, wherein after three hours, unconfirmed transactions will begin to be removed from each node on the network, eventually allowing transactions to be sent again without the risk of spending your LSK again.

    Another important bug fix, involves the basic functionality of multi-signatures, which is now working as intended via our API. The multi-signature user interface will be brought back to a fully operational state within the next two point releases.

    Please note, with this update we are aiming to maintain a more frequent release cycle for the Lisk core. Therefore, a development roadmap outlining the short to medium term milestones will be revealed shortly.

    We have updated our documentation to reflect the changes made in this release. You can install Lisk v0.3.2 by following it.

    v0.3.2 Changelog


    • Closed #110. Fixed fatal error when tmp directory does not exist. @m-schmoock.
    • Closed #119. Added snapshot functionality.
    • Closed #140. Adjusting levels for various log messages @tharude.
    • Closed #160. Preventing / gracefully handling 101 votes exceeded errors @karek314.
    • Closed #161. Improving consistency of GET /api/delegates?orderBy= results @ByronP.
    • Closed #166. Standardising GET /api/transactions?orderBy= field prefixing @ByronP.
    • Closed #171. Snipping secrets from logs @cezarsn.
    • Closed #191. Configuring CORS with pre-flight.
    • Closed #192. Normalising address casing, upon setting and merging of accounts.
    • Closed #198. Added GET /api/delegates/search endpoint.
    • Closed #201. Improving/log order and format @m-schmoock.
    • Closed #203. Allowing local forging via config switch @m-schmoock.
    • Closed #208. Fixed fatal error when trying to install a broken dapp link @m-schmoock.
    • Closed #233. Improving efficiency of GET /api/accounts/top endpoint.
    • Closed #237. Fixed PUT /api/multisignatures endpoint, including test coverage @mongrim.
    • Closed #238. Fixed transaction broadcast reliability. Added unconfirmed transaction expiry @Crypto2.
    • Merge #187. Fixed SQL errors in DappsSql module @TheGoldenEye.
    • Merge #189. Added whiteList / blackList extension allowing cidr subnets @TheGoldenEye.
    • Merge #226. Using local mocha dependency for tests @mfressdorf.
    • Merge #199. Do not leave loop early, if ip was not found yet @TheGoldenEye.
    • Fixed DApp#getWithdrawalLastTransaction error.
    • Fixed invalid results yielded by GET /api/delegates/count endpoint.
    • Refactored orderBy parameter parsing for all endpoints.
    • Improved efficiency. Performing upsert when merging accounts.
    • Fixed intermittent unnecessary rebuild of memory tables.
    • Fixed inconsistent multisignature maximum lifetime (72 hours).
    • Implemented chronological database migration system.


    • Closed #47. Replacing zeroclipboard with clipboard.js.
    • Closed #50. Fixed Invalid Lisk amount error when sending fractional amount.
    • Closed #57. Updating bitcore-mnemonic to version 1.0.1.
    • Closed #59. Checking for zero amount after building parts.
    • Closed #67. Removing prefixes from orderBy parameters.
    • Fixed broken sync status indicator.
    • Updated translations.


    • Updating node/lisk-node to 0.12.15.

    • Closed #31. Added -s flag to support new snapshot feature.
    • Closed #31. Added -c flag to specify config.json at runtime.
    • Closed #21. Adding prereq checks, correct md5 checks for bsd/darwin.
    • Implemented standard location for PID and log files.
    • Adjusted log naming based on DB instance Lisk is using.
    • Determining whether Lisk is running based on PID and config.json input.
    • Implemented new cases for independent management of Nodejs and PostgreSQL.

    • Added flag options for batch and silent install @34ro.


    • Update binary installation to reflect new options available in
    • Added table of contents to API reference.

    Please join our forum or chat if you are interested in running a Lisk node.

    For reference, you can also track our releases via GitHub:

    Kind regards,

    Oliver Beddows

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