KenCoin for Adult Indutry

  • Introduction

    Blockchain is a decentralized general ledger. It is a computer network that has an identical copy of the database and changes its status (records) to a common agreement based on pure mathematics. All this means that there is no need for any central server or any entity we trust (e.g. central bank, notaries, banks, Paypal, etc.). The blockchain is the technological basis for all cryptocurrencies, whether Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc.

    An important part of the blockchain is the smart contracts, a piece of code that is stored in the blockchain network (in each participant's database). It basically defines the conditions to which all parties using the contract agreement. Therefore, if the required conditions are met, certain actions are executed. Because the smart contract is stored on all computers on the network, everyone must run it and get the same result. This way users can be sure that the result is correct.

    Blockchain and Smart Contracts open many doors to new decentralized businesses and eliminates the need for expensive third parties. Many new companies are now working on this technology, and large companies are testing it in closed networks to collaborate directly with each other without the need for intermediaries.

    For that reason, there is a lot of projects that are starting to use this new technology. However, not all of them are worth it. We have to read well what each project is dedicated to, what is its whitepaper, its qualified advisors, etc. As I said, blockchain technology has gained popularity due to the hype about cryptocurrencies which has shaken many startups to launch their own cryptocurrencies even without convincing fundamentals. This trend has emerged because new entrants have been more agile in adopting emerging technologies compared to incumbents who are hampered by legacy systems. However, this competitiveness and this advantage enjoyed by the new players may be short-lived, as no economies of scale are taken into account.

    Moving to the topic... The disclosure of personal data on websites of a sexual nature, however understandable, creates great problems for the owners of the companies that manage these websites. If most of your visitors refuse to enter your credit card or PayPal information, how can they expect to make money?

    For this reason, the project I am going to present you is KenCoin, the first standard currency for anonymous and safe transactions in all adult and dating-related purchase because it is possible to send and receive Kencoinwithout giving any personally identifying information. This Blockchain solution is removing all the risks of the identity of the users been leaked on the internet and in the press. Kencoin operates without any personal data, guaranteeing buyers and sellers anonymity while providing secure transactions without involving any bank or legal entity. The adult industry is often described as high-risk, due to the rate at which customers cancel transactions after the fact. However, Kencoin transactions are one-way only, effectively eliminating all risk of chargeback.

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    Definition and goals

    As I said, KenCoin (KCN) ( is a specific industry cryptocurrency, aimed at the adult entertainment sector and created to serve as the standard currency for anonymous and secure transactions in all purchases related to sex and dating.


    >td >Security

    ChargebacksAll Kencoin transactions are protected by the Kencoin network, which means that merchants can accept payments without worrying about the threat of fraud or chargebacks.
    Usable in the physical world
    Cryptography and unbeatable security models based on the most reliable and modern encryption algorithms and protocols. Application of adequate measures to guarantee the security of the data.
    Complete validationKencoin Core ensures that each block and transaction it accepts is valid, increasing not only its security but also helping to prevent miners and banks from taking control of Kencoin.
    Complete anonymityCryptocurrency wallets are anonymous, and our partners will not require any login or registration, thus providing absolute anonymity.
    Little or no chargeThere are no charges for merchants to accept Kencoins and there are no charges for storing Kencoins.


    The project gives the opportunity to earn KenCoin tokens performing some social media tasks and doing simple steps from the bounty program explained into the Bounty0x platform. Here you can access the link in order to see what are the conditions to become an early KCN contributor and start acquiring tokens.

    Doesn't that sound interesting? If you are interested in this airdrop or basically in the ICO, you can read their Whitepaper here ( You can also stay tuned in their official Telegram group ( I hope you liked the post and soon I'll send you new ones.

    Extra details
    Kencoin is a token on the Ethereum platform following widely adopted token implementation standards.

    Token: KCN
    Platform: Ethereum
    Type: ERC20
    PreICO Price: 1 KCN = 0.0657 USD
    Tokens for sale: 600,000,000

    Token Allocation

    Author Details

    Email: [email protected]

    Telegram username: @clauming;u=1870482

    Ethereum address: 0xC6AB45541006D53D31E25b41c7d245c5Ad99BF71

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