• Brass Golem Alpha2 0.8.1

    We are glad to announce making just another step towards Brass. This is a minor upgrade which means the newest version is backwardly compatible with Alpha2 0.8 and you should not expect any changes to the protocol itself. It contains bugfixing, changes in dev tools and other improvements. As usual, we encourage you to test it and provide us with feedback. For more details and troubleshooting, please visit the official github repository.

    Upgrade contains bugfixing, changes in dev tools and other improvements.

    Upgrading to Golem Alpha2 0.8.1:

    • macOS brew tap caskroom/cask brew upgrade golem brew cask install golem
    • Ubuntu Download the installation script from here. In terminal, run  chmod +x install.sh && ./install.sh.
    • Windows Download and execute the installer from here.

  • Golem (GNT Release v0.9.0

    IMPORTANT: Golem for Windows will be now installed in 64bit location. Kindly run uninstall before you use the new installer. If you encounter any errors please let us know on testers channel at chat.golem.network or write an email to [email protected]



    • Byzantium fork compatibility (geth 1.7.2)
    • Support for using external geth via http


    • File exchange added to task handshake (connection problems can be detected earlier)
    • Different signing mechanism for messages (optimization)
    • Incoming message buffer optimizations
    • Remove_peer_by_id method fixed
    • Limited number of task headers by requestor kept by Golem
    • Golem nodes connect now only to one bootstrap
    • Fixed a bug causing sending of old tasks
    • Small bugs in p2p2 Kademlia’s protocol fixed


    • HyperG peer discovery disabled


    • Benchmark scores moved from config files to database
    • Payment matching bugs fixed
    • Fixed bug that may cause TaskComputer to note the same tasks two times
    • Golem version visible in logs


    • Small improvements and bugfixing (with help and showing version)

    OLD GUI:

    • Old QT-based interface finally removed


    • High Sierra compatibility
    • Developer mode (detailed information about tasks/stats/peers)
    • Debug mode (Connection problems will be reported in log file on golem default log folder as gui.log)
    • Currency indicator re-designed (new animation / USD currency option)
    • Onboarding screen refurbished
    • Preview viewer bug solved
    • Preview indexing bug solved
    • Task duplication issue fixed
    • Crashing while updating hardware preset is fixed
    • Minor changes



  • GOLEM (GNT) Release v0.9.1

    Bump version to 0.9.1



  • Golem (GNT) Bug Fix Release v0.9.1


    • Docker switched from start to restart (two instance being created at once problem)
    • Typo in MessageSubtaskResultAccepted fixed
    • Bugfixing in registering payments
    • Undefined port handle fix


    • DataBuffer refactor and optimization
    • Cleanup of HyperG manager code and Peerkeeper code
    • Elaborated logs about Docker issues
    • Small improvements in Windows installer


    • Collect statistics about why tasks are not supported



  • Golem (GNT) Release Wallet v 0.10.0


    • Task persistence - tasks are revived after Golem is turned off


    • Golem messages moved to external module and refactored
    • Task-related Messages saved (for Concent service)
    • Bootstrap choosing mechanism improved (Golem should connect to the network quicker)
    • Improved handshake
    • Message for communication with Concent added
    • Additional bootstrap nodes implemented in Go introduced to the network


    • Payment matching fixed - incomes can now be properly connected and matched with specific tasks


    • Improved Docker recovery mechanism
    • Old computation related data are now regularly cleaned



  • GOLEM (GNT) Update - v0.10.01 

    async_run: run callbacks in the main thread (return threads to the pool ASAP) * Increase the default thread pool size



  • Golem (GNT) Release Wallet v 0.11.0 - restore _ resources fix

    Catch a ResourceError in TaskServer._restore_resources



  • Golem (GNT) Release Wallet v 0.13.0

    Replace GNTW with GNTB (#2302)




    Golem Release Brass Golem Alpha 2 0.13.0

    We are happy to announce the new release of Golem 0.13.0. This releases supports new version of Golem payment contracts and contains several protocol improvements. And general bugfixing.

    As usual we encourage you to follow the progress of our project on Golem Kanban, download and test the newest release, as well as provide us with feedback, so that we can keep improving Golem. For more details and troubleshooting, please visit the official GitHub repository.

    More detailed changelog:


    • New version of contracts connected with golem
    • Blender version updated to 2.79
    • Only task owner can now broadcast task cancellation to the network
    • Increased key difficulty built up in public key
    • Key difficulty is now also checked in task session
    • Simplified subtask definition sent to provider
    • Modification in hello message handling
    • Additional subtask status “verifying”added
    • Address list generation refactored
    • Tuned verification function
    • Information about user caps displayed in logs
    • Warning about desynchronized clock is displayed in log


    • Support for TransferRateFailure to request Concent’s forced download
    • ForceReportComputeTask message is properly handled


    • Minimum application size re-defined
    • Multiple instance problem fixed on Windows
    • Application log path changed as the default golem log path
    • GUI version information added
    • RPC communication fixes and improvements
    • UX Fixes
    • Minor design updates

    Upgrading to Brass Golem Alpha2 0.13.0

    You can find detailed information here:

    • macOS
    brew update
    brew upgrade golem
    brew cask upgrade golem
    sudo chown root:wheel $(brew --prefix)/opt/docker-machine-driver-xhyve/bin/docker-machine-driver-xhyve
    sudo chmod u+s $(brew --prefix)/opt/docker-machine-driver-xhyve/bin/docker-machine-driver-xhyve
    • Ubuntu Download the installation script fromhere. In terminal, run  chmod +x install.sh && ./install.sh.
    • Windows Download and execute the installer from here.

    If you encounter any errors please let us know on testers channel atchat.golem.network or write an email to [email protected]

    Thanks to Golem Project and Grzegorz Nowakowski.

  • Golem Release Wallet v 0.15.0

    0.15.0: Do not copy whole directories for task tests (#2597)

    * Filter copied resources
    * normpath(base_dir)
    * Single file case
    * Tweaks
    * Create resource files in local computer test



  • Brass Golem Beta Update v0.15.1


    • Possibility to restart single subtask after task deadline
    • Less restrictive eth for gas usage estimation
    • RPC call that displays number of subtask that is going to be used by Golem for given scene parameters
    • Changes and fixes in golemcli tasks show
    • Checks that task id and subtask id were generated by requestor
    • Fixed task persistence
    • Sync payment processor on startup
    • Task duration computation changed
    • Send RemoveTask message after task is finished
    • Additional logs for funds locks
    • Fix error in preview_update
    • Fix bug exec_cmd for exr creation
    • HyperG update - share timeouts
    • Send verification metrics to golem

    Source code 


  • GOLEM Release Brass Golem Beta 0.16.1


    • Payments system refactor: transactions are re-broadcasted anytime they go missing from the tx pool and we stop doing it only after they are confirmed by required number of blocks.
    • Web3 library update
    • Bugfixes & optimizations



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