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  • The Problem

    The market is thriving, buoyant and full of potential upside for investors. But at the same
    time, it remains hard to assess, with ongoing innovation and a lot of projects that are, either
    not real (scams), or not viable.
    This market is therefore characterized by a high level of complexity, a strong lack of
    transparency and clear regulatory framework. This makes it hard to understand and hence
    invest in.

    Our Solution

    Trecento Blockchain Capital has been launched by a team of seasoned investment and
    technology professionals. Our objective is to capture the best business opportunities offered
    by the Blockchain technology through an 360-degree investment approach. We aim to
    provide both individuals and institutional investors with a straightforward and performing
    investment solution relying on our 4 investment funds. All within a safe and regulated

    A complete set of Asset Management solutions, combining financial products, our Expertise-as-a-service and Investment tools

    Means and Resources

    An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) will be launched during Q2 2018 whose proceeds will be used to
    finance the development of our infrastructure and activity, the long-term growth of Trecento
    Blockchain Capital and the acceleration of fundraising. An ERC-20 utility token will be issued
    (“Trecento Token” or “TOT”). We aim to raise €20 million

    DAO Platform & Voting System

    A Participation model that rewards our Community in
    Trecento Blockchain Capital’s philosophy is to partner with its Community, to share
    experience and expertise, in order to generate substantial added-value.
    This philosophy is at the core of Trecento AM’s DNA: since its inception Trecento Asset
    Management has created an “Experts Committee” composed of healthcare and robotics
    experts. This thoughtful committee brings ideas and sector knowledge to Trecento Asset
    Management’s investment team.

    DAO, Voting System and TOT Reward System

    Trecento Blockchain Capital will be strongly linked to its Community. That is the reason
    why Trecento Blockchain Capital wants to reward its Community for contributing to the
    success of the project. Trecento Blockchain Capital is indeed open to all types of investment
    idea submissions and suggestions that could improve both the Dashboard and our Asset
    Management activity. Moreover, Trecento Blockchain Capital will select some Community
    members, based on their contributions and insights, to join the Expert Committee.
    Whatever the form of participation (idea submission or voting) might be, the Community will
    be rewarded in TOT.
    How does it work?
    Step 1: Any member of the Community will have the opportunity to submit a project or an
    investment proposal to our team.
    Step 2: If most of the Community members vote “No”, the investment proposal is rejected.
    If most of the Community members vote “Yes”, our team will perform its in-depth
    assessment and will potentially invest.
    Step 3: At this stage rewards will be conceived as follows:

    If our team decides not to invest, the members of the Community that have voted “No”
    earlier will receive TOT;

    If our team decides to invest, the members of the Community that have voted “Yes” earlier
    will receive TOT. On top of that, the Community member that has submitted the investment
    idea will also get an additional reward paid in TOT.

    TOT Reward system: Multiple pathways to be rewarded in TOT

    For more details read white paper:



    Social Links:

    web:https://ico.trecento-blockchai... | facebook:https://business.facebook.com/...

    twitter:https://twitter.com/TrecentoBC | linkedin:https://www.linkedin.com/compa... |

    github:https://github.com/trecento-bc | telegram:https://t.me/trecentobcroom

    medium:https://medium.com/trecento-bl... |

    Bounty Program

    Step 1: Register for the Bounty Program


    Step 2: Complete your KYC


    Step 3: Publish your weekly proof of participation*


    Step 4 : Consult your token pool


    *Share your proof of participation in comment to the Bitcointalk Thread (each Sunday before 9PM CEST). To do so please use the following template: WEEKLY PROOF OF PARTICIPATION TEMPLATE



    By entering into Trecento’s Bounty Program, you wear the colors of Trecento. Special attention will be paid to the messages you spread by communicating on Trecento. Any injuring or offensive post is yours and therefore cannot be associated with Trecento. By doing so, you could be instantly excluded from the Bounty Program, canceling all due TOTs and tokens, without notice.

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