Santiment: We're making our data on DAA & Dev Activity free for the first time

  • Hello all, Dino here from

    Just wanted to let you know that we are now making all of our historical data on Daily Active Addresses and Dev Activity publicly available for the first time. 

    To our knowledge, this is the most extensive data set on these two metrics on the market.

    You can access the data right now by visiting SANbase (, and selecting any token. You can plot both data points over the asset’s price and a few other metrics. Alternatively, you can also access them via our API.

    We think this data can be relevant for traders and crypto investors for a few reasons:

    • DAA appears to have strong correlation with the token's price, when observed over time.
    • Dev Activity is gathered all wrong by popular data aggregators, so it becomes a useless metric. We actually had to build a 100% custom method for measuring Dev Activity, so that data can actually make sense.

    There’s a lot more info on these two metrics on our blog -, but the bottom line is - this data is exhaustive, unique and now free. I
    hope you find it useful. We would also really appreciate some feedback.



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