Pascal Coin: Crypto currency without need of historical operations

  • Introduction:

    This document is intended to define a variant of cryptographic currency based on knowledge

    provided by BitCoin [1]. Before reading this document is recommended to have a deep

    Technical specifications of objects used by Pascal Coin

    Each account contains:

    Block Account

    The account numbers are grouped in blocks "Block Account", where each block is generated
    every time a miner creates a new block to the block chain with operations so that transforms
    affected blocks. Protocol version will specify how many accounts are generated for each Block.
    The content of each "Block Account" is as follows:

    Finally safe box contains a checksum that is the hash of all “Block Hash”. This value is known as
    "Safe Box Hash"

    The Block Chain

    The Block Chain is similar Bitcoin, but adding the calculation of the "Safe Box Hash" indicating
    the state it had safe box before applying the operations included in the Block Chain Merkle

    The "BlockChain" contains the following fields:

    (Protocol may include additional fields, like a Payload…)

    Security Guarantee

    Safe Box integrity

    To check the Safe Box is intact and correct must perform the following operations:
    · For each "Block Account" calculate its Block Hash
    · Finally calculate the "Safe Box Hash", that is a hash of all the "Block Hash"
    · The value of "Safe Box Hash" is unique to each "Safe Box" depending on the number of
    units they contain, so that you cannot manipulate. Because the "BlockChain" is
    generated with its initial "Safe Box Hash", unique for each block chain
    Generation of "Block Chain" from previous Safe Box
    To ensure that no Safe Box manipulates, its "Safe Block Hash" is included on each Block Chain.

    White Paper:

    Full Source code is available at GitHub:

    And also, download a Windows installer of the Pascal Coin miner and Explorer at SourceForge:

  • 12/08/2016 20:43:13.020 MAIN:00000BF8 [Info] <TLog> Log file start: C:\Users\Maxwell\AppData\Roaming\PascalCoin\PascalCointWallet.log
    12/08/2016 20:43:13.073 MAIN:00000BF8 [Update] <TPCBank> Clear Bank
    12/08/2016 20:43:13.073 TID:00000898 [Update] <TPCBank> Clear Bank
    12/08/2016 20:43:13.089 TID:00000898 [Info] <TPCBank> Start restoring from disk operations (Max 4294967295) Orphan:
    12/08/2016 20:43:13.105 TID:00000898 [Info] <TPCBank> End restoring from disk operations (Max 4294967295) Orphan:
    12/08/2016 20:43:13.105 MAIN:00000BF8 [Info] <TNetServer> Closing server
    12/08/2016 20:43:13.105 TID:00000898 [Info] <TNetServer> Activating server on port 4004
    12/08/2016 20:43:13.105 TID:00000898 [Info] <TNetData> Allready discovering servers...
    12/08/2016 20:43:13.373 TID:00000894 [Info] <TNetClient> Connected to a server
    12/08/2016 20:43:13.577 TID:00001058 [Error] <TNetClient> Pending requests without response... closing connection to > Op:HELLO Id:2 - Op:HELLO Id:1 -
    12/08/2016 20:43:13.577 TID:00001058 [Info] <TNetClient> Disconnected from


  • NodeServers Updated: 2016-08-24 10:50:01
    Server Attempting to connect: 2016-08-24 10:49:17 (Attempts: 2)
    Server Attempting to connect: 2016-08-24 10:49:17 (Attempts: 2)
    Server Attempting to connect: 2016-08-24 10:49:17 (Attempts: 2)
    Server Attempting to connect: 2016-08-24 10:49:17 (Attempts: 2)
    Server Attempting to connect: 2016-08-24 10:49:40 (Attempts: 2)
    Server Last Connection: 2016-08-24 10:49:42

    Attempting to connect: 2016-08-24 10:49:40 (Attempts: 0)

    New version of Wallet/Miner/Explorer available at SourceForge (BUILD 1.0.2):


    - Improved hashing speed
    - Allow mining without opening external ports
    - Choose how many CPU's want to mine
    - Show real-time pending operations waiting to be included in the block
    - More stable
    - Some miner modifications

    For now... only CPU mining and only Windows users... still working in it!

    Contribute spreading Pascal Coin on social networks!

    Follow us at @PascalCoin

    Source code of Build 1.0.2 available at GitHub:



  • New Build available at Source Forge. (Build 1.0.3)

    Details about update:

    Important changes to database
    Peer cache
    Issues with Connections
    More stable
    Miner key selector
    Invalid local time detector

  • New PascalCoin wallet, miner & explorer Build 1.0.5

    Build 1.0.5 is available for download at SourceForge:
    Also, updated source code available at GitHub:

    Build - 2016-09-21
    - Massive operations, selecting multiple accounts
    - Filter accounts by balance
    - Correct operations explorer order of operations for each block (descending order)
    - Minor changes

    I hope you will love this build... it's interesting to filter accounts and navigate through them.
    Also, you will be able to make massive operations, will help you to put your accounts in order.


  • New PascalCoin Build 1.0.8 - CROSS COMPATIBLE

    Build - 2016-10-20

    • Cross compatible
    • Can compile with Delphi or Lazarus (Free Pascal)
    • New storage system. No more access database
    • Network hashrate calculation