Pascal Coin: Crypto currency without need of historical operations

  • Pascal coin Release CudaCuda miner V 1.04

    mproved hash rate calculation

    When there's no major bug, then this will probably be the last version



    Check the target.  Currently its 327A4348

    Take the first 2 bits "32" and change from HEX into DEC and you get 50


    2^50= 1,125,899,906,842,624 hashes

    Now look at the 3rd bit, its 7. Take 7 / 16 = 0.4375

    Take 0.4375 * 1,125,899,906,842,624 = 492,581,209,243,648

    Add that to the original 2^50 

    1,125,899,906,842,624 + 492,581,209,243,648 = 1,618,481,116,086,272 hashes on average to find 1 block.

    If your farm is 1 GH/s

    1,618,481.116086272 seconds to find a block 

    Or 26,974.685268104533333333333333333 Minutes to find a block

    Or 449.57808780174222222222222222222 Hours to find a block

    Or 18.7 Days to find a block.

  • PascalCoin New Build 1.4.3

    Hi PascalCoin users

    New build 1.4.3 is ready.

    It has some minor changes, also prevents "old time" mining.
    Windows installer includes OpenCL miner

    Source code is at GitHub:

    Binaries, Windows installer, blockchain... at SourceForge:

  • Nicehash added two pascalcoin AMD and NVIDIA


  • New PascalCoin Build 1.5.0

    This new build is very important and more stable, also reduces network usage.

    Is full compatible with existents third party apps (Miners, pools, Exchanges ... ) Upgrade is mandatory

    Downloads :

  • PascalCoin (PASC) New Build

    Build - 2017-02-20

    • Memory leak fixed on RPC-JSON commands
    • Memory leak fixed on node connections
    • Improved network speed processing new blocks/operations
    • Some minor bug


  • PascalCoin New Build - 

    • Added a jobs buffer for miners. This will allow to submit old job solutions (limited buffer). (Fix the "tx" issue)
    • Miner jobs will not be sent every time a transaction is received, thet will be buffered and sent every few seconds (Fix the "tx" issue)
    • Better network performance, allowing more operations and nodes thanks to buffering before relaying
    • Daemon: Allow select on ini file how many connections can handle
    • Fixed a locking when deleting connection


  • New PascalCoin Build 1.5.3


    SOURCE CODE at GitHub:

    COMPILED BINARIES at SourceForge:

    ### Build - 2017-03-06

    - Fixed issue #23: RPC findoperation fails to find operation by opHash
    - Miners best practices: Sending new job with new timestamp every 30 seconds
    - Buffering last 10 sent jobs to miners
    - Small delay prior to destroy a connection to prevent exception handling
    - Minor logs changes

  • New PascalCoin Build 1.5.4

    • Added Network Timestamp Adjustment (NAT) to calc valid timestamps
      • Minimum 4 active connections to calc median used for NAT, otherwise use local timestamp
      • Based on IP's (to prevent a malicious IP timejacking, each IP is only used once)
      • Removed IP's and recalculated after disconnecting (to prevent malicious node connecting/disconnecting for timejacking)
    • New blocks will not be accepted if using future timestamp greater than NAT timestamp + 15 seconds (also, mantaining current protocol rule >= lastBlock.timestamp)
    • Network protocol fixed to 5-5 (Nodes with version prior to 1.5 will not be allowed)
    • Added protection for non included operations on a block, to prevent continuous sending. Only will resend operations once.
    • Bug #27 fixed: Invalid timestamp on FPC (#27)
    • JSON-RPC
      • Method "getconnections" added "timediff" to know timestamp diff of node
      • Method "payloaddecrypt" added "unenc_hexpayload" result value with HEXASTRING of unencrypted payload
    • Fixed some "Random Memory access violation errors" bugs found caused by multithreading and disconnected nodes


  • Pascalcoin (PASC) wallet on a Mac

  • PascalCoin (PASC) New Build 1.5.5

    Build - 2017-04-11

    • Corrected fee result on RPC calls as a negative number on "Change key" operations
    • Corrected PASCURRENCY value to be limited as a 4 decimal digits on RPC calls
    • JSON-RPC method "getaccountoperations" changed: if param "start" is -1, will include pending operations, otherwise not
    • Fixed bug: On "getaccountoperations" if an account had a lot of operations (receive tx included) then sometimes app crashed when executing depth search.
      • Note: High depth search is slow because it search always starting from current state, going backwards, in order to return past balance. This can be a slow method on some account with high transactions volume.


  • Pascal Wallet version 0.01 ALFA

    I have made a simple wallet that can connect to a running pascalcoin_daemon or even to the standard wallet. It connects both on a localhost, a local network or over the internet. By default it connects to port 4003. But this can be changed to local or remote IPs and ports. It uses RPC and Json for communication.

    Pascal Wallet is made for the Pascal Coin P2P Cryptocurrency But it may also be compatible with clones.

    Dependencies: Compile wiht Synapse in the path.

    Binaries for windows64 and Linux as well as source code can be downloaded from:

    I will of course like to get some comments, suggestions and critics.

    WARNING: This is an ALFA TEST VERSION!!!!!!!  It is just for testing. Expect bugs and strange behavior. Don't use it unless you know what you are doing ;o)


  • PascalCoin [PASC] New  Build 1.5.6

    ource code at GitHub:

    Download windows installer and Linux binaries at SourceForge:

    ### Build - 2017-05-03

    - Allow multiselect accounts (GUI wallet)
    - Priority for operations with fee:
      - Allow miner server (pools) to select what to mine using pascalcoin_daemon.ini file (daemon only)
        - RPC_SERVERMINER_MAX_OPERATIONS_PER_BLOCK: Max of operations that can be included in a block (Default 5000, min value 1000)
      - RPC_SERVERMINER_MAX_ZERO_FEE_OPERATIONS: Max of operations with 0
    fee that can be included in a block (Default 2000, min value 400)
      - Operations with fee have always preference over 0 fee operations (will be mined first)
      - If operations with fee fills all the buffer, then no zero fee operation will be included
    - Fixed bug on receiving big blocks and slow net connection to prevent never synchronize
    - Fixed bug on miner server that produces "invalid operations hash" error on valid solutions with 0 operations
    - Fixed bug on file storage
    - Fixed minor bugs

  • PascalCoin (PASC) Release WhitePaper V2

    Dear users. After months of hard job, and thanks to Herman Shoenfeld,
    finally today we release the next generation PascalCoin development
    publishing the WhitePaper V2.
    Source code is on testing stage, and will be released in few days.

    PascalCoin WhitePaper V2

    > Infinite scaling
    > Checkpointing
    > In-protocol PASA

    White Paper:

  • Pascal Coin [PASC] Announcement

    PascalCoin V2 will be released next week along with a revised
    white-paper. The absolute latest release time will be Jun 23 Friday, but
    could be anytime from Tuesday the 20th. Features now include:

    • In-protocol account exchange: allows users to buy/sell accounts directly from the wallet
    • Account Names & Types: accounts can now register unique names much like domain-name system
    • Infinite-scaling upgrade: allows true deletable blockchain without impacting new nodes
    • Checkpointing: nodes only need to keep 100 latest blocks
    • Improved difficulty adjustment algorithm: provides more stable block times
    • Many bug-fixes and enhancements: Linux memory-leak, orphaned transaction fix, and much more

    activation block number will be announced on release, and be around 14
    days to allow infrastructure providers time to upgrade.

  • PascalCoin (PASC) Mandatory Upgrade build v2


    • Introducing Protocol v2.


      • Core Changes:

        • New safebox hash calculation algorithm to allow safebox checkpointing
        • Improved difficulty target calculation to obtain a more stable average blocktime of 5 minutes, given abrupt hashpower fluctuations
        • Bug-fix for China region users
        • Anti-spam measures
          • New Consensus Rule: A block can only contain 1 zero fee operation per sender account. If a sender account issues 2 or more zero-fee operations, that block is invalid.
        • SafeBox now stored in chunks to facilitate checkpoint distribution
        • Reintroduce orphan blocks operations on main blockchain
      • Added Checkpointing:

        • Checkpoint created on every 100'th block
        • Added network operations to transfer Checkpoint chunks (compressed)
      • Addded In-Protocol PASA Exchanging:

        • New Operation: List Account, used to list an account for public or private sale
        • New Operation: Delist Account, used to delist an account from sale
        • New Operation: Buy Account, used to purchase an account lised for sale
        • Updated Operation: Transaction, can be used in place of Buy Account operation in private account sales
      • RPC API Changes:

        • All changes are backwards-compatible for current 3rd-party infrastructure providers (exchanges, wallets).
        • However, use of param "ophash" has been changed in V2, see "Operation Object changes" section to know how to use "old_ophash" param value
        • JSON changes:
          • Account Object changes:

            • Added param "state" (values can be "normal" or "listed". When listed then account is for sale)
            • If "state" is "listed" then will fill next values:
              • "locked_until_block", "price", "seller_account"
              • "private_sale" : Boolean value
              • "new_enc_pubkey" : (Only on "private_sale" = true) - HEXASTRING with private sale encoded public key
            • Added param "name": String
              • Name available chars: [email protected]#$%^&*()-+{}[]_:"|<>,.?/~
              • Name first char: (cannot start with number): [email protected]#$%^&*()-+{}[]_:"|<>,.?/~
              • Name lenght: Empty or 3..64 chars length
            • Added param "type": Integer (Valid values from 0..65535)
          • Operation Object changes:

            • Changed param "ophash": Current returned value of "ophash" is not the same than previous builds (changed calculation method)
            • New param "old_ophash": Will return previous "ophash" value only for old blocks (prior to v2 protocol activation)
            • New param "subtype" : Based on "optype" param, this param allows to discrimine point of view of operation (sender/receiver/buyer/seller ...)
            • New param "signer_account" : Will return the account that signed (and payed fee) for this operation
            • Param "enc_pubkey": Will return both change key and the private sale public key value
            • About method "findoperation" and "ophash"
              • Due to changed "ophash" param value calculation, method "findoperation" will find old "ophash" values too
              • This is to avoid 100% compatibility, but remember that returned "Operation object" will contain "ophash" value calculated in new format only (you can read "old_ophash" value in older blocks)
          • New methods:

            • "listaccountforsale" : Lists an account for sale (public or private)

              • Params:
                • "account_target" : Account to be listed
                • "account_signer" : Account that signs and pays the fee (must have same public key that listed account, or be the same)
                • "price": price account can be purchased for
                • "seller_account" : Account that will receive "price" amount on sell
                • "new_b58_pubkey"/"new_enc_pubkey": If used, then will be a private sale
                • "locked_until_block" : Block number until this account will be locked (a locked account cannot execute operations while locked)
                • "fee","payload","payload_method","pwd"
            • "signlistaccountforsale" : Signs a List an account for sale (public or private) for cold wallets

              • Params: Same "listaccountforsale" params, and also:
                • "rawoperations" : HEXASTRING with previous signed operations (optional)
                • "signer_b58_pubkey"/"signer_enc_pubkey" : The current public key of "account_signer"
                • "last_n_operation" : The current n_operation of signer account
            • "delistaccountforsale" : Delist an account for sale

              • Params:
                • "account_target" : Account to be delisted
                • "account_signer" : Account that signs and pays the fee (must have same public key that delisted account, or be the same)
                • "fee","payload","payload_method","pwd"
            • "signdelistaccountforsale" : Signs a List an account for sale (public or private) for cold wallets

              • Params: Same "delistaccountforsale" params, and also:
                • "rawoperations" : HEXASTRING with previous signed operations (optional)
                • "signer_b58_pubkey"/"signer_enc_pubkey" : The current public key of "account_signer"
                • "last_n_operation" : The current n_operation of signer account
            • "buyaccount" : Buy an account previously listed for sale (public or private)

              • Params:
                • "buyer_account","account_to_purchase",
                • "price","seller_account",
                • "new_b58_pubkey"/"new_enc_pubkey","amount",
                • "fee","payload","payload_method","pwd"
            • "signbuyaccount" : Signs a buy operation for cold wallets

              • Params: Same "buyaccount" params, and also:
                • "rawoperations" : HEXASTRING with previous signed operations (optional)
                • "signer_b58_pubkey"/"signer_enc_pubkey" : The current public key of "buyer_account"
                • "last_n_operation" : The current n_operation of buyer account
            • "changeaccountinfo" : Changes an account Public key, or name, or type value (at least 1 on 3)

              • Params:
                • "account_target" : Account to be delisted
                • "account_signer" : Account that signs and pays the fee (must have same public key that target account, or be the same)
                • "new_b58_pubkey"/"new_enc_pubkey": If used, then will change the target account public key
                • "new_name": If used, then will change the target account name
                • "new_type": If used, then will change the target account type
                • "fee","payload","payload_method","pwd"
            • "signchangeaccountinfo" : Signs a change account info for cold cold wallets

              • Params: Same "changeaccountinfo" params, and also:
                • "rawoperations" : HEXASTRING with previous signed operations (optional)
                • "signer_b58_pubkey"/"signer_enc_pubkey" : The current public key of "account_signer"
                • "last_n_operation" : The current n_operation of signer account
            • "findaccounts" : Find accounts by name/type and returns them as an array of Account objects

              • Returned array will be sorted by account number
              • Params:
                • "name" : (String) If has value, will return the account that match name
                • "type" : (Integer) If has value, will return accounts with same type
                • "start" : (Integer) Start account (by default, 0)
                • "max" : (Integer) Max of accounts returned in array (by default, 100)
          • Updated methods:

            • "changekey" : Added param "account_signer" that allow to pay fee using another account with same public key than target "account" param. This allows to change keys on empty accounts (balance = 0) and pay fee
            • "signchangekey" : Added param "account_signer", same use that in "changekey" method
      • GUI changes: (not available on daemon)

        • New columns "name" and "type" on accounts
        • Information about Accounts/Operation using F1
        • Operations form now accepts: (Will be active after V2 protocol activation)
          • List account for sale (public or private)
          • Delist account
          • Buy account
          • Change account name/type
        • Operations form allows to search for accounts using F2 over an account edit box
        • Changes in text showing operations information
    • Other changes:

      • Bug for china users fixed
      • Bugs fixed


  • Pascal Coin (PASC) Release Build 2.1

    Build - 2017-07-14

    • Fixed bug of slow mass transactions from a single account due to incorrect sending order
    • Fixed memory leak on GetSafeBox request call
    • Added new GUI improvements on Operations form

  • PascalCoin (PASC) Release Build 2.1.2

    Build - 2017-07-27

    • No more blockchain in installer = TRUE DELETABLE BLOCKCHAIN (Safebox will be automatically downloaded by client from network)
    • Fixed storage bug when downloading a new safebox
    • Safebox will be downloaded in small chunks (aprox 2mb per chunk)
    • Read safebox file improvements (quick start)


  • PascalCoin (PASC) Release New Build 2.1.3

    Build - 2017-11-15

    • Fixed BUG when buying account assigning an invalid public key
    • Added maxim value to node servers buffer, deleting old node servers not used, this improves speed
    • Re-add orphaned operations back into the pending pool
    • RPC locking to prevent N_Operation race-condition on concurrent invocations
    • Minor bugs


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