Auroracoin (AUR) Release Wallet Version 2018.09.1.0

  • !!! Warning: Don't forget to backup your wallet.dat file BEFORE upgrading !!!

    With great joy we announce a new release of the Auroracoin core wallet. It is the result of the development we have done for over a year. With this release we improved a lot of poor programmed code and improved on standardization for future development. We added support for newer versions of libraries that the Auroracoin core wallet uses, including Openssl version 1.1 and the latest version of miniupnpc, while maintaining backward compatibility for older versions. The build system also had its fair share of improvements, making building for Windows and MacOSX easier.

    SHA256 sums: 510ba9941865cf1f4901784aa5cbd8d4499bb0f09ac8a7581935bf6370902673 auroracoin-2018.09.1.0.tar.bz2 ee0bebe80f52d740881238ff1f294ac5455993f27b2976ae8acdd49b58644c33 auroracoin-qt-20180910.dmg f2c355337876ca20bba93b3eda7a31d6b5a89981e2622bd73602f15e6455e98c auroracoin-qt-20180910.exe

    Source Code:

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