Particl (PART) Release Desktop GUI Wallet v 1.2.3

  • The particl-desktop application development has been focused on the marketplace, but in the past few months our wallet has undergone quite a few major changes. A majority of the user interface has been improved upon, the contrast with the 1.1.0 release is big.


    • receive page redesigned
    • address book page redesigned
    • lots of new and better icons
    • make payment screen redesigned
    • particl-core
    • blocksync modal redesigned
    • particl-core updater modal
    • timeoffset warning icon
    • nightly release script
    • filters outgoing http request and attach authentication
    • CSP security headers updated (XSS prevention, no eval(), disable inline scripts)

    Bugs fixed

    • wallet: the recovery phrase password field was useless in 1.1.0, wallets created using that can only be restored with an empty password field
    • coldstaking: widget fixed
    • memory leaks
    • encrypt modal: restarting
    • robuster windows builds & termination
    • .desktop file created when installing using .deb
    • debug window: better string decoding
    • no more missing 0 on fractional numbers
    • ModalsModule refactored
    • transaction handling refactored
    • a ton of small & insignificant bugs
    3b211420e512038adf8c19d8a5d979d239f27b7cb1256349001809bff45bde6a  particl-desktop-1.2.3-linux-amd64.deb

    Source Code:

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