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  • Our goal is to build a community and build services and products around that community .. We have partnered with one community and will continue to seek partner ship that can and will enhance the usage of Victoriouscoin

    Short Video about Victorious Coin


    Algorithm : Scrypt

    Type PoW/PoS

    Coin name : VictoriousCoin

    Symbol: VTY

    PoS percentage 38% per year

    Last PoW block block 2000

    Coinbase maturity 20 blocks

    Target spacing 64 seconds

    Target timespan 1 block

    Transaction confirmations 6 blocks

    Premine percent 70%

    Premine Amount : 9,800,000,000 Coins

    Coin Abbreviation : VTY Address Letter: V

    RPC Port : 7954

    P2P Port : 7953

    Block Reward : 10000 coins


    Windows Wallet


    Linux Wallet


    Source Code


    Pablo Lema’s Crypto Success Give away



    working to get Victoriouscoin listed On Yobit Ccex And Other Exchange

    Interactive Coin Sales

    It is a crowd funding strategy where the coin is sold by package at the exchange and at the same time be able to trade it within that exchange. Each package have a road map attached to it and will be started once the Package is sold.

    Ladderized Sales Sales in increasing Price Value.

    VictoriousCoin plan to use the approach of Ladderized Interactive Coin Sales to give early adopter an edge for profit. The initial batch will be at 2 satoshi sell wall and the next batch will be at 6 satoshi sell wall to give 3, 4, 5 satoshi market open and a buy wall at 1 satoshi

    will be placed

    In this scenario early investor can have at most 250% profit and at least 50% loss if he decided to get out.

    The Package (Road Map):

    For 2 satoshi Sell Package VictoriousCoin intend to

    Have a Wallet Makeover

    Make Mac Wallet Available


    Android Wallet Available

    Online Staking Wallet

    Lottery Game Site

    Dating Site

    Auction Site

    Additional Node

    Paid Promotion

    Buy Back at 1 Satoshi.

    For 6 Satoshi Sell Package

    Android Games

    Online MMO Games

    Online Store

    Digital Gadget

    Food Supplement

    Precious Metals

    Upcoming Projects

    We are dedicated to give our holders the best value on their investment that is we have dedicated one of our features on the usage of Victoriouscoin

    Victoriouscoin Online Store

    Now you can buy e-books with resellrights to this E-book resell store exclusive for Victoriouscoin holders


    Dating Script


    Upcoming Project : Lottery Gaming


  • New Exchange:

    VictoriousCoin [VTY] is listed: https://yobit.net/en/trade/VTY/BTC

    VictoriousCoin Dice: https://yobit.net/en/dice/VTY

    New Addnode


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