Block Erupter Tube - 200 - 215 GH/s

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    Block Erupter Tube


    ASICMiner Tube is based on the X24 open source design for BE200.

    PCB File:



    Hashrate: 200-215GH/s per hashing unit in normal mode, 800-850GH/s per full set.

    Power consumption: ~0.9 J/GH board-wise. Gets higher along with

    ambient temperature. On-wall power consumption relies on PSU efficiency.

    Size: 25cmx12cmx12cm per full set.

    Weight: 5.2kg per full set.

    Powering: 1-2 6pin PCI-E plugs per hashing unit.

    The hashing units are driven by ethernet controllers. Each ethernet controller

    can run up to 32 units.

    A full device consists of:

    4 hashing units

    4 thermal pads (optional, on demand)

    1 to 1/8 ethernet controller (multiple devices can share one controller)

    1 cooling kit

    1 fan

    ASICMiner Tube Setup Guide


    Bitcointalk ID: phasebird

    Email: [email protected]

    Customer service: [email protected]


    Customer service QQ IM ID: 1327503207 (overseas)

    120045458 & 1327573930 (mainland China)

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