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  • What is SEED?

    SEED is an independent, decentralized marketplace for developers and deployers of conversational user interfaces (CUIs). Our platform provides development tools, intellectual property, and network for deploying front-ends to AI technologies. Blockchain enables us to authenticate CUIs and compensate developers for their creations and contributions.

    SEED democratizes AI by offering an open and independent alternative to the monopolies of the few large corporations that currently control CUI and AI technologies, exceeding the proprietary deployments from industry giants.

    The SEED token and network are designed to create a thriving economy of conversational interfaces while enabling users to control their personal data. The SEED Token is uniquely designed to support authentication, smart contracts, payments, and ratings in order to reward quality, positive actors in the SEED economy and guard against negative ones.

    The SEED Token Project - Introduction

    SEED BOt: the seed blockchain demo

    We are pleased to share SEED Bot,
    a simple chatbot that demonstrates the functionality of the SEED
    platform, token and blockchain. This is an important milestone in the
    development of the Seed Token Project, and points to a future economy
    that promises greater transparency and a conversational user interface
    (CUI) marketplace that will compensate all participants more fairly.

    Click here to see how SEED Bot writes to the blockchain. You can also ask questions about the SEED Token Project and sign up for our newsletter while you're there.

    SEED Bot never writes personal information to the blockchain; it uses
    it as a ledger to record license activity as a proof of concept.

    ACTR: connecting avatars to speech

    Image of 3D conversational avatar being rigged

    Introducing ACTR, a 3D
    presentation standard for avatars. It is a method of generating
    real-time avatar animation from natural language generation processing

    As part of our deep partnership with Botanic, Botanic is
    open-sourcing its bot toolkit to supercharge the creation of an industry
    standard and power a more fair and trusted bot economy.

    This is
    an example of the free and open source tools that will make SEED the
    world's largest and most trusted app store for bots on the blockchain.

    Learn more about ACTR hereon GitHub.

    Seed Vault Token Generation Event

    The SEED Product Roadmap

    Once funded, Seed Vault Ltd. will complete the token development and roll-out,
    the network development and roll-out (both alpha and beta versions), the bot store
    marketplace, as well as several other projects designed to establish the necessary tools
    for SEED to succeed as well as enhanced tools for CUI developers to use to create better
    and more sophisticated CUIs, more quickly:
    Following funding, Seed Vault Ltd will:
    Month 1:
    • Make pledged IP available as open-source (both source code and patents)
    Months 4-6:
    • Release beta of Bot Store marketplaces for all CUI components
    • Release implementation of SEED Platform
    Months 7-9:
    • Release final release of Bot Store marketplaces
    • Promote CUI marketplaces and tools to developers
    • Sponsor challenges (contests) for the creation of other CUI tools and enhancements to
    the network, marketplaces, and community

    SEED Intellectual Property

    In addition to the SEED token, itself, the SEED Platform includes an open-source
    license from Botanic Technologies to Seed ault Ltd. for CUI-related frameworks,
    patents, source code, content and other IP. These resources are critical to the creation
    of a successful CUI community and Botanic Technologies has elected to make these
    available under a perpetual Creative Commons license for use by developers and users
    of the SEED token and platform. This includes Botanic’s patent covering voice-toblockchain
    bridges. This ensures the maximum amount of value for the SEED community
    as well as demonstrates Seed Vault’s commitment to enabling the SEED-based CUI
    community. Other IP includes:
    • Systems For Executing Cryptographically Secure Transactions Using Voice And
    Natural Language Processing (Filed march 25, 2015)
    • Methods for Developing A Bot-Sourced Knowledgebank Via Social Expert-
    Learner Interaction (Filed 2017)
    • Systems for Securing Conversations Via Authenticated Bot And Dual-Key Encryption
    (Filed July 22, 2017)
    • Autonomous Bot Personality Generation And Relationship Management
    • Systems and Methods For Vetting And Authenticating The Identity Of An Avatar
    (#9,253,183 B2)
    • Systems And Methods For An Autonomous Avatar Driver (#11960507)
    • Systems And Methods For Managing a Persistent Virtual Avatar With Migrational
    Ability (Filed November 11 2014)
    Source Code:
    • Middleware source & API adapters
    • 4 clients source (including Skype, Signal, Messenger, Slack, Kik, etc. and
    others for iOS and Android)
    • 3 servers source
    • Authoring tools source
    • 3 ACTR animation libraries (M,F,N of humanoid proportions)
    • 2 ACTR animation libraries (M,F,N5665 of humanoid proportions)
    • 5 personality templates

    The SEED Token Generation Event

    The SEED token generation event will commence in Q3 of 2018 for a duration of
    approximately 21 days. During this time, SEED tokens, will be available through partner
    exchanges. Details of the sale structure will be posted to the
    website well in advance of the sale.


    SEED White Paper

    Executive Summary

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