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  • Stratis CEO Discusses Big News and their upcoming ICO Platform

    Stratis announces a large company that is about to launch an ICO on the Stratis platform...

    Get an inside look at the CEO of one of the most forward thinking blockchain solutions out there,

  • Stratis ICO Platform Full Release

    Today we are pleased to announce the release of the Stratis ICO Platform. The ICO Platform is feature rich and enables users to deploy an ICO within minutes via the ‘Deploy to Azure’ button.

    Features of the Stratis ICO Platform include:

    • A highly customizable design, which enables you to ensure the ICO site conforms with your unique branding.

    • The ability to accept funds in USD, BTC, STRAT and 50+ additional cryptocurrencies via Changelly, a service that enables ICO contributors to pay in many digital currencies.

    • Integration with Onfido’s ‘Know-Your-Customer’ (KYC) service that screens contributors against anti-money laundering watch-lists and undertakes document checks.

    • Support for Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallets, enabling issuers to collect funds securely. This means the funds collected during the ICO are not stored on the server itself.

    • The Stratis ICO Platform is provided free of charge, overcoming the high costs of existing crowd-funding solutions.

    Chris Trew, CEO of Stratis, commented: “With this platform we’ve drastically improved the user experience for both ICO issuers and contributors. Today’s ICO solutions tend to be either DIY, which comes with substantial security risks or they tend to charge a significant fee, but it doesn’t need to be this way. At Stratis, we are focused on making blockchain simple and accessible, which is why the core Stratis blockchain has been written completely from the ground up in the widely understood language of C# and the .NET framework. We want as many developers as possible to access the benefits of decentralised technology.”

    The Stratis ICO Platform and associated documentation is now available on GitHub: https://github.com/stratisproject/ICO-Platform

  • Stratis Smart Contracts in C# Alpha Release

    Stratis are proud to announce the alpha release of Stratis Smart Contracts in C#.

    A significant amount of time and effort has gone into developing a new approach to Smart Contracts, ensuring the product is easy to learn and the most inclusive platform for developers and businesses.

    Stratis has engineered the first smart contracts platform built entirely from the ground up in native C# on the .NET framework, the most popular enterprise programming language on the most widely-used enterprise framework.

    This makes it easier to integrate into existing enterprise architectures than other platforms, Stratis Smart Contracts in C# opens many doors previously blocked due to computing language barriers. Stratis will soon also provide support for the functional programming language F#, particularly popular in the finance sector.

    “We believe smart contracts are one of the backbones of blockchain as a transparent, decentralized marketplace, and that the more inviting you can be to get people to join that marketplace, the faster blockchain will be adopted” says Stratis CEO Chris Trew. “Our foundation in C# and .NET programming broadens the world of smart contracts immediately, and we look forward to seeing what people do with it.”

    Several other blockchain companies have launched smart contracts offerings, but required development in an entirely different programming language or a new digital ecosystem with new languages, decompilers and integrated development environments (IDEs). Stratis Smart Contracts in C# builds upon an established and popularized framework, language and ecosystem. Therefore, it is more readily poised for wider adoption as a smart contract standard.

    Below is a technical overview of the Stratis Smart Contract in C# offering at the recent Blockchain Expo, London.

    “Stratis believes blockchain will change the world, and we are creating products that make this new world as inclusive and welcoming as possible,” Trew says. “Stratis Smart Contracts in C# is designed to welcome developers.”

    To get started with Stratis Smart Contracts in C#, please refer to the below materials.

    Documentation: https://smartcontractsdocs.stratisplatform.com Faucet: https://smartcontractsfaucet.stratisplatform.com/ GitHub Repository: https://github.com/stratisproject/StratisBitcoinFullNode/tree/sc-alpha Discord (Smart Contracts Support): https://discord.gg/3AA8PYm

  • Stratis Release Interim Wallet v2.0.0.4



  • Stratis Sidechains Alpha Release

    Stratis are proud to announce the Stratis Federated Sidechains Alpha Release in C# on the .NET framework.

    Stratis has focused on developing the sidechains infrastructure to ensure the product is easy to use and the most inclusive platform for developers and enterprises.

    Enterprises can create their own sidechains whilst benefiting from on-going enhancements to the Stratis blockchain. Stratis Sidechains provide enterprises with the ability to provision custom sidechains with flexible modules such as consensus, block size and privacy; delivering scalable blockchain solutions.

    Building sidechains in C# makes it easier to integrate into existing enterprise architectures and opens the door previously blocked due to programming language barriers. Stratis sidechains in C# builds upon the established .NET framework, language and ecosystem. Therefore, it is more readily poised for wider adoption.

    Stratis CEO Chris Trew states, “Sidechains provide a means to quickly provision, sandbox and deploy a bespoke blockchain tailored to specific enterprise processes. Because Stratis sidechains remain linked to the well-established Stratis mainchain, enterprises can be certain their blockchain implementations will continue to benefit from enhancements made by our core team of highly-experienced developers.”

    Sidechains improve scalability of blockchains, a long-running challenge of decentralised computing. Aside from leaving the mainchain free to exchange funds, Stratis sidechains make it possible to specify both the block size and block interval, increasing the number of transactions in each block and/or reducing the time between each block.

    Sidechain wallets will allow cross-chain transactions for users to transfer funds between the Stratis mainchain and the sidechains. This interoperability feature enables interactions across blockchains while giving users the confidence that any sidechain’s digital assets will always be backed by the Stratis token.

    Stratis is also working on enabling enterprises to run smart contracts on their respective sidechains which will be implemented in a future release.

    To showcase this technology, we have created a test environment named Apex on the Stratis testnet network. The Apex sidechain interacts seamlessly with the STRAT mainchain on the testnet network. Users can easily participate in testing this technology themselves by exchanging TSTRAT for TAPEX coins.

    You can now try out the Stratis Sidechains Alpha Release by setting up Stratis and Apex wallets on the testnet network and use them for cross-chain deposits and withdrawals.

  • Stratis Q1/Q2 Development Roadmap Update

    Stratis is pleased to share a summary of development milestones based
    on the Q1/Q2 2018 roadmap. This update highlights the key releases
    delivered by Stratis in the first half of 2018.

    Full Node The release of the Full Node mainnet beta was a significant milestone for Stratis. Enhancements were made across core components such as the P2P code and consensus protocol.

    Release Date: 28th March 2018

    Stratis Core (Full Node GUI) Stratis Core was successfully released on mainnet, improving user experience and functionality. This release also included an updated instance of the Stratis Full Node.

    Release Date: 11th April 2018

    ICO Platform The Stratis ICO Platform was made available and is easily deployable on Microsoft Azure. This platform is feature-rich, including support for HD Wallet and integrated KYC support.

    Release Date: 9th May 2018

    Breeze Wallet with Privacy Protocol Stratis is aware of the excitement around the Breeze with Privacy Protocol release and appreciates the continued patience. Work is progressing on the project and further updates will be communicated in due course.

    Release Date: To be confirmed.

    Stratis Academy The Stratis Academy allows developers to gain an in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology utilizing the Stratis Platform. This release was well received by the development community and we will be carrying out regular updates to the content.

    Release Date: 28th June 2018

    Stratis Identity Stratis has added additional features to the Identity iOS App and have resubmitted the application to Apple for App Store approval. Stratis Identity is readily available for Android on the Google Play Store.

    Release Date: To be confirmed.

    Stratis Smart Contracts C# developers can now start building their own smart contracts in native C# and deploy them on the Stratis blockchain. This alpha release is the first smart contracts platform built entirely from the ground up in native C# on the .NET framework.

    Stratis has designed an example that developers can follow on the Stratis Academy.

    Release date: 16th May 2018

    Stratis Sidechains The Stratis Sidechains alpha release unlocked the possibilities of scaling the Stratis blockchain using sidechains. This was achieved using a Two-Way Federated Peg solution that enables cross-chain transactions to and from a sidechain.

    Release Date: 27th June 2018

    Chris Trew stated “Our Q1/Q2 2018 development roadmap was intentionally aggressive in terms of what we wanted to achieve. I’m proud of what the team has delivered, with the introduction of important updates to the Stratis Platform. The ability to run smart contracts and to provision sidechains opens up a world of potential applications that enterprises can build on the Stratis Platform. I look forward to seeing the creative innovations third-party developers will realise.”

    Stratis is looking forward to the second half of 2018 and will be publishing the Q3/Q4 roadmap in the coming weeks.

  • Stratis Identity iOS Release + How to install the Stratis Identify app for iOS?

    Today, we are proud to release the free Stratis Identity app for Apple iOS devices. Built on top of the Stratis platform, this showcases personal and corporate identity management capabilities on the Stratis blockchain. The Stratis Identity app delivers a real use case for users to attest their identity on an immutable ledger and share that data with others.

    Stratis CEO Chris Trew explains, “Mass adoption of blockchain will only come through simplicity, and Stratis Identity offers a streamlined way to verify one’s identity through popular social media accounts, using pre-existing Microsoft, LinkedIn or Google account information. Once one’s true identity is established through our app, a Stratis Identity can be shared securely without ever exposing any specific user’s sensitive personal data.

    Stratis Identity app creates a permanent, unique record of a person or organization’s identity on the Stratis blockchain and provides permission-only access to that identification. Each online social media profile has information linked to it (username, e-mail, job title, etc.) stored by the account provider.

    Key features of the Stratis Identity app include:

    • Creation of a unique Stratis Blockchain identity, registered and secured on the Stratis blockchain
    • Attest your identity by logging into a selection of social media accounts such as Microsoft, Google and LinkedIn
    • Proof of ownership of online accounts via sharing your unique public addresses and transaction hashes
    • Validate other people’s Stratis Identities using the built-in verification tool

    The free Stratis Identity app is available for iOS devices using the download link below:


    How to install the Stratis Identify app for iOS?

    1. Navigate to the Stratis Identity iOS app download link using your iOS device

    2. Click Install

    3. Go to home screen to check progress

    4. A dialog will appear prompting you to trust Stratis Group Ltd.

    5. Open “Settings” and go to “General -> Device Management”

    6. Choose to trust “Stratis Group Ltd”

    7. Your Stratis Identity iOS app is ready for use now and enjoy!

  • The ‘Stratis Puzzle’ Challenge

    Stratis is seeking the ‘best of the best’ with a series of 12 sequential puzzles, each more challenging than the last. Each task tests general logic, blockchain knowledge, cryptography and aptitude with the Stratis Platform itself.

    Chris Trew, Stratis CEO added: “Finding talented blockchain developers is notoriously difficult as demand far outweighs supply. The puzzle is our way of connecting with new talent, but equally the winner might choose to walk away with the cash prize, and that’s absolutely fine too.

    The top prize, equivalent to over $10,000, will remain locked in a wallet controlled by the private key that is recovered after solving all 12 of the Puzzle’s tasks. Each task reveals a single word from the mnemonic phrase that provides access to the wallet holding the prize fund.

    There are also two development roles up for grabs on the Stratis core team with an automatic job offer made to the first contestant that solves at least 10 of the 12 tasks.

    Krushang Patel, Stratis CMO commented: “If you think you have what it takes to mix it with the best in the community, then we encourage you to try the Stratis Puzzle. We have two genuine roles on offer as part of our core team, and the puzzle was the most logical and entertaining way we could think to fill them.

    Anyone that wants to give the puzzle a try should begin with the first task. Once contestants have solved the first puzzle, which requires no blockchain knowledge, the next step will be revealed.

    The prize fund can be viewed on the Stratis blockchain explorer here

    Stratis Puzzle, first task:

    This is the first of the 12 tasks that make up the Stratis puzzle, an additional step will be revealed once this below task is completed.

    7b22515220636f6465203231783231223a7b22766572746963616c223a5b5b372c322c312c37 5d2c5b312c312c312c312c312c315d2c5b312c332c312c312c312c312c312c332c315d2c5b31 2c332c312c312c312c312c332c315d2c5b312c332c312c342c312c332c315d2c5b312c312c31 2c315d2c5b372c312c312c312c375d2c5b335d2c5b342c312c312c312c322c223342222c315d 2c5b312c322c322c312c312c315d2c5b322c322c312c325d2c5b322c223241222c312c312c31 2c325d2c5b312c342c322c312c325d2c5b322c332c315d2c5b372c312c315d2c5b312c312c32 2c322c312c223143225d2c5b312c332c312c312c312c312c345d2c5b312c332c312c322c342c 335d2c5b312c332c312c322c335d2c5b312c312c312c352c223144225d2c5b372c312c312c33 2c315d5d2c22686f72697a6f6e74616c223a5b5b372c322c375d2c5b312c312c312c312c312c 312c315d2c5b312c332c312c312c312c312c332c315d2c5b312c332c312c322c312c312c332c 315d2c5b312c332c312c312c322c312c332c315d2c5b312c312c312c312c315d2c5b372c312c 312c312c375d2c5b312c315d2c5b312c332c312c312c312c345d2c5b322c312c312c352c345d 2c5b312c312c342c223241222c312c325d2c5b322c312c325d2c5b332c312c322c332c355d2c 5b312c312c312c345d2c5b372c322c322c325d2c5b312c312c312c312c315d2c5b312c332c31 2c322c332c315d2c5b312c332c312c312c322c325d2c5b312c332c312c223142222c332c315d 2c5b312c312c322c325d2c5b372c342c223143222c223144225d5d7d7d

    Anyone interested in the Stratis Puzzle can join the Stratis #puzzle Discord channel
    for community discussion on the various tasks. Blockchain is a
    collaborative and open source environment, Stratis recognizes that
    people may collaborate

  • Breeze with Privacy Protocol Mainnet Release

    The Breeze Wallet with Breeze Privacy Protocol public Mainnet release is now available and represents a key step in our product development roadmap. The Breeze Wallet showcases our technology with a strong emphasis on privacy and security on the blockchain network. This primarily serves organizations that want to obfuscate business to business transactions securely on the blockchain.

    This version of the Breeze Wallet includes the Breeze Privacy Protocol feature as well as a user-friendly interface.  It also features the Masternode Client Discovery protocol where the blockchain is used to discover, validate, and connect to a Stratis Masternode, which provides the privacy protocol service. This discovery process is undertaken in a decentralized and trustless manner that is resistant to network disruption.

    This is a Mainnet release and is now open to the public. Enhancements made to both the Breeze Wallet user interface and the Masternode Client Discovery Protocol have been incorporated into this release.

    For more information about how the Breeze Masternode registration protocols works, please visit this technical blog post: https://stratisplatform.com/2017/10/30/masternode_registration_protocol/

    Download the Breeze Wallet with Breeze Privacy Protocol for Mainnet from the link below. The wallet will then automatically discover and connect to an available Mainnet Stratis Masternode.


    Download for Windows 64-bit https://github.com/BreezeHub/BreezeProject/releases/download/v1.0.0/Breeze.Wallet-v1.0.0-setup-win-x64.exe

    Download for Windows 32-bit https://github.com/BreezeHub/BreezeProject/releases/download/v1.0.0/Breeze.Wallet-v1.0.0-setup-win-ia32.exe

    Download for Mac OS X https://github.com/BreezeHub/BreezeProject/releases/download/v1.0.0/Breeze.Wallet-v1.0.0-mac.dmg

    Download for Ubuntu https://github.com/BreezeHub/BreezeProject/releases/download/v1.0.0/Breeze.Wallet-v1.0.0-linux-amd64.deb

    User Guides

    Download for Breeze Wallet User Guide


    Download for Stratis MasterNode User Guide


  • Stratis (STRAT) Release Wallet v2.0.0.5

    Source Code:


  • Stratis Update BitcoinFullNode (sc-alpha-latest)

    sc-alpha-latest: [SC] Update SC nodes to handle value transfers (#1909)

    * Use same Network in NodeGroupBuilder when creating nodes (#1843)
    * -agentprefix displays as entered. (#1894)
    Somewhere along the way -agentprefix stopped working. 
    This fixes.
    * Clean up TransactionBuilderContext to be easier for a user to use. (#1889)
    * - Moved Revipient to its own class
    - Removed unused CoinType object
    * Removed unused Network from WalletTransactionHandler
    * In TransactionBuildContext, moved most of the ctor parameters out.
    * Made InitializeTransactionBuilder protected
    * Removed Transaction from the TransactionBuildContext
    * Removed Sign from the TransactionBuildContext
    * Version updates for SC v0.11.0-alpha (#1896)
    * Stratis.SmartContracts update
    * Remove SCT launch args
    * Update client version
    * Parameters fix
    * [SC] Fix ordering of fluent API in SC-daemon so mempool loads on startup (#1902)
    * Stratis.SmartContracts update
    * Remove SCT launch args
    * Update client version
    * Parameters fix
    * Move mempool to after consensus so node can load with mempool
    * [SC] Add IContract abstraction (#1901)
    * Increase lastpowblock (#1904)
    * [SC] Consending txs use Time of 'parent' transaction (#1906)
    * Use Time of 'parent' transaction
    * Remove DateTimeProvider

    Source Code:


  • Stratis ICO Platform available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

    Stratis is happy to announce that the ICO Platform is now listed and available for deployment via the Azure Marketplace, making it the first Blockchain-Based Web App solution available on the Marketplace.

    Chris Trew stated “Utilizing the Stratis ICO Platform on Azure allows ICO Administrators to leverage the advantages of Azure’s PaaS offerings. Removing the headaches with typical standalone virtual machine deployments that are all too common. Our solution tied with Microsoft Azure allows an ICO Administrator to ensure their data is safe and their ICO is always available.”

    Following the May release of The Stratis ICO Platform, which allows an ICO to be deployed in minutes, we have implemented a number of enhancements.

    Firstly, the Stratis ICO Platform now allows the issuer to screen out participants by geography. By integrating functionality from IP Stack, the ICO platform now identifies an ICO participant’s geography by their IP address, with a screening list to limit the use of VPNs and TOR. This enhancement is an important step for ICO issuers that wish to avoid contributions from a particular geography for regulatory or legal reasons. It is now straightforward to screen out contributions from the US, for example. This update further enhances the utility of the Stratis ICO Platform, making it even easier to run a compliant ICO.

    The Stratis ICO Platform utilises Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets. This provides added security for issuers as funds collected during the ICO are not stored on a server. As part of today’s announced enhancements, the Stratis Breeze Wallet now includes additional features required to display ICO contributions that breach the address gap-limit. This update means issuers using the Breeze Wallet with its new ‘Advanced Tab’ can very reliably and simply retrieve their ExtPubKey, generate addresses and resynchronize to a given date.

    The Stratis ICO Platform is now available via the Azure Marketplace:

    If you’re interested in running an ICO and are in need of some consultancy, do not hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected]

  • Stratis Partners with UK Meds

    ratis is pleased to announce our latest partnership with the UK’s fastest growing online pharmacy, UK Meds.

    UK Meds is the fastest growing online pharmacy in the UK, digitally handling between 3,000 and 4,000 patient prescriptions each day. The company will deploy Stratis’ blockchain technology to improve patient safety across the online pharmacy sector as a whole, reducing instances of patients ordering multiple prescriptions.

    By ensuring each patient’s request for a prescription is logged on a shared and immutable distributed ledger across a group of UK online pharmacies, the programme ensures patients can only access prescribed quantities of medication. Doctors dealing with online consultations and pharmacies preparing medication will have the ability to cross reference patients using a unique identifier assigned to each individual. Any previous request for medication across all online pharmacies in the programme will be easily referenceable using Stratis’ technology, ensuring patients receive correct prescriptions.

    Joe Soiza, CEO at UK Meds commented:

    Despite screening our own customers by IP addresses, phone numbers, cookies and many other factors, there isn’t a cross-industry solution to identify patients attempting to obtain multiple orders of drugs, with opioids being a particular example. Clearly our entire industry needs to come together to ensure we do everything possible to protect the vulnerable and utilizing Stratis’ technology can help us achieve that.
    The Stratis Platform provides a highly secure blockchain solution that can be shared across the industry to provide a trusted and verifiable record of patient requests for medicine. We are initiating this programme, and we have over 10 online pharmacies onboard already. It’s our ambition for this to become the de facto standard across the entire UK industry.

    Stratis’ technology will also be used to improve UK Meds’ own supply-chain by deploying Stratis’ Smart Contracts in C#, this is essentially code running on top of a blockchain enabling them to undertake specific tasks, at critical stages. In combination with track and trace logistics solutions, each shipment of medication will be logged on the blockchain when originally produced by the manufacturer, during points of distribution and again on arrival at UK Meds to certify pharmaceutical shipments are correctly packed, arrive in fine condition and remain securely sealed in the correct quantity.

    Chris Trew, CEO at Stratis added:

    This is a great example of blockchain being deployed where its unique qualities will make a real difference. Using traditional IT solutions to solve this issue would require a significant expense and would undoubtedly be administered by a third-party organization. With blockchain, the industry can cooperate on the critical issue of patient safety using a shared version of the truth.

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