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  • Stratis (STRAT) Node Available on Azure Marketplace

    We have great news to share with all of you today. The Microsoft Azure Certification for the Azure Marketplace has been successfully completed. Our Stratis Full Node (for Linux and Windows) has been approved, and the offering is now available publicly.

    Initially we are offering deployment of the Interim Node (Wallet v2.0.0.3), which would be updated to the Full Node in C# when that is completed. This is a service geared towards developers that want to experience first hand the basic functionalities of a blockchain full node within the Azure framework. This is a product still under development, and we expect to update it several times during the upcoming weeks. Therefore your feedback and comments will be highly appreciated.

    Some useful features of the Stratis Node available for deployment:

    • Synchronise a full Stratis Node in a few minutes instead of hours
    • Test staking capabilities in a secure and redundant environment
    • Run applications (like indexing Stratis Blockchain) on top of the node deployed
    • Combine with other Azure resources (Storage, etc) to increase application performance and reliability

    This marks an important step towards consolidating Stratis’ presence in the Microsoft Blockchain ecosystem. This will undoubtedly help solidify different initiatives we are pursuing with the help of various Microsoft teams.

    To find the offering, just visit the Azure Marketplace and type ‘Stratis’ in the search bar. Or click on the following link.

  • Stratis (STRAT) Alpha Version of Breeze Wallet Released

    The Stratis team is releasing today the highly anticipated alpha version of the Breeze Wallet on the BTC testnet. Grab the latest release on our Github.

    As announced earlier this year, Breeze Wallet is a proof of concept on the utilization of C# / .Net programming languages into cryptocurrencies, combined with the Stratis Platform capabilities.

    The Breeze wallet is the first full SPV Wallet written in C#. This initial version will allow to execute test transactions with Bitcoin (BTC) on the BTC testnet. From this alpha-release the development team expects to gather information about the user experience, and potential issues and bugs in the Breeze Wallet. These would then be addressed before offering a stable, ready for production version.

    This marks a solid milestone in our roadmap towards releasing the full capabilities of the Breeze Wallet. Leveraging advancements with Tumblebit technology, the Stratis development team continues to make advances in the integration of advanced features into the Breeze Wallet such as enhanced privacy and scalability capabilities, Proof of Stake, among others.

    We would appreciate the participation of our community in helping test and experience this release of the Breeze Wallet, so that we can take your observations into consideration.

    Thank you for your support!

    Acknowledgements: We want to thank our team members: Wallet developers –
    Pieterjan Vanhoof (@dev0tion), Jeremy Bokobza (@jeremy) – also our UI
    designer – Philibert Benoît (@bep42) and developer Dan Gershony
    (@dangershony), and the rest of the Stratis team
    for making this release possible today. Special thanks to our community
    members @Neurosploit, @quantumagia, @molopony, @DogaOztuzun,
    @detroitpro and all of the others that have helped.

  • Stratis (STRAT) Development Update and Progress (28)

    We are happy to share our developing process with all of you today; a first ‘sprint’ effort brought to you by our developers. This is just an update, there might be a follow up announcement next week with more specific details.

    Bug fixing A lot has changed in the UI and we’ve done our best to fix all the bugs and to incorporate all the suggestions that you’ve raised (if they made sense ;)) Notably: – New loading page – Add error handling to send modal – Add send confirmation modal – Add logout confirmation – Add context menu to copy paste (fixes OS X copy pasting as well) – Add SCSS source files to the repository – Improve setup menu’s design and error handling – Require strong passwords and password confirmation – Fix daemon loading when there’s spaces in the path – Various small improvements, bug fixes

    Breeze and Full Node Between the sprint planning and the onboarding of new contributors, we’ve actually managed to write some code. Notably: – Improvement to Logging – RPC refactoring as a standalone feature. – Add RPC methods required by the TB protocol. – NStratis integration into the solution as a NetStandard project – Refactor of Full Node Base features – Bug fixing in the wallet history – Other general improvements and bug fixes – Onboarding people from all around the world, some full-time, some part-time, on video chat and in person. – BreezeNode registration is officially available for testing! Please share with us your experiences and any bugs you may encounter.

    Continuous delivery We now have automated builds and (alpha) releases for the Breeze wallet and for the nuget packages of the Full Node. Every time the code changes, some robot behind the scenes builds a new version of the wallet for you. Every time. The Breeze wallet is available in the following operating systems: * Windows 7 x86 and x64 * Windows 10 x86 and x64 The following will be available in the next few days: * Ubuntu 14.04 x64 * OS X 10.11 x64 * OS X 10.12 x64

    You can find these releases at the bottom of https://github.com/stratisproject/Breeze. The nuget packages can be found here: https://github.com/stratisproject/StratisBitcoinFullNode

    Thanks to all of you for helping testing our releases, and we hope you keep doing this. We wish you all a good weekend!

  • Stratis (STRAT) Breeze Tumblebit Server Experimental Release

    Breeze TumbleBit Server is Ready to Test!

    The highly anticipated alpha version of the Breeze TumbleBit Server has now been released for testing. As promised, we have been engaging in a process of incremental deliveries and in this opportunity we want to share some technical details of the release. We expect to provide even more details both from an user and an operator perspective in the weeks to come. So, stay tuned!

    This release showcases the Stratis secure node advertisement protocol, which will be utilised by the Breeze wallet to locate Breeze Tumblebit servers without the need for a centralised list. This is therefore a trustless registration mechanism resistant to manipulation or censorship.

    Node advertisement protocol

    A high level overview of the protocol operations performed by each Breeze Tumblebit server is as follows: 1. The node operator starts up the Breeze Tumblebit Server software. 2. The node checks to see if it has registered itself on the Stratis blockchain before. 3. If it has, the tumbler service is initialised as normal. 4. If the node is not yet registered, or if its configuration has changed, the registration transaction updates and broadcast again.

    Registration transaction The registration transaction is a specially-formatted transaction broadcast by the Breeze Tumblebit Server to the Stratis network. In this release, the registration transactions are broadcast to the main Stratis blockchain.

    Security features The registration transaction contains the following information embedded inside it: 1. The IP address of the Breeze Tumblebit Server. 2. (Currently optional) TOR address of the server. 3. The port that wallets should use to connect. 4. All the information is signed by the tumbler’s private keys. This means that the signatures can be validated by a Breeze wallet when it connects to the Breeze Tumblebit Server. The registration protocol will greatly benefit from widespread testing by the Stratis community.

    As this is alpha software, the tumbler is currently configured to only operate on the Bitcoin testnet. This is to prevent loss of funds in the event of errors. Once the tumbler is sufficiently stable a Bitcoin mainnet version will be released.

    Please reach out to our team of developers on Slack with your bug reports, suggestions and comments.

  • Stratis (STRAT) BreezeHub Tumblt server Exprimental Build

    This note is a contribution from our new team member Carlton Pringle (@carlton on Slack). One of the key missions in Carlton’s new role as Breeze / Tumblebit development Project Lead, is to coordinate the communications about progress in this exciting technology to internal teams, developers and the public at large.

    As he gets more familiarized with the vision and accomplishments of our development team. He will be responsible for providing all the relevant updates and streamlining communications from the Breeze / Tumblebit team to our developers and general community.

    Welcome Carlton and we wish you success in your key role, and without further ado… here is his first Breeze Update.

    Facilitating  Breeze Development Access

    We want to simplify access and visibility for the Breeze Project, as we expect many peer reviews and collaborators to this exciting project now and in the future. To this aim we are launching the GitHub open source projects for Breeze / Tumblebit development under the auspices of Stratis.

    BreezeHub hosts our TumbleBit Server Experimental build and showcases the Stratis secure node advertisement protocol, which will be utilized by the Breeze wallet to locate Breeze Tumblebit servers without the need for a centralized list. This is therefore a registration mechanism resistant to manipulation or censorship as it does not require trust in third parties.

    Check out BreezeHub where you’ll find all our work on the TumbleBit Protocol in one place including code, documentation and all the latest info on the TumbleBit Server Experimental Build.

    BreezeHub includes full instructions to walk you through the TumbleBit server installation. Give it a try and please reach out to our team of developers on Slack with your bug reports, suggestions, and comments.

    Expect to see lots of activity on BreezeHub – including more incremental releases – as our vision of this exciting technology takes form.

    BreezeHub on GitHub BreezeHub is hosted on GitHub and can be found at https://github.com/BreezeHub.

    Acknowledgements: Thanks to @zeptin and @dan.gould for their hard work on this and thanks @jeremy for your support.

    TCP Server

    This week also, Nicolas Dorier wrote a custom asp.net core server to replace the default Kestrel implementation that runs in asp.net core on Windows, Linux and OS X. This lightweight tcp server will be used within the TumbleBit Server in place of the previous http+json ptotocol to improve anonymity for TumbleBit users. It can be found here.

  • Stratis (STRAT) Full Node, Breeze Wallet & More Developer Update

    Development Team Update: ( Dan Gershony / Stratis CTO )

    I am happy to report that Stratis has grown quite a lot these last two months, with many new exciting projects and technical challenges. Today I want to share with you some details on how we are organizing to make Stratis the leading blockchain platform.

    We have hired several developers (full/part time), product managers and we are actively seeking for experienced testers and QA specialists to review our products and processes. To accommodate our growing team, we have relocated to our new office in WeWork Moorgate London (please, come say hi!).

    We have implemented Agile and Scrum methodologies across all our teams,
    and I encourage autonomous and self-managing teams working towards
    sprint goals. We operate as a decentralized company as the team members
    are from all around the globe (setting meetings can be sometimes tricky,
    and I really appreciate the devs that stay out to participate in
    meetings at really late hours! Also I want to thank all collaborators
    for your valuable contributions). At this point we have dedicated teams
    in the following areas:

    Full Node

    Dev Leader: Jeremy Bokobza (@jeremy)

    Developers: Pieterjan Vanhoof (@dev0tion), Robert Carr (@robertcarr), @aprogenia, @fassadir, @mikedennis and @someguy

    Breeze Wallet

    Dev Leader: Carlton Pringle (@carlton)

    Developers: Jeremy Bokobza (@jeremy), Pieterjan Vanhoof (@dev0tion), Kevin Loubser (@zeptin), Dan Gould (@dangould) and just joined Adam Ficsor (@nopara73)

    UI: Benoît Philibert (@bep42)

    Stratis PoC

    Project Leader: Cesar Castro

    Developers: Alexei Kogtev (@kogot) and Igor Goldobin (@fenix2222)

    UI: Benoît Philibert (@bep42)

    What we’ve been busy on?

    • Stratis Full Node

    Achieving higher code quality and getting to production ready (for enterprise standard). We have been conducting extensive testing, but we still need to have a larger percent of unit tests coverage.

    Extensive documentation and refactoring of code (improve internal node components).

    Improve the node performance (this may not be a big deal for new blockchains).

    Extending the Stratis test network to run a network of C# nodes for a period of time.

    Ideally we need to get our C# node on an exchange (how and what currency is not yet clear) and on a block explorer.

    • Breeze Wallet

    We have been putting a lot of time and resources into achieve higher code quality for the Breeze Wallet and its underlying technology –  Tumblebit – integration in order to get it production ready for enterprise standards. Soon we will be publishing a full update from the Breeze Wallet team itself with all the details. At this point I will ask your support in helping us conduct extensive testing of the upcoming Breeze Wallet with Tumblebit Alpha release and share your experience with us. The sooner we have Breeze wallet sufficiently tested, the earlier we can release with full functionality on the mainnet.

    • Stratis Identity

    Our Proof of Concept team has been working in creating our first proof of concept application – Stratis Identity. Soon to be released on the app stores it will provide a working app, and most important, the building blocks for developers to start creating applications around identity management and provenance utilizing the Stratis blockchain.

    https://www.cybercapitalhq.com/team.html) a cyber security academic to help with writing a paper on how we can securely deliver smart-contracts on the Stratis node. This is a work on progress.

    Smart contracts enable applying logic over ownership of assets on the blockchain, we will need to change some core components of our fullnode to support smarter logic over assets, the node is built mainly on top of Bitcoin with a limited smart-contract support. We may need to change NBitcoin and the way the Bitcoin protocol stores UTXO (the UTXO set will need to be extended to allow contracts access to a key value pair storage among other things).

    We are also exploring executing C# scripts directly in a node environment (smart contract scripts in C#) using the Roslyn compiler.

    Last but not least, it is very important to notice that we have streamlined the development planning process with the addition of a Agile Project Manager – Paul Aderonmu (@paul_stratis). With his help we have been putting together a fresh roadmap that can provide better visibility and tracking to the community and all interested in our tech development process. We will shortly be releasing a reviewed roadmap and improved tracking tools for all to use.

    With the Breeze Wallet and our first PoC release around the corner these are indeed very exciting times for Stratis. Stay tuned for the upcoming news!

    These are exciting times to be a developer!

    Dan Gershony

  • Stratis (STRAT) - Breeze Wallet with Breeze Privacy Protocol Released

    (Powered by TumbleBit and Stratis Blockchain Technology)

    Breeze Wallet with TumbleBit has a new name: Breeze Wallet with Breeze Privacy Protocol. Breeze Wallet will be the first wallet of its kind that will not only provide a fully featured crypto wallet, it will also include a unique coin shuffling and swapping technology. The protocol takes small denominations of bitcoins from a source wallet in Breeze, shuffles and swaps the coins with others, and then transfers those coins to a destination wallet.

    The process is powered internally by TumbleBit to add privacy to your coins. It is likely to be used by discerning individuals and businesses that accept cryptocurrencies and do not want to leave traces that may reveal their customer and supplier lists.

    Alpha Available Now

    Stratis Internal and select community testing of Breeze Wallet with Breeze Privacy Protocol is complete and we’d like to offer you, our community, the opportunity to take a look, download and try the Alpha. The new wallet is available now for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. Download details are available here: (https://github.com/BreezeHub/Breeze/blob/tumblebit-alpha/Breeze.Documentation/alpha/option1.md ). This release runs only on testnet and is an alpha/experimental release.

    The work has focused on developing a smooth user experience as well as deep integration into the Stratis Blockchain Technology. There is no longer a need to run BitCoin Core alongside Breeze Wallet when using the protocol to shuffle and swap coins. That functionality is now completely provided by Stratis Blockchain technologies. This work moves us closer to our vision where MasterNodes provide discoverable services – such as the privacy protocol – to the Stratis network in a decentralized, scalable, trustless way.

    We’d like to point out that the Breeze Privacy Protocol is a CPU intensive service and although we will be providing a test server, places on the server are limited and part of the goal of the community alpha is to stress the server. Please do not be disappointed if you cannot get on this server – we are working with our community to add more server power. If you are interested in running a server please get in touch.

    We’d like to also extend a warm thank you to our dedicated community testing team who have done an excellent job helping to get Breeze and the core NTumbleBit technology to a solid alpha release state. A special mention to badass, zomertje, sigma, demon and kabbie. And lastly to all our capable development team across all functions. Last but not least thanks to Nicolas Dorier and the TumbleBit dev team from MIT. This was a team effort and you guys are awesome.

  • Stratis (STRAT) Roadmap: Work in Progress

    Dear Stratis community,

    We are very aware of the urgency for the updated Stratis roadmap, and it is indeed THE priority for Stratis. But it’s proven to be the most challenging task as an organization.

    We have top experts working on it, cause the idea is that when we release it, we want to be certain to have our developers on board with it, considering all the implications and complications of developing new tech, that the milestones and the expectations will be realistic, and that are not going to change (as much) midway. Also we have to balance not revealing too much of our business strategies, and finally we have to show this data in a professional manner.

    The process is advancing and we apologize for how long it’s taking to get this right. Today we will continue the review process and we expect to have by the end of this week, at minimum, a public high-level roadmap update from the developer side, that we all are comfortable with.

    As you can see by following the corresponding channels, our development team continues to make great progress in all fronts and we expect to maintain a healthy pace with new updates and tech releases.

    Thanks for your patience!

  • Stratis Development Roadmap Update

    Today we would like to share with you our Stratis Roadmap 2017-2018.

    We are excited to highlight our achievements during the current year and wish to provide an insight into our future product roadmap. Among those completed milestones in our product development cycle are as follows:

    • Stratis Full Node
    • Breeze Wallet with Breeze Privacy Protocol (Bitcoin Alpha testnet)
    • Breeze Wallet with Tumblebit (Bitcoin alpha Testnet)
    • Stratis Identity App

    We will continue to communicate updates of the roadmap deliverables via a series of blogposts.  The roadmap provides a good insight into the bright future of Stratis as we move into Q4 and we look forward to a successful 2018.

  • Stratis (STRAT) Pre - Release Breeze Wallet Beta 0.3.0 - MainNet

    The Breeze Wallet MainNet beta release is now available and represents a key step in our product development roadmap.

    In this release:

    • new UI
    • loading indicator for login, create, recovery and sending process
    • mnemonic verification for wallet creation
    • estimate fee functionality
    • performance improvements
    • bug fixes


    If you find a bug

    The first thing to do is to head over to our list of issues on GitHub and check if a similar issue has already been reported by someone else. If that's the case, you can add a comment saying that you're experiencing the same problem. If no one has reported this issue, you can open one yourself. In it, give us as many details as possible:

    • the operating system you're running,
    • the steps that you took that led to this exception and
    • whatever else you think might help us find out what the problem is.

    Also, you can help us by sending the debug files in ###code# on Windows or ~/.stratisnode/logs on MacOS and Linux. Note: When you report issues, please create a separate one for each, rather than one issue containing all your feedback. Alternatively, you can come to our #breeze_support channel on Slack to tell us about it.

    If you need help or if you have general suggestions

    We have a great community and a very dedicated team that will be able to help you if you have a question or a suggestion. For that, come to our #breeze_support channel on Slack or email [email protected]



  • Stratis (STRAT) Academy Update

    We have now completed the development of the Stratis Academy Learning Management System( LMS). The Stratis Academy LMS will combine both lessons and a Community Management System to create an environment where developers can learn and collaborate with other developers learning blockchain development.

    The next steps are to build the core technical content and walk-through materials. The course content will range from getting started with the Stratis blockchain to developing applications utilising the Stratis Development Framework.

    Community features like profiles, discussion boards, and groups, will allow developers to learn faster together with one another.

    We are actively working on the structure of courses and the core content. This is the key focus for Stratis Academy going into Q1 2018 and we are certain we will achieve the Stratis academy roadmap milestone ontime or earlier.

  • Stratis (STRAT) Test ICO Launch

    Today we are excited to announce the launch of the ‘Stratis Test ICO’ which utilizes the Stratis ICO platform.

    The Stratis ICO Platform is a secure, customizable platform for you to host your own ICO’s on the Stratis Blockchain Network. It has been developed from the ground up in C# and .NET Framework and is easily deployed within Azure.

    Security is paramount; therefore, the platform does not store any coins or private keys on the hosting infrastructure.

    The Stratis Test ICO is a demonstration of the Stratis ICO Platform to showcase the technology and product we plan to deliver to market soon.

    This instance of the Stratis ICO Platform will be available for two weeks and we welcome your support in testing the platform and provide any respective feedback.

    Stratis Test ICO


    If you require some $TSTRAT to participate, it can be obtained from the Stratis Faucet.

    Stratis Faucet


    Stratis Test ICO User Guide


  • Stratis (STRAT) Release full node staking wallet Alpha v0.1.0 

    This is the alpha release of the Stratis Wallet (name TBD), running on the Stratis Testnet network and represents an important milestone for Stratis.

    A full node staking wallet

    This wallet houses our full node, written in C#. It downloads the whole Stratis blockchain and helps the network by fully validating blocks and transactions and by relaying them to other peers on the network. Additionally, this wallet is capable of staking TSTRATS.

    What's next?

    We have quite a few features and improvements planned for future versions. Make sure you follow our progress on our blog, our Twitter account and on our community Slack.


    If you find a bug

    The first thing to do is to head over to our list of issues on GitHub and check if a similar issue has already been reported by someone else. If that's the case, you can add a comment saying that you're experiencing the same problem. If no one has reported this issue, you can open one yourself. In it, give us as many details as possible:

    • the operating system you're running,
    • the steps that you took that led to this exception and
    • whatever else you think might help us find out what the problem is.

    Also, you can help us by sending the debug files in ###code# on Windows or ~/.stratisnode/logs on MacOS and Linux. Note: When you report issues, please create a separate one for each, rather than one issue containing all your feedback. Alternatively, you can come to our #fullnode_support channel on Slack to tell us about it.

    If you need help or if you have general suggestions

    We have a great community and a very dedicated team that will be able to help you if you have a question or a suggestion. For that, come to our #fullnode_support channel on Slack or email [email protected]


    Stratis Testnet Explorer




  • Stratis (STRAT) Products Development Update

    Stratis Identity App

    The Stratis Identity iOS application is currently awaiting approval to be published to the Apple App Store.

    The application is complete, and it is now dependant on the review and approval process.

    Release Date: Q1 2018

    Stratis Sidechains

    The Stratis Sidechain technology is based upon the Stratis Full Node. Extensive work has been undertaken to further develop our Stratis Sidechain offering and a number of core features are being implemented.  This includes instant sidechain creation and methods to fund the sidechain from the mainchain.

    The sidechain team are also working closely with the smart contracts team in order to enable enterprises to run smart contracts on their respective sidechains.

    Another core feature of Stratis Blockchain-as-a-Service is the Stratis Blockchain Generation Technology. This has been made available as a separate offering to fulfil any immediate requirements to deploy blockchains for customers whilst the full Stratis Sidechain product is in development.

    Alpha Release Date: Q1 2018

    Stratis Smart Contracts

    Stratis is working on providing a smart contracts solution that will cater for .NET developers by providing a comfortable and familiar development environment, as well as being performant and secure.

    We are currently in the implementation phase and the overall architecture is in place. Work is progressing on the gas expenditure and persistent storage aspects of smart contracts.

    The Stratis Blockchain Technology Platform is proving to be a first-class platform for C# sidechain and smart contract development and 2018 will be an exciting year for Stratis.

    Alpha Release Date: Q1 2018

  • Stratis (STRAT) Blockchain Generation Technology

    Stratis is announcing an exciting milestone in our mission to provide blockchain services to the enterprise.  We have achieved the capability to provide custom blockchains based on Stratis Blockchain Technology.  This technology is ready today and can begin to be deployed to eagerly awaiting enterprise customers.

    Our Stratis Blockchain Generation Technology allows the Stratis Consulting team to create a new blockchain along with wallets, mining and full node infrastructure running on .NET Core using C#.  This makes digital asset issuance, custodianship, and ownership transfer on the blockchain a reality for all businesses.

    The technology allows the creation of a private blockchain (with its own genesis block) and therefore a new coin. Bespoke versions of the Stratis Full Node are then deployed across the network and a blockchain is born. The blocks can then be mined using either ‘Proof of Work’ or ‘Proof of Stake’ mining.  Wallets can be branded with your coin/asset and include your custom coin address scheme.

    New public blockchains are also supported.

    Customizations will also be available to enterprises that have bespoke requirements such as bigger block sizes, different block intervals or new consensus rules. And because these customizations can be rapidly developed on .NET Core in C# this opens a huge range of possibilities for the enterprise.

    Stratis Blockchain Generation Technology works with Microsoft Azure or is deployable on premises or on other cloud network infrastructures.


  • Stratis (STRAT) Pre Release full node staking wallet 

    Merge pull request #22 from stratisproject/submodule-update 

    updated StratisBitcoinFullNode submodule



  • Stratis Partners With C# Corner

    Stratis is pleased to announce a partnership with well-renowned C# Corner, the largest global community of C# developers.

    One of the goals of this partnership is to have more C# developers involved with blockchain technology and the Stratis platform. As Stratis has been developed from the ground-up in C# and .NET Framework, C# Corner provides the perfect environment to showcase Stratis’ technology. Stratis will also be attending future C# Corner conferences in various regions.

    Headquartered in Philadelphia (USA), C# Corner is a global community of 3 million members worldwide and the go to place for C# developers to learn, collaborate and share.

    C# Corner has 5 million monthly visitors publishing the latest news and content related to C# and .NET development. There are also over 35 C# Corner local user groups in various cities around the globe that organize a number of events and conferences within the USA and India.

    “Blockchain is one of the fastest growing technologies of 2017 and I’m really excited to have this opportunity with Stratis to bring blockchain learning to C# Corner members.”, said founder of C# Corner, Mahesh Chand.

    The Stratis blockchain development platform is both powerful and flexible, aimed at the use-cases of real-world enterprises. Stratis “Makes Blockchain Easy” for clients by taking a modular approach towards design, development, testing and deployment.

    “This is an exciting partnership that will allow the Stratis platform to be shared with the largest online C# community, resulting in greater exposure for our platform.”, said Chris Trew, CEO of Stratis Platform.

  • Stratis Full Node Mainnet Beta Release

    Our team is very excited to announce the beta release of our Full Node for Mainnet.
    The Full Node is a key part of our blockchain ecosystem and this beta release represents a significant milestone. We have focused on ensuring our software is more functional, stable and performant.

    This node includes the latest improvements which are listed below:

    Improved detailed logging
    Improved configuration
    Move to asynchronous approach
    Adding a CLI project
    Resolution of race conditions
    Increased code documentation
    Increased test coverage

    Complete refactoring of the P2P code:
    Resolution of memory leaks
    P2P code is completely asynchronous
    Peer discovery improvements
    Address database moved to JSON files
    Introduction of peer banning
    Improved code abstraction
    New logic for time syncing between peers

    Resolution of reorg issues
    Improved transaction broadcasting
    Resolved concurrency issues in the wallet
    Wallet optimised to handle larger number of transactions
    Support for staking

    Improved consensus validation flow
    Improved block downloading flow
    Introduction of a Rules Engine
    Migration of consensus logic to rules
    Removal of unused POSv2 validation
    Enhanced block and transaction relay

    Staking on multiple threads
    Improved algorithm of splitting stake outputs

    Introduction of additional endpoints
    Introduction of SwaggerUI
    Controllers discoverable by features

    New features:
    Watch-only wallet
    DNS crawler
    Azure Indexer

    This is a beta release, therefore, please use the staking feature with caution.

    Please help us by reporting any issues you may find:

    Slack: #fullnode_support channel

  • Stratis Community Migration TO Discord

    With messages no longer being retained and the inability to invite new members, we have outgrown the Slack platform for the Stratis Community. This is an issue that we are now solving.

    As a result, we have selected Discord as our new community platform. This is a pivotal step in enabling our community to further grow, and we encourage developers to join and collaborate.

    Discord boasts a number of key features; unlimited number of users, message retention and increased moderation.

    Our existing Slack workspace will remain open, however, over the coming weeks, we will close the Slack workspace. This will be communicated in due course.

    We would like to welcome everyone to join us in our new Discord.


  • Stratis Full Node GUI Mainnet Beta Release

    Following on from the recent successful release of the Full Node Mainnet Beta, Stratis is proud to present the Mainnet Beta release of the Full Node GUI, which has now officially been renamed Stratis Core.

    We took on the feedback from our users and added new features as well as more general improvements:

    • Ability to view all addresses that are generated by the wallet • QR codes appear in the receive modal • Wallet officially renamed Stratis Core

    Additional improvements also in this release are as follows:

    • UI enhancements • Update to use the latest beta version of the Full Node • Update of external dependencies

    Please bear in mind that is a beta release, therefore, please use the staking feature with caution.

    Downloads for the different platforms can be found below:

    Windows 64-bit

    Windows 32-bit

    Mac OS X 

    Linux (deb)

    Linux (tar.gz)

    Please help us by reporting any issues you may find:



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