The CryptalDash Exchange Roadmap — September 2018 Update

  • The CryptalDash Exchange is the world’s first integrated cryptocurrency exchange. See our current successes and future gains as we walk toward the path of being the largest crypto exchange.


    Q3 2018 OTC Desk (Institutional Trading Platform) Rollout of OTC Desk for institutional investors and brokers for large volume trades.

    Q3 2018 Public API Data Release Public API for third-party developers to access the Exchange’s data.


    Q3 2018 Coin Data Website Integration Integration of The CryptalDash Exchange and CRD token trading volume and market data into CoinMarketCap, WorldCoinIndex, LiveCoinWatch, CoinGecko, Coinhills, CoinCodex, CoinPaprika, CoinMarkets, CoinRanker, and more.

    Q3 2018 Third-Party Exchanges Integration Integration with third-party exchanges for seamless trading through CryptalDash platform and other exchanges such as Binance (BNX), Bitfinex (BFX), Bittrex (BFX), and Poloniex (PLNX).

    Q3 2018 Account & Trading Private API Access to account & trading private API for the Exchange’s backend data.


    Q4 2018 New Affiliate Program Launch of new affiliate rewards platform for referrers to the platform.

    Q4 2018 New Exchange UI/UX Launch of a new and improved Exchange’s UI/UX with massive upgrades for traders including a world-class UI that is responsive for mobile users and unlocking the cross-exchange trading functionality that makes for seamless trading across CryptalDash and its linked third-party exchanges.

    Q4 2018 Masternodes Go Live Launch of Masternodes program that provides compensation to holders of at least 1 million CRD tokens for performing network maintenance tasks.

    Q2 2019 CIVIC Identity Validation Integration The CIVIC Id technology provides multi-factor authentication for adoption at the Exchange.

    Q2 2019 Crypto Debit Cards Launch of crypto debit cards that allow users to withdraw and instantly convert crypto to fiat money.

    Q2 2019 Arbitrage Trading Bots Access to AI-enabled cross-market arbitrage trading bots.

    Q2 2019 Native Mobile Apps Rollout of native mobile apps for the Exchange and marketing platform for iOS and Android devices.

    CryptalDash Is Growing and Transforming

    We’ve come this far from the ICO to the launch of the Exchange, translating what’s written on our white paper into tangible, concrete milestones for the CryptalDash community.

    For our traders, expect a more enhanced, responsive and world-class version of the Exchange complete with mobile apps so you can access your account at the touch of your fingertips. The access to AI-enabled arbitrage trading bots is also one of our biggest releases in 2019.

    The year is far from over and we are moving closer to our goals, one upgrade after another.

    We listen to our community and take our members’ feedback seriously.

    What feature are you most excited about? Is there anything you’d like to suggest or recommend to make the Exchange better, more user-friendly?

    You know where to find us.

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