sia coin August 2016 Update + Roadmap

  • The end of July has seen a lot of changing gears. The GUI is essentially complete, the protocols are essentially complete, and the API has been finalized. The testing we did for v1.0.0 and v1.0.1 did not hold up well, as there were many significant bugs which did not turn up while testing.

    We were able to release an introductory video for Sia. That video will be added to our website homepage in the near future, but in the meantime can be viewed here:

    We're going to be setting up a new, larger test framework for renting and hosting. Previous testing has all been using internal go packages, but we'll be setting up a mock-network using a bunch of docker boxes and a set of scripts that can frequently check the status of nodes and report errors such as disappearing contracts, lost files, failed downloads, etc. This new framework will probably take 2-3 weeks to establish, but once up should be significantly better at catching bugs in Sia.

    We have also begun work on wallet instant-unlocking. If all goes well, instant wallet unlocking should be available in the next release.

    We don't have a date for the next release, though the target is 4-6 weeks out. The biggest block right now is a massive bottleneck in the host that is preventing renter's from being able to reliably renew their file contracts - this is being fixed with a significant upgrade to the database that the host is using to store files. The upgrade is about halfway complete. Beyond that, there are issues with downloading that need to be explored, and there's a bug that needs to be fixed involving lost renewal contracts (which means more money locked up for both the renter and the host). By the time both of those are done, we should also have completed the new testing framework, which I'm sure will turn up a significant number of bugs. Those bugs will also push back the release, but for the best reason possible: bugs are being fixed.

    We hope to have some additional announcements throughout the month of August. Stay tuned :)

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