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  • Rubius coin or RUBY is ERC20 token standard decentralized cryptocurrency that allows simple, safe, and low-cost transactions. The company behind the revolutionary initiative project is Rubius Inc., which is a blockchain software startup situated in Tampa, Florida, USA. The company provides Exchange, Wallet, and Payment Software.

    Rubius is creating user-friendly platform to enable everyone buy, sell, receive and send cryptocurrencies. The project of Ethereum blockchain based cryptocurrency, RUBY, aims to enhance the blockchain industry and create catalyst for economic development.

    I would like to review some of the key features of this ICO:

    • Interact with Other Peoples

    The app platform’s users can send and request payments directly with the persons whom they are connecting (persons within his/ her contact list). The feature will alleviate the potential risk of making wrong transactions.

    • Wallet and Exchange Functionality

    The Aryl app has the Wallet and Exchange Functionality where users can buy, sell, send, request, and receive payments, generate Ethereum wallets address, viewing Eth and tokens balances, etc. Rubius will offer variety of coins for exchange and all the transactions are only required a low and consistent .1% fee. Many forms of cryptocurrencies and tradable assets will be added to the app for exchange or trading.

    • Volatility Shield

    The current cryptocurrencies market condition is quite risky as there will always be some sudden price drops. The Volatility Shield option of the App, Aryl, reduces the risk of using cryptocurrencies by exchanging the hodled cryptocurrency to a preferred and safer currency. The feature will allow the automatically way of switching the fund back to their pre-set cryptocurrency when they want to make a cryptocurrency payment. The system will also automatically exchange your received cryptocurrency to the stable form of money. Therefore, the volatility risk is being reduced.

    • User-friendly

    There are many losses due to natural, human errors. Complexity and confusing interface of an application is sometime user errors-prone which leads to the lost of cryptocurrencies. The user-friendly app will simplified the process for everyday usages of cryptocurrencies.

    The Rubius (RUBY) Coins

    RUBY is a utility kind of cryptocurrency. If a user opts to use RUBY as his/ her trading pair, the incurred fees will be reduced by 50%. As the app demands grows, so does the price of RUBYs.

    Recently, Rubius Inc. is teamed up with MegaPath, a subsidiary of Fusion (cloud communication, cloud connectivity, and cloud computing specialist) in the areas of business telecom, network security, and cloud-services. MegaPath has served its customer with the award-winning network services since 1996. The technical experties like cloud-based business phone, business-grade internet solutions, cloud computing, managed security services, data collaboration, and data networking services are among the services offer to customers of the United States. MegaPath has offered award-winning network services to customers since 1996.

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    Disclaimer: This is a review of limek and not a investment advice. 

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