Bytecoin Hardfork: Switch Height Announcement

  • Bytecoin Hardfork: Switch Height Announcement

    Bytecoin network has finally decided on a switch height:


    Considering that block time is around 120 seconds we can calculate an approximate time of it:

    Monday, October 1, 2018, 7:11 PM GMT

    After that point in time:

    • the Bytecoin network will be ready to accept transactions with 0 fee;

    • Bytecoin software versions prior to 3.3.0 would no longer be guaranteed to work correctly.

    This network event is called the height switch.

    What this means for our users:

    • If you use Bytecoin Desktop with version 3.3.0, then you are fine and don’t need to do anything;

    • If your funds are located on wallets and exchanges, consult the table below:







    Platform updated, don’t need to do anything

    Other exchanges

    Platform will update soon (no operations interrupted at the moment)

    What this does NOT mean:

    • No doubling of coins;

    • No changes to keys or addresses;

    • No splits, blackouts, or downtimes.

    Best regards,

    The Bytecoin Team

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