- platform for Fishing Tournaments, Marketplace, Reward and integrated Social Community services for Fishermen

  • is an online platform for fishing tournaments, marketplace, reward and integrated social community services for fishermen.

    Fishing has long history and culture around the world. According to a research, 60 million Americans are spending around $46 billion a year on sport fishing. Many people like to go fishing when they have the free time or for entertainment purposes. Some others will go for fishing during their adventurous trips. The travelling will become more exciting with ProFish revolutionary platform.



    Angling is a method of fishing by attaching hook to a fishing line and the line is usually attached to a fishing rod. Modern fishing rod is always fitted with a fishing reel. Some beginners are starting to like these fishing activities after their “1st catch” or “1st trial”.



    •   Online Tournaments

    In the Online Tournaments, anyone can compete with other users in the worldwide channel. FISH token, Ethereum, and equipments such as rods, reels, and other gears are use as prizes in the Online Tournaments. With the blockchain technologies, ProFish is organizing the tournaments on the platform that is low fees, has traceable transactions, and the security of Ethereum network.


    •   Marketplace

    Vendors, retailers, and fishermen are able to exchange goods and services using FISH tokens and/or Ethereum through the ProFish online marketplace. In this marketplace, users can make use of the platform features like online swap meet and they can also sell their used or custom equipments. There is payment integration using FISH token as the medium of transactions in the community store. In this revolutionary platform, a customer will be using FISH token to pay for his purchases instead of fiat or credit/debit card. FISH token can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies at an exchange.


    •   Rewards

    FISH token can be used as a reward whereby the communities members can get FISH tokens for some specific activities initiated by Vendors and Retailers. The FISH tokens will be available internationally and decentralized, therefore have no brand or store restrictions. FISH tokens are utility token and it is used for the activities and events such as online tournaments in the platform.


    •   Social Community and Sharing

    The ProFish website itself includes one integrated social interaction platform. The community members can interact with each other through the website and popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The users can always share their fishing stories with other members.



    Blockchain technology

    ProFish is based on Ethereum Blockchain technology which is decentralized, secure, traceable, and all of its transactions are recorded in the public distributed ledger. There are no intermediaries involved in the online transactions’ processes by using the smart contracts feature. The blockchain technology is a new technology that will be deployed in an exponential rate on the entire world. The usages of the technology are making Profish more efficient and less costly for its users on the platform.


    The following are some details of ProFishICO token:

    Pro Fish (FISH)

    Blockchain: Ethereum

    Total Supply:  985 Million

    Contract Address: 0xBb8A83f98e3D98EA1e3bc6E01FA577e5Ec3e62D0

    Decimals : 8



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