​ LoopringDEX Lists BITS, FOTC, GPT and EQC Today (Batch #10)

  • BITS, FOTC, GPT and EQC have been added onto LoopringDEX on Sep 28, 2018.

    Here’s some information regarding the tenth batch of tokens:

    1.Bits Wallet(BITS) is spurring the growth of cashless ecosystems by encouraging customers and merchants to adopt and use digital currency through its’ secure blockchain wallet.

    Address: 0xB72627650F1149Ea5e54834b2f468E430E67bf

    2. Fortecoin Cryptocurrency(FOTC) is a tradable cryptocurrency that is blockchain and ethereum based. It also can be used for payment of goods and services such as real estate companies, clearing and forwarding agent, payment of rent and many more.

    Address: 0xD9A1FE8b4d6De4F41c8A1b6AD6457916e546b4

    3. Gridcube.com(GPT) is a fully auto-scaled, multi-cloud and multi-paradigm blockchain solution, which is capable of delivering a secure, flexible and highly-transactional blockchain that can be deployed in minutes.

    Address: 0xE600daBd95d181FE5f6eEe1B079C2b64aa5fBC7

    4.The Qchain Team(EQC) is building the first blockchain-powered custom content marketplace. This platform will enable marketers to reach engaged audiences and the open technical solutions will support an ecosystem of blockchain applications.

    Address: 0xC438B4c0Dfbb1593be6DEE03Bbd1A84BB3aa6213


    Loopring’s token listing is 100% free. Please follow this link to submit your token listing requests. We will review your listing requests once per week and add new trading pairs every Friday.

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