{ANN} Neutron - Operation Phoenix, Big change soon!!

  • Neutron is a tool for turning any amount of Bitcoin into more Bitcoin at a steady rate.

    Long term Staking & Holding.

    Under new Management, the Neutron Network is solid and will be maintained for the forseeable future.

    With Neutron's current low market price it is easy to Buy, Stake & Trade.

    Support the network by running a Nucleus Node and earn coin for your efforts!

    Coin Spec's

    Ticker: NTRN

    Fair Launch, No Premine, No IPO/ICO.

    Algo: SHA256d RPC Port: 32000 P2P Port: 32001

    Block time: 79 seconds

    Coinbase maturity: 90 blocks

    PoW generated about 1.000.000 coins

    PoS kicked in @ block 500

    PoS Coin Maturity: 5h (hiPOS)

    PoS Reward: 30 NTRN

    Regular 7% Annual PoS

    Wallet Downloads:

    Blockchain Download


    Block Explorer


    Buy, Sell & Trade @

    Vote for Neutron!!

    We will be working to get Neutron listed and or relisted on all major exchanges!

    We will be persistent!




    CEO / Co-Founder / Wearer of many hats

    Theron Rodriguez

    [email protected]


    Project Manager / Co-Founder / Wearer of many hats

    Thomas & Kristina Dowdy

    [email protected]



    (Hired Gun's)


    [email protected]

    [email protected]

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