[ICO] [Airdrop] Pipschain - The future of hybrid exchange, bringing you fiat and crypto currency in one platform!

  •                                                                Intro

                                                                                     Pipschain is a hybrid exchange market with maximized security, easy to use trading
                                                                                     platform and exchange of different currencies.
                                                                                    We are group of experienced crypto and forex traders combining effort to build a
                                                                                    well equipped trading platform to solve some challenges encountered in crypto world.


                                                                                                          It’s our vision to provide a well liquidized and secured
                                                                                                          trading platform through hybrid exchange, bringing
                                                                                                          free flow of Currencies


    Pipschain pin points few factors affecting crypto exchanges and how
    to deal with it. Over times, we see traders lose their assets and holder's
    assets on worthless projects and unable to exchange fiat

    That's where we come in.
    High trading fee: high trading fee is one of the major biggest challenges
    traders face across most crypto exchange. It marvels me seeing most exchange
    charge between 0.5%-2.5% which is outrageous and ends-up not rewarding
    to them for the liquidity they contribute to the exchange.
    . Security: security is the most common issue in crypto industry that can't be
    ignored; most used centralized platforms results in loss of funds and hacks through
    third party interference, like the case of Mt Gox who lost 650,000 BTC through poor

    Liquidity: smaller exchanges with daily trade volume of around 500 BTC offer, faces
    low supply and demand issues in low price and slippage every day, we see newly
    listed tokens/coin promise liquidity to investors, as the investors hopes to make profit on
    the investors hopes to make profit on investing but ends –up listed in small exchange
    which suffers very low liquidity and volume.
    Deposit and withdrawal of fiat, its a major factor we face, after buying crypto assets
    with fiat but finds it difficult to exchange to fia


                                                                                                    Pipschain is a hybrid exchange which stands to operate autonomously
                                                                                                    with its smart contract that allows buyers and sellers to trade directly
                                                                                                    without a third party.

                                                                                                   Below are few changes we will be applying.


                                                                                                             25% will be paid to HODLERS of PIPS as revenue made from trading fee in BTC monthly
                                                                                                            and 2% monthly for 5 months for HODLING PIPS.
                                                                                                           This will be paid every 6 months out of the 2,000,000 PIPS released every 6months.


                                                                                                                                 Application of crypto and fiat currency

                                                                                                                    Deposit and Withdrawal of Fiat

                                                                                                                                  Integration of Payment proces



    Project: 50,000,000 PIPS will be held for a periods of 12years, which 2,000,000
    will be released every 6 months and distributed to HODLERS and project
    ICO: 25,000,000 PIPS, unsold will be burnt
    Team and Partners: 5,000,000 PIPS
    Bounty/Airdrops: 20,000,000 PIPS

    Use Of Token

    Voting: Every pips spent on voting will be burnt
    Bounty and rewards


    50% on project
    25% on community building
    25% will be reserved

    Token Details

    Token Name PIPSCHAIN
    Token Type ERC20
    Token Symbol PIPS
    Total Supply 160,000,000
    Token ICO 80,000,000
    Project/dev 50,000,000
    Softcap 25,000,000
    Hardcap 80,000,000
    Token unsold BE BURNT

    I C O

    Token Price 0.02$
    Softcap 25,000,000
    Hardcap 80,000.000


    white paper:



                                                                          Social Links:









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