E-Dinar Coin: Meet the Revolutionary New-Generation Cryptocurrency

  • We are happy to announce the launch of the new E-Dinar Coin cryptocurrency that will become a true revolution in the world of the cryptocurrencies! The community, which currently has more than 180,000 users, has invested 10 million dollars in the development of this innovative product!

    Cryptocurrency team has carried out a deep and thorough analysis of the market, studied the successful cases in details and took into account all drawbacks of the existing projects. The protection of E-Dinar Coin is built on using the advanced proof-of-stake technology.





    • It doesn’t require any costs for energy saving, keeping of huge database and having mining farms.
    • It has increased resistance to attacks
    • No any selection of hashes for mining.
    • Mining income is proportional to your balance on your wallet
    • You receive up to 0.65% daily mining bonuses depending on your account balance

    information on E-Dinar Coin

    Brand: E-Dinar Coin (or EDC)
    Fee for transfers between wallets: 0,1 EDC
    Block Time: ~ 5 sec
    Number of coins (max.): 999. (999 trillion)
    Premining total number of coins: 2.500.000.000 (2.5 billion)
    Hashing Type: X11 - more resistant to cracking, compared to sha256, which is used by Bitcoin.

    The simplicity of the promotion to cryptocurrency exchange markets - virtually all exchange markets support Bitcoin API.


    E-Dinar will invest the part of its income in the development of the new urban projects that are aimed at providing the city with clean water and fresh air.



    According to the sacred tradition of the Sunnah, Dinar is destined to play a very significant role in the history of mankind: the weight of righteousness in the human hearts will be measured in Dinars defining their way to Hell or Paradise because Dinar is a measure of human dignity.

    A lot of world countries, including ancient Greece, Persia and Rome, have used Dinars for mutual settlements. During evolution Dinars have transformed into digital coins that are being produced in the so-called mining process that allows all participants of the system to receive daily bonuses.


    In general, E-DINAR plans to issue 999 trillion coins. By that time the community can expand to 1 billion parti


    Android Wallet:


    Windows Wallet:


    OS X Wallet:


    Wallet for Linux:


    Blockchain Wallet:


    Information materials on EDINAR cryptocurrency

    User Guide, where you can find all the necessary information about E-Dinar


  • **E-DINAR mining bonus** Mining bonus is paid monthly from the amount of passive income of the partner, depending on the growth of individual E-DINAR currency volume. Each subsequent level has its letter designation: • A - 25% - of a monthly income of your personally invited. • B - 20% - of a monthly income of invited by your guests. • C - 15% - of a monthly income of the partner • D - 10% - of a monthly income of the partner • E - 5% - of a monthly income of the partner • F - 2,5% - of a monthly income of the partner • G -2,5% - of a monthly income of the partner The PA of each partner contains 2 types of accounts: • Cryptocurrency Account, which contains E-DINAR coins, available for sale at any moment. • Bonus Account, which includes all the types of bonuses (mining and passive - up to 0,65% per exchange day). To turn bonuses into E-DINAR coins you need to click "send bonuses to mining." This button becomes inactive for one week after pressing. In a week after pressing mining bonuses turn into E-DINAR coins and are added to the main account. * Terms for mining bonus obtaining: Line 1 (level A) The balance on your wallet must be at least 1 EDR. Line 2 (level B) The balance on your wallet should be at least 100 EDR Line 3 (level C) The balance on your wallet should be at least 100 EDR You should have not less then 5 invited partners Each of your partner shall have at least 100 EDR in his\her wallet. Lines 4, 5, 6, 7 (Levels D, E, F, G) Mining bonus on the following levels opens by the same principle of structure growth So A levels partner is financially motivated to assist his/her invited persons in the construction of the structure. Team spirit, not in words but in deeds! Team spirit supported by the "delicious" bonuses!

  • E-Dinar Coin is trading on two exchanges right now: https://alcurex.com/#EDR-BTC

  • E-Dinar Coin Was Legalized By European Administrative Court of Appeal

    The Administrative Court of Appeal of Ukraine has adopted a decision on the legalization of the decentralized cryptocurrency and approval of its legitimate and legal status. We are talking about E-Dinar Coin (EDC). The limited liability company “EDINARCOIN” has managed to prove that cryptocurrency E-Dinar Coin is an official means of payment. The cryptocurrency is not subjected to fees and taxes provided by the state and other regulators, that makes it possible to carry out transactions in the decentralized system and to trade E-Dinar Coin on the world’s exchange markets.

    The plaintiff (“Edinarcoin” LLC) has managed to prove that all operations with E-Dinar Coin, that are carried out in the system and on the cryptocurrency exchange markets, can be equated to the operations with conventional money, and therefore, the cryptocurrency should be considered the legal currency, such as the dollar, the ruble, and the hryvnia.

    What is the difference between cryptocurrencies and fiat money? Cryptocurrency is a digital asset, which is developed by special computer systems and is not controlled by the central banks and other government agencies. Since the entire global financial system has been created, the state and the government in one way or another have an impact on everything that happens in the country. It raised a question about the legality of cryptocurrency. According to official data, the use of virtual currencies is not restricted in most major countries, including Russia and the European Union countries. You can conduct online transactions, convert it to other world’s currency, make money on mining. However, it’s obvious, that the authorities do not encourage an opportunity of purchasing and selling any kinds of goods or services for cryptocurrency in stores, which are ready to accept it as a means of payment, and the network of which is growing all over the world.

    E-Dinar Coin representatives achieved a decisive victory and prepare the next lawsuit. The company leaders are planning to challenge the monopoly established in the American Corporation Apple, which provides the implementation of only five wallets of cryptocurrencies on AppMarket. Taking into consideration illegal actions of the giant corporation and the illegality of the established limits, the E-Dinar Coin company is going to defend its rights and achieve the implementation of E-Dinar Coin on the platform. E-Dinar Coin will take all necessary measures to win the case. This will help provide each member of E-Dinar Coin with a great opportunity to take advantage of the advanced system and decentralized cryptocurrency by using modern technologies, namely mobile applications.

    Nowadays, E-Dinar Coin continues its development, becoming more popular among people all over the world. The representatives of the company say that the popularity of EDC contributes to the fact that it has been created by people and for people. Noteworthy, EDC is the most prospective means of payment for goods and services in many world countries.

    Despite the legality of cryptocurrency, it is the subject of increased interest of law, tax and legal bodies, which are aimed at having more control over the coins and establishing taxes on cryptocurrency. In its turn, cryptocurrency is able to replace fiat money, which is issued by central banks, regulators, and incurs a risk of volatility.

    E-Dinar Coin is an ecological decentralized cryptocurrency based on the mechanism and principles of blockchain that operates on the delegated proof-of-stake (DPOS), the most effective method of data protection. It is planned to issue a record number of E-Dinar Coins, and unlike its competitors, its emission will help provide the international financial system with a stable means of payment – fast, anonymous, without administrative restrictions. In addition, E-Dinar Coin aims at developing blockchain technology and investing the part of its income in the environmental projects to improve the quality of life of every person on earth.

    Modern money is no longer secured by real assets and may lose its purchasing power, causing subsequent hyperinflation. Cryptocurrency is the only economically viable way out of the global financial crisis. E-Dinar Coin has all chances to become the currency of the century.

    The court’s decision on the legalization of E-Dinar Coin is available at



  • Implementation of E-Dinar Coin payment terminal in the financial market

    Dear participants!

    We are glad to announce the great news – E-Dinar Coin released payment terminal on cryptocurrency financial market! Now everyone can make purchases, transfers and conduct other transactions at any convenient time with the help of advanced and instant payment terminal on behalf of new generation cryptocurrency! Due to 24/7 schedule of E-Dinar Coin terminal you can conduct instant financial transactions!

    Attention! E-Dinar Coin Payment terminal network will increasingly grow, and soon you will be able to buy EDR at the most favorable rate in the various countries around the globe!

  • E-Dinar Coin is a modern, fashionable and convenient cryptocurrency, which has already been accepted worldwide, legalized by the European Appeal Court, and which is popular among millions of ordinary people from different countries. Each of them has already started making money with E-Dinar Coin!

    Click on the link and get your wallet: https://wallet.edinarcoin.com/ Follow the news and get advice from more experienced members! They will tell you how quickly and easily you can make money with EDC.

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    Make Money Online: E-Dinar Coin Reveals The Secrets

    The question of how to make a fortune through the Internet is raised by
    residents of all the countries without exception. But! Indonesian
    citizens have a real chance to get the answer to this “eternal”
    question: Indonesian leaders of E-Dinar Coin community are ready to tell
    you how they earn tens, hundreds and thousands of dollars every day by
    using cryptocurrency EDC! Internet money-making gurus are willing to
    share their knowledge with you for free! All you have to do to start
    making money and taking the first step on the way to your financial
    well-being is to register in the E-Dinar Coin system. Watch the video
    and reveal the secrets of how to make money online with E-Dinar Coin

    E-Dinar Coin is a modern, fashionable and convenient cryptocurrency, which has already been accepted worldwide, legalized by the European Appeal Court, and which is popular among millions of ordinary people from different countries. Each of them has already started making money with E-Dinar Coin!

    Click on the link and get your wallet: https://wallet.edinarcoin.com/ Follow the news and get advice from more experienced members! They will tell you how quickly and easily you can make money with EDC.

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  • E-Dinar Coin Exchange Rate To Increase On The Background Of Participation In The Sponsorship Of “Eurovision-2017”

    According to experts, it is predicted a rapid growth of the E-Dinar Coin
    exchange rate on the background of participation in the sponsorship of
    “Eurovision” as well as a mutually beneficial partnership with
    “Highlight Event”.

    On February 1, in Kiev, the leaders of the company “E-Dinar Coin” held
    successful negotiations on sponsorship in the framework of
    “Eurovision-2017” with the company “Highlight Event”, which represents
    the official advertising rights of the international song contest
    worldwide. As it was reported by a company representative Pavel

    It is known that the song contest “Eurovision-2017” will take place in upcoming summer in the capital of Ukraine – Kiev. This event will be one of the significant events in the framework of the promotion of E-Dinar Coin, as the company has the necessary experience and resources to participate in such projects due to its international title and world development.

    Now Ukrainian cryptocurrency market has great prospects against the crisis wave in recent years. At the same time, as one of its main representatives, E-Dinar Coin is the key to high earnings, promotion of financial literacy among the population and provision of European standards of living among the population.

    Cryptocurrency E-Dinar Coin is one of the fastest, most reliable and easiest way of settlements, so in the near future, it has the potential to completely replace familiar to us coins and banknotes. With EDR you can transfer money anywhere in the world via Internet and transactions take only a few minutes.

    With help of  “Eurovision-2017” song contest, people from all over the world can come together through a single currency, and our goal is to show how it works.

    Do not miss this event and track the growth of the exchange rate of E-Dinar Coin on the international cryptocurrency exchanges.


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  • E-Dinar Coin Promotes New Technological Era

    Current Video On The YouTube Channel: E-Dinar Coin Promotes New Technological Era

    Attention, dear friends! The new video about a unique currency of the future is available right now to the wide masses!

    As you know, today the world is on the verge of a new financial crisis. At the head of the economic systems in the many countries of the world, there are people who are leading incompetent activities in the field of finance. In response to world events, the government and central banks are acting at random, with no long-term plan for the development of the financial structure, or just a clear vision of the situation. With the cryptocurrency E-Dinar Coin, you are an owner of your own money. You can pay for goods and services without intermediaries, make money online and receive financial income on a daily basis.

    You are still concerned about the liquidity of mining of E-Dinar Coin? Cryptocurrency is the same money that does not have a material carrier. Why do we need the paper notes, and why many things are actively promoted and imposed by society?

    In the coming years, the world economy is expecting major changes compared with the technological revolution of the 18th century! Subscribe to our YouTube-channel and learn how blockchain technology and E-Dinar Coin promote new technological era!

    There are more new motivational videos of our team ahead!

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  • The Reality Show “Rich Bali” Is Starting Next Weekends

    Today, the participants of the reality show “Rich Bali” organized by E-Dinar Coin company are moving from their countries to get involved in making a reality show in Bali! The project is starting to be filmed on February 14 and the first series will be released on February 18! We offer you to get acquainted with the participants of the show: – Anna Aksyuk, model, stylist, designer, participant of the “Ex at the beach” show; – Guya, businesswoman, model; – Artyom Dushkin, builder, former filmmaker; – Loris, traveler; – Yulianna Korshunova, a dancer, member of the “Dancing on TNT,” show, entered top 24 of the best Russian dancers; – Sasha Panika, model, DJ. We will keep the names of other two members in secret! May it be a surprise for everyone! 8 boys and girls will be traveling, living a rich and luxurious life, having fun and, of course, making money with E-Dinar Coin – in the end of the show, may one of them will win the grand prize – US$ 10,000! This winter will be hot! Develop yourself and make money with E-Dinar Coin! More about E-Dinar Coin: https://goo.gl/UNZzbU

  • E-Dinar Coin has launched new section White paper

    E-Dinar Coin has launched a long-awaited update: a new section “White Paper” was added to the website of the decentralized cryptocurrency edinarcoin.com, as it was officially reported by the company representatives.

    White paper (e-book) provides our target audience with valuable information about the ecological decentralized cryptocurrency E-Dinar Coin for their most convenient work. You can tool up with a good marketing instrument of cryptocurrency E-Dinar Coin by clicking the following link and downloading it for free in order to learn about the global ideology of EDR, as well to learn about its features and why it has advantages over its competitors.

    Now, the most actual information about cryptocurrency of a new generation is always at hand! Use your skills with help of White Paper and make money with cryptocurrency E-Dinar Coin!

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  • E-Dinar Coin successfully registered as cryptocurrency Game была успешно зарегистрирована как криптовалюта-игра 

    Уважаемые участники и партнеры!

    Сообщество E-Dinar Coin всегда стремится, чтобы платежная система стала не только удобной в использовании, дружелюбной к пользователям и окружающей среде, но и оставалась в рамках закона, не смотря на свою децентрализованность. Являясь международным проектом, E-Dinar Coin, в первую очередь, заботится о безопасности своих участников во всем мире.

    Поэтому сегодня мы хотим поделиться с вами новостями о том, что наша компания была успешно зарегистрирована как криптовалюта-игра в Companies House –  правительственном учреждении Великобритании под официальным названием BLOCKCHAIN GAMES CRIPTOGARENGY LTD.

    Подробную информацию о компании Вы можете прочитать ниже и посмотреть оригиналы документов на нашем сайте Сайт криптовалюты E-Dinar Coin

    Сайт регистратора компании Companies House

    Смело зарабатывайте с криптовалютой E-Dinar Coin! Мы позаботимся о безопасности ваших инвестиций!

    Подписывайтесь на Youtube-канал E-Dinar Coin

  • ASSUR — Guarantee Of Your Transaction Reliability. 92 E-Dinar Coin Users Have Received Payments

    As it is known, the company «ASSUR», which has a perpetual license for insurance activity of financial risks, since October 18, 2016, secures E-Dinar Coin deposits not only from cyber-attacks but also from the exchange rate changes and even from the risks related to the capability of cryptocurrency exchange. We would like to inform our members and partners, the insurance company «ASSUR» has made payments to 92 users due to the E-Dinar Coin exchange rate fluctuations. Total payments amounted to $ 230,000. A significant increase in the popularity of cryptocurrency – decentralized digital means of payment – is causing suspicion and negative reaction of fiat money representatives in many countries, as they do not want to lose their position in the currency market. In terms of openness and variability of modern financial markets, it is difficult to fully protect your cryptocurrency capital, therefore the insurance of financial risks is becoming increasingly important, especially if you provide a full package of insurance: the risk of fluctuations in exchange rates, the risk of changes in the currency purchasing ability, the risk of cyber attacks and activities by illegal hackers. E-Dinar Coin always makes sure that each user would get a reliable exchange and security of other financial transactions with EDR cryptocurrency. Subscribe to E-Dinar Coin official 

    YouTube channel



  • New Hard Fork To Be Activated: E-Dinar Coin System Updates Will Improve Your Work With Wallets

    The updated versions of the wallets will have a number of the following functions:

    • Changing the calculation algorithm of personal and referral mining

    For more details on the current mining conditions, visit here.

    • Changing of the conditions of creating accounts, according to the following rules – no more than 2 registrations from the same IP
    • Upgrading personal account design
    • Increasing of stability of the application in Asia
    • Increasing in average speed of processing transactions
    • Enhancement of the system protection

    After the hard fork has been activated in the system, the platform that has no analogs in the world will become more stable that will attract a significant number of new users and investors.

    Follow the news!

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  • E-Dinar Coin Notifies Users On Maintenance Work On Crypto Exchange Exrates

    Leading cryptocurrency exchange Exrates became the object of DDoS-attacks which has an impact on the functionality of the platform, however, in this case, it was minimal and virtually had no impact on the overall work.

    However, some users complained about the fact that the protection system of cryptocurrency platform blocks transactions and the possibility of funds transfer. Technical experts of E-Dinar Coin immediately appealed to partners of Exrates exchange. The affiliate platform representatives confirmed the possibility of the problem and assured that they will take immediate actions on identifying and blocking attacks.

    In a short time, after conducting of technical works by Exrates specialists, the exchange will continue to operate in a normal mode. It means that each member of our community will be able to continue the processing of absolutely all financial transactions with E-Dinar Coin in the improved cryptocurrency system.

    E-Dinar Coin, as well as all partner crypto exchanges listed below, continue to operate in a normal mode, ensuring a reliable exchange process and other financial transactions with cryptocurrency EDR for each user.





    www.yanziduihuan.comYouTube channel


  • The First E-Dinar Coin Conference in Vietnam

    March 12, 2017: Ho Chi Minh hosted the event anticipated by the Vietnamese cryptocurrency community  – the first E-Dinar Coin conference. The conference organizers, with the support of the company, preliminarily conducted a series of training courses on the EDR cryptocurrency and prepared the community, which undoubtedly contributed to the great success of the conference as well as to the interest to the ecological decentralized new-generation cryptocurrency among a large number of participants.

    At the conference, the participants had an opportunity not only to learn all about the blockchain technologies, the legality of transactions with the E-Dinar Coin cryptocurrency, earnings in a decentralized system, but also to obtain information on insurance of their deposits. The audience also got to know the secrets from professionals and useful information about investing and using blockchain technology to solve industry problems using the E-Dinar Coin cryptocurrency.

    We remind you that on March 3, 2017, the first official representation of E-Dinar Coin was opened in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The new E-Dinar Coin headquarters specializes in the provision of services in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain for all users, entrepreneurs, and investors.

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  • E-Dinar Coin Offers New Technology For Guaranteed Transfers Via Partner Exchangers

    As was reported earlier, E-Dinar Coin has launched a new mechanism of instant guaranteed transfer of funds for all cryptocurrency users at the exchange rate EDR 1: USD 1 together with the partnering exchangers.

    Terms of exchange:

    Purchase – a fixed rate of $1

    Sale – a fixed rate of $ 0.8

    Mining – 0.65>#/p###

    Sale of personal mining – $ 0.8

    If funds on the wallet were purchased not at the rate of 1: 1 and were not obtained by mining, the price of all EDR in the wallet is automatically calculated at the market rate.

    The above conditions apply ONLY to exchangers listed below

    The list of the exchangers operating at the rate 1 EDC= 1 USD

    What makes these exchangers special? And why do they only provide safe and high-quality cryptocurrency exchange at the rate of EDR 1: USD 1? Each of the listed exchangers concluded a contract with “ASSUR” insurance company, guaranteeing the security of deposits made in E-Dinar Coin, not only from cyber attacks but also from rate fluctuations and the risks associated with the cryptocurrency exchange.

    As you know, the ASSUR company, having an unlimited license to conduct insurance activities against financial risks, insures the deposits in E-Dinar Coin starting from October 18, 2016.

    The developers are confident that the new mechanism and deposit insurance will automatically ensure the growth of the E-Dinar Coin rate, increasing the cryptocurrency value, and once again prove that it is people who determine its value.

    E-Dinar Coin always ensures that every user is provided with reliable exchange and security of other financial transactions with EDR cryptocurrency.

    Evolve and earn with E-Dinar Coin!

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