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  • What is Stackr?

    We believe that everyone should be saving for the future. But the question is how? Traditional financial institutions are becoming obsolete with outdated tech, inefficiencies, high fees and investment solutions that don’t put the clients' needs first.

    Stackr is a secure long-term crypto and US$ savings solution that cuts out the middleman. Combining traditional finance with modern-day financial technology & expertise has enabled Stackr to pioneer this innovative, secure and flexible savings solution for the blockchain community.

    The result, an investment solution that enables efficient long-term saving through a comprehensive range of machine learning driven capital and digital assets.

    Benefits of using Stackr

    ⭐Safeguarding profits

    Seamless movement between crypto and fiat.

    ⭐Lower fees

    Removal of unnecessary fees that traditional institutions charge. Lower fees mean more available money to compound over time giving investors a better chance to reach their goals.

    ⭐Potential tax deferral

    In many jurisdictions, moving assets between crypto and traditional investments can trigger unnecessary taxable events. Stackr can be isolated from such events due to the trust structure, which means that it is only when you really need your money and remove it from the trust that you might pay any tax.

    ⭐Estate planning

    Stackr allows you to designate beneficiaries to receive your assets without going through a possibly lengthy and expensive probate process and estate taxes.

    ⭐Machine learning investing

    Combining data science and the latest machine learning techniques with digital and capital market assets to create varying risk profiles for risk-averse, balanced and growth-focused investors.

    ⭐Index funds

    Stackr comprises of a variety of autonomous index funds which do not require costly active management. Index funds do not rely on expensive human managers for active trading.

    read white paper for details:

    Stackr Bounty ProgramThe bounty program will dedicate 2.5% of the STKR supply to

    activities that support the success of the TGE, with the aim of
    building the Stackr community. Examples of what the 2.5% will be
    utilized for, include, but are not limited to, the below:

    Leverage existing retail investor networks to acquire users
    from the traditional investment environment.

    Bug bounties to incentivize community input to the project.

    Provide benefits to existing crypto communities that have
    aligned investment philosophies.


    Stackr Group projections

    it should be noted that figures in table 2 are forecasts only, andbased on key assumptions taking the current market and industry
    factors into account. Additional information will be made available
    on request.
    As table 2 illustrates, the buy-and-burn protocol and staking
    mechanism will facilitate the return of approximately US$ 25m back
    to STKR token holders during the first 5 years, which is equivalent
    to the amount raised.


    Stackr Cayman Limited’s public TGE will begin on 14 January 2019
    and conclude on 28 February 2019. The TGE has a US$ 7M Soft
    Cap and a US$ 25M Hard Cap with 65% of the tokens to be sold
    during the TGE. The Stackr Solution is expected to be live and fully
    operational at approximately the same time as Token distribution,
    shortly after the completion of the TGE in March 2019

    TGE sale timeline

    TGE allocations

    Stackr use of funds

    the tokens will vest. For example, if the investor participated inround 1 of the private sale subject to an 18 month vesting schedule,
    16.67% of the investors’ total tokens will be made available to him
    at the beginning of every 3 month period.
    To align the incentives of the Stackr team with the success of
    the project, team allocated tokens will vest on the following (cumu-
    lative) cliff schedule:

    5% on listing of STKR token on a digital asset exchange

    10% 6 months after TGE completion

    30% 12 months after TGE completion

    60% 24 months after TGE completion

    100% 30 months after TGE completion

    TIMELINE2008 October
    - The Global Financial Crisis & emergence of digital
    assets, specifically bitcoin.
    2010 October
    - Genesis of Stackr Solution. Glacier International
    (Cobus Kruger) launch a Bermuda based trust structure for South
    African investors. First incarnation of the Stackr Solution.
    2012 January
    - Sanlam Global Investment Plan launched pro-
    viding the benefits of the trust structure to a global audience via an
    intermediated structure. Second incarnation of the Stackr Solution.
    2014 September
    - The direct to consumer business structure
    for the trust was conceived – and will eventually become Stackr.
    2017 March
    - Executive team at Sanlam Global Investment So-
    lutions switches the management of assets to machine learning.
    - Brendan Gallagher and Cobus Kruger leave Sanlam
    to start partnership.
    - Research and Development. Stackr conception, ini-
    tially does not include digital assets. Cobus Kruger attends the
    artificial intelligence and machine learning course at MIT.
    - Realization that crypto needed to be included in
    the Stackr Solution but team had no experience.
    2018 March
    - Cobus and Brendan join Invictus Capital on con-
    tract to develop knowledge and bring traditional experience to the
    - Stackr Inception. Stackr is born and the regulatory and
    company structure setup commences; across multiple jurisdictions.
    - Stackr project kicks off with the core team from Sanlam
    Global Investment Solutions agreeing to join in October 2018.
    - Development of IT infrastructure. Engage Nona, a
    leading Blockchain focused Software Development Studio, to build
    website, interfaces and APIs for Stackr.
    31 August
    - Public Launch of Stackr

    - MPV & Release of White Paper.
    15 November
    - Pre TGE (Private sales).
    2019 Q1
    - Public TGE.
    - Stackr Solution live.
    - Aggressive user adoption.
    - Blockchain consideration for product features.
    - Average 10 000 clients or US$ 100 M total client assets.
    - Continuous user adoption drives.
    - Native applications & Machine Learning R&D.
    - Blockchain consideration for underlying investment choices.
    - Average 30 000 clients or US$ 250 M AUM.

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