Bittrex Crypto Exchange sells Bitshares, Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Private

  • The US crypto trading centre Bittrex has informed its customers in a personal address that it is withdrawing some crypto currencies from its product range. The crypto currencies in question are Bitshares, Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Private. As reason Bittrex indicates that there would be no more market for the three crypto currencies.

    Withdraw coins quickly - as long as it is still possible
    To remain in possession of your deposits in Bitshares, Bitcoin Gold or Bitcoin Private, you should therefore withdraw your stored funds from the stock exchange before 5 November. If this date expires, the wallets are switched off and the coins are no longer accessible. However, if the amount stored on the wallet is below the minimum payout limit, the customer cannot deduct his credit either.
    As Bittrex also states in the mail, it is routine to wipe out wallets in between. Those responsible pay attention to which crypto currencies have the fewest actions. The last time such wallets were withdrawn was on 30 March. At that time, more than 100 smaller coins were affected by the action.
    On the Bittrex support page you can read more about the Exchange's attitude towards tokens that are taken out of the assortment by the Exchange. Accordingly, Bittrex reserves the right to delist tokens if there is a valid reason from the Exchange's point of view. In the case of the three coins mentioned above, the reason given is that the trading volume is no longer sufficient, i.e. there is no market for the coins.


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