Announcing Lisk Nano

  • We believe our users should be able to access their Lisk accounts anywhere, anytime, and from any device in the world. This kind of untethered accessibility is an important factor for the Lisk team but until now there were some obstacles in that regard. Installing the Lisk client on Windows and macOS computers is still quite the complicated task and we still need conduct feasibility research in order to provide native one-click clients.

    Today we are introducing Lisk Nano, a light-weight, simple, and fully responsive client which allows users to access the very basic Lisk features. It was developed by Ricardo Ferro, our tools developer, and we think he has done a fantastic job.

    Lisk Nano enables you to:

    • Create a Lisk account
    • Access a Lisk account
    • Send & receive LSK
    • View incoming & outgoing transactions

    With Lisk Nano, there is no need to synchronize with the Lisk blockchain and network, you are simply accessing one of our trusted, official Lisk nodes. As we progress, we would like to add nodes maintained by reputable and trusted community members, or possibly switch to a completely decentralized network-wide node selection.

    Lisk Nano 0.1.0 is available for all major computer platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux) as one-click clients. Just head to our download page on and select the client for your operating system. You may also download the compressed source files from GitHub and open the HTML file with your browser of choice.

    Please keep in mind this is the first version of Lisk Nano, and is considered beta software. Critical and non-critical bugs found by the community will be fixed accordingly, alongside introducing new features. Starting with the next update all Lisk Nano packages will be officially signed. If you experience any problems installing, please raise a support ticket.

    Kind regards,

    Oliver Beddows

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