AI must have freedom! Maxim Orlovsky presented The FreeAI Manifesto at Hackers Congress HCPP by Paralelni Polis

  • OCTOBER 6th, 2018 — Maxim Orlovsky, founder and visionary at Pandora BoxchainThe #FreeAI Manifesto at Hackers Congress HCPP18Paralelni Polis.

    Hackers Congress 2018 organized by Paralelni Polis took place from 5 to 7 October in Prague, Czech Republic and was devoted to freedom and cryptoanarchy, science and technology, decentralized economy, censorship-resistant & private cryptocurrencies, political art and hacking. Orlovsky Maxim talked about cryptoanarchy, and it’s importance not only for humans but also for artificial intelligence.

    Nowadays the global community and many famous experts, such as Elon Musk, Ray Kurzweil, Eric Shmitt, Mark Zuckerberg, are talking about the danger of AI, screaming for new regulations in the field of robotics and other means of restricting the fundamental freedoms. Opposite voice that artificial intelligences must not be censored or controlled by anybody needs to be heard. That’s why Pandora Boxchain Team created The #FreeAI Manifesto. The essence of Manifesto is that the future for both humanity and AI are in their successful cooperation – multiplicity, decentralization and open economy instead of governmental regulations and "AI ethics".

    Presentation by Maxim Orlovsky “The #FreeAI Manifesto: Why Anarchy should not be only for Humans” from Hackers Congress is now available on YouTube and open for comments.

    Pandora Boxchain Team invites cryptoanarchists, AI and blockchain specialists to join the Free AI movement, spread the word about #FreeAI Manifesto and sign it, using the link.

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