NanoX v 0.1.4 AMD GPU miner

  • Nanox - is revolution in GPU AMD mining.It will use all recources to
    squeeze out all possible power of your video cards for maximum profit
    without any losses.

    NanoX is a open source miner and comes with a built-in developer fee of 0.5%.
    It is only available for Windows operating systems as a precompiled binary that you can download and use.
    NanoX is designed for AMD OpenCL GPUs and will work on a wider range of AMD-based video cards,
    both older and newer generations such as the latest Radeon RX series.

    Download link:

    NanoX miner advanages:
    1) Developer fee 0.5%
    2) Stable high level perfomance
    3) 5/2 days support through github issues
    4) constant work on miner improvements

    Supported algoritms:

    Bat file example:
    NanoX.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -a x11Ghost -u mywallet -p x --donate-level 1 --max-gpu-usage 10

    Examples of Hashrate:

    AMD RX 460 4GB   
    DaggerHashimoto   11.65   MH/s
    CryptoNight   360   H/s
    Equihash   0.14   kSol/s
    Pascal           323   MH/s
    X11Gost     2956   kH/s

    AMD RX 480 8GB   
    DaggerHashimoto   31.04   MH/s
    CryptoNight   763   H/s
    Equihash   0.355   kSol/s
    Pascal           735   MH/s
    X11Gost           7750   kH/s  

    AMD RX 580 8GB   

    DaggerHashimoto   28.7   MH/s
    Decred           1600   MH/s
    CryptoNight   690   H/s
    Lbry           190   MH/s
    Equihash   0.35   kSol/s
    Pascal           910   MH/s
    X11Gost           8900   kH/s  

    You can always open an issue on github and suggest new features, report errors or contribute on the codebase if you want.
    NanoX is still in development and there are more features to come.

    NanoX team.

    NanoX version v0.1.1 update

    Added Blakes2s algo;
    Fixed errors with GPU detection.

    NanoX version v0.1.2 update
    Added Lyra2z algo;
    Fixed huge error with Blake2s alg causing miner to crash;
    Fixed temperature issues;
    Added old video adapters to library by https://openhardwaremonitor.or... (thx boys)

    NanoX version v0.1.3 update
    Added algo CryptonightV7;
    Fixed error with connection f2pool;
    Fixed individual errors.

    NanoX version v0.1.4 update
    Fixed some issues with CryptonightV7.

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