A Busy October for Binance Labs

  • Within one week, three top global blockchain projects — Contentos, CertiK and Oasis Labs — revealed that Binance Labs is supporting them.

    Binance Labs, the infrastructure impact fund of cryptocurrency trading platform Binance, started October with three major moves that promote the advancement of blockchain technology. Our support of three blockchain startups — Contentos, CertiK and Oasis Labs, further serves our mission of empowering top blockchain projects to solve the problems that matter most to the ecosystem, for example, in fields such as content creation and distribution, security, and privacy.

    Contentos: Blockchain Solution for Making Content Creation More Worthwhile

    To start the month, Binance Labs made a multimillion-dollar investment in Contentos, a blockchain solution for content creation and distribution. With content and media becoming a more integral part of human life, Binance Labs likes what it sees in Contentos’ mission to bring back the content creator as the true star of the ecosystem.

    The media industry is one of those fields where there are many centralized systems, from distribution channels to advertisements. Contentos’ decentralized solution solves a lot of monetization problems with the current content ecosystem and empowers content creators. Within months of its creation, Contentos has already secured partnerships with popular content-focused apps like LiveMe, Cheez, and PhotoGrid. These apps have netted about 200 million downloads combined.

    CertiK: Ensuring Hacker-Proof Blockchain Contracts Using Math

    Just days after backing Contentos, Binance Labs announced its support for blockchain auditing platform CertiK, to the tune of several million dollars. CertiK’s founding team, which is composed of Yale and Columbia professors, as well as former engineers at Facebook and Google, tackles under-the-hood issues with blockchain, such as verification and security, that are nonetheless crucial in terms of advancing blockchain’s spread.

    CertiK ensures that the codes that run today’s blockchain apps are secure and hack-proof, giving users peace of mind in using blockchain technology. How does CertiK ensure the safety of our blockchain apps? Using math. Specifically, CertiK’s formal verification technology makes math proofs out of software code. Once an objective, indisputable calculation emerges out of that process, the blockchain app is deemed secure.

    Binance Labs is always on the lookout for innovative startups that can make the blockchain ecosystem a safer and more secure space. CertiK’s mathematical, deep-technology approach to solving the security conundrum in many blockchain apps bypass the limitations of manual detection and moves blockchain forward to facing more intricate problems ahead.

    Oasis Labs: Supporting Privacy on the Blockchain

    Fresh off Binance Labs’ commitment to CertiK, privacy-oriented blockchain company Oasis Labs disclosed that Binance Labs is one of its partners in forming Oasis Startup Hub. Binance Labs agreed to be a valued advisor of the participants in the Oasis Startup Hub.

    We recognize Oasis Labs’ specialization in pursuing privacy solutions on blockchain platforms. After all, back in July, Binance Labs was one of the main investors behind Oasis Labs’ $45 million funding round for building a privacy-first cloud computing blockchain solution.

    Want to learn more about what Binance Labs can do for your blockchain startup? Please visit Binance Lab’s website and chat with them over at Twitter. If you have a compelling startup with great potential, apply for funding here and stay on the lookout for opportunities to be part of the next Binance Labs Incubation Program, or other programs under Binance Labs.

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