GameChain (GCC) -⚡⚡ A lightning ⚡⚡ fast EOS-fork customized specifically to the needs of the gaming community.

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    A lightning fast EOS-fork customized specifically to the needs of the
    gaming community. With Smart contracts, cross-chain interoperability,
    atomic swaps and state-of-the-art on-chain developer tools to build
    amazing games. Game developers can run ICOs for their games directly on
    the GameChain.

    GameChain is the first blockchain-agnostic gaming blockchain and is
    brought to you by the creators of worldwide best selling games such as
    “Star Wars: The Old Republic” and the upcoming mobile blockbuster
    “Warhammer: End Times”. Supported by EOS Gravity, the leading EOS
    community. A prototype is available since July 2018.


    Built using specially modified EOS technology, GameChain is extremely flexible. The
    platform is blockchain agnostic and interoperable between chains. When game
    developers host crowdsales, or when users buy/sell items, they can accept ETH, BTC,
    LTC, EOS, GAME and other digital currencies, with all financial processes performed
    on-chain. This will make it much more convenient for developers and users to interact
    and use the features of the GameChain system.

    ⚡ Verified Identity
    Many of the activities on GameChain involve users interacting with each other in a
    financial sense. In order to provide security and accountability platform-wide,
    GameChain has developed ‘Verified Addresses’. These verified addresses have gone
    through KYC and are connected to a user, so that malicious action around crowdsales
    and spam generation are almost entirely eliminated.

    ⚡AI and Computational Power
    GameChain provides all the tools necessary for game development including
    computational power to power non-playable-characters (NPCs) and other in-game AI.
    The computational power provided by GameChain can also be used by GameChain
    community members for any computational task that they might need.

    ⚡Adding decentralized items and currencies to any game
    Allow in-game items and interactions to go beyond the game. Using GameChain’s SDK
    game developers can easily create decentralized in-game items, incorporate any
    cryptocurrency into the game using atomic swaps, and allow the games themselves to
    become tradable digital assets that can be exchanged between players.

    ⚡Ease of Use
    GameChain enables game developers and creators to do what they do best: build and
    create games. GameChain accomplishes this by providing turn-key crowdsales for any
    game developer on the GameChain platform. The only requirement is that the Game
    Developer has gone through a KYC process, in order to prevent scams and enforce
    accountability after the crowdsale.

    ⚡ICO and Stable Currencies
    When a game developer hosts a crowdsale, the community and supporters can
    examine the game developer’s past work, reputation score, and communication to
    determine if they are interested in playing the game, testing, or would like to
    participate in the crowdsale. The game developer has the option to accept
    contributions in a wide selection of currencies due to GameChain’s interoperability
    capabilities. Once contributed funds are sent to the crowdsale smart contract, the
    funds are immediately converted to Tether (“USDT”). This prevents any loss in
    crowdsale funds that are raised for game development. Game developers can issue
    their own unique in-game digital currencies equivalent to ERC20 tokens.

    ⚡GameChain game development SDK
    GameChain developers have created a SDK to integrate games into the GameChain
    platform. The SDK is available in C#, Java, Python, and C++. Game developers can
    download the SDK and immediately create on-chain items, transactions, user identity
    verification and more with GameChain’s intuitive API.

    ⚡User Reputation and Rewards
    GameChain platform users will generate and establish reputation points for
    themselves for every action and interaction that they perform from within the
    GameChain ecosystem. The user’s reputation is calculated using Machine Learning
    technology which calculates the level of contribution and involvement that the
    specific user has with GameChain. The greater the reputation the user has, the more
    rewards the user receives for positive interactions on the GameChain platform.
    Content Producers, publishers, authors, reviewers, game developers and any other
    user will receive GCC tokens as rewards for performing actions within the GameChain
    ecosystem such as publishing game reviews, being active in GameChain user forums,
    hosting and completing a crowdsale, etc.

    ⚡Live stream and social capabilities
    The best way to game is to game with friends. Users can message their friends
    throughout the platform and live stream themselves playing any game similar to During this process users can tip the streamer and communicate with
    them. The GameChain platform also has a social feed similar to Facebook's, which
    displays the in-game status and event updates of all of your friends to keep you up to
    speed with their progress.

    ⚡Cross-Chain items, games, and reputation
    Game Developers can create in-game items and games that are cross-chain. This
    means items and games can be traded in other blockchain marketplaces. Game
    developers can also host crowdsales, build and deploy games on the GameChain
    platform, while integrating with other blockchains such as GameCredits or
    Bitcoin. GameChain strongly believes in the integration, collaboration, and usage of
    other gaming blockchains and platforms.

    Community Features

    Create teams, groups, and clans
    Games and quests aren’t made to play alone. Create teams with your friends, pass
    the trials to join your favorite clan, and more.

    Platform wide IM system
    Stay in contact with your friends at all times, GameChain has a built-in communication
    system which allows in-game communication

    Competitions between teams and groups
    Battle against rival clans and teams. Will your team rise through the ranks to ultimate

    Platform wide achievements
    Leveling up and completing unique tasks rewards you with achievements much like
    the Xbox live system

    Cross-chain items and achievements
    Gain points and achievements from cross-platform interactions, trade your in-game
    items on any blockchain marketplace

    Live stream system
    No need to use third-party software; stream your gaming sessions and battles from
    right within the platform

    Live Social Feed
    Stay up to date with all your friends’ games, activities and achievements

    Game and Item marketplace
    Purchase, sell and trade both in-game items and GameChain games with other
    community members

    Have a great idea for a game? Host a crowdsale and get your idea funded in a few

    Crowdsourced Testing
    When developing games, the entire GameChain community is at your disposal as QA
    and beta game testers.

    Community Forums
    Chat, learn, earn GCC tokens and more for participating in GameChain’s community


    BCreator - Build beautiful maps, characters and more
    BCreator is the powerful new game development studio created by the GameChain
    team, which will allow users the freedom to design and construct games however
    they imagine. This software will cater to all levels of user expertise with no
    programming required.
    The software includes scene model rendering, skeletal motion, particle system,
    advanced physics simulation and many other components. It has the ability to handle
    huge amounts of 3D data, including large scale natural environments. Seamless maps
    of theoretically infinite size are possible, as well as graphic effects such as dynamic
    light/shadow, landmark high gloss, reflection and refraction, pace distortion, volume
    fog and vertex lighting.
    Artificial intelligence is used to control the behavior and reaction of various active
    objects in game. The advanced physical simulation engine enables real physical
    motion, which creates a vivid and relatable virtual world. There will also be full
    support and integration with Oculus, HTC VIVE, Microsoft HoloLens and other
    VR/AR instream devices.
    In short, BCreator is an advanced, capable and serious development platform, and any
    type of game development will be possible when using it’s wide range of features.


    《三国志2017》 (Three Kingdoms 2017) Monthly revenue up to 100 million RMB ($15 million)

    《全民乐舞》 (Let’s dance – Love Show) Monthly revenue up to ten million RMB ($1.5 million)

    《幻想学院》 (Fantasy Academy) Monthly revenue up to ten million RMB ($1.5 million)

    《来啊捕鱼》 (Let’s go fishing) Monthly revenue up to five million RMB ($700,000)

    Saudi Arabia Edu-game 《عالم أريب》 (The Arabian World)

    《初代吸血鬼》 (First Vampire) Monthly revenue up to $50,000 per server
    Beauty and the Beast

    Pixel IO Game 《我的坦克》 (My Tank)

    《クリプトアイランド》(Secret Island)

    《梦幻3D》 (Dream 3D)

    《直播秀场百人德州》 (Live Poker: TexasHold'em)

    《真三国战纪》 (The Three Kingdom War)


    GCC is a utility token. The GameChain ecosystem is powered by GameChainCredits
    (“GCC”), without GCC the GameChain ecosystem would not exist. GCC powers the
    GameChain ecosystem by creating rewards, fees, and incentive for various activities
    and participation in the GameChain ecosystem. GCC tokens reward positive behavior
    and encourage individuals to perform tasks which keep the network operational and

    GCC is the key to the GameChain. Owning GCC tokens provides access to:

    • Priority transaction processing (increased bandwidth)
    • Access to GameChain storage
    • Computational Power
    • Passive generation of GCC tokens through GameChain’s reward system
    • Premier access to GameChain-hosted games and releases


    Lock ups and vesting schedules

    See the following details for an overview of the locks and vesting schedules. All locks
    and vesting schedules are hard-coded in smart contracts and visible to the public.
    Company Tokens:
    • Team tokens (5%)
    • Locked for 1 year, then a linear monthly vesting over 2 years (4.17% per
    • Advisor tokens (5%)
    • Locked for 6 months, then a linear monthly vesting schedule over 18
    months (5.6% per month).
    • Adoption pool (22%)
    • Used to incentivize gamers and developers on the GameChain blockchain.
    • Initially 4% (= 1% of total supply) released to kickstart the usage of the
    platform, then a linear monthly vesting schedule over 48 months is applied
    (2% per month).

    Tokens for GCC buyers:

    Seed round: A seed round was completed with $325.000 USD collected with a 186%
    bonus. These tokens are fully locked for 1 year, then a linear vesting schedule over 2
    years is applied (5% per month).
    ICO: During the ICO GCC tokens will be sold at a rate of 199 GCC per $ based on
    holding tokens for 2 years. The rate of GCC per ETH will be locked at the start of the
    ICO to match this. 35% of tokens will be released initially and the remaining 65% will
    be supplied through the GCC Holder Rewards (see the section on this for more detail).
    The initially released tokens will be approximately 69.6 GCC per $. To avoid confusion,
    our website will only show this rate


    GameChain has a unique and innovative ICO and tokenomics model. The
    purpose of the tokenomics design is to make holding GameChainCredits
    (“GCC”) fun and attractive!
    The Genesis Pot: Last Man Standing Rewards
    To reward token sale participants for their loyalty and early support, we have a put
    aside a huge pot of tokens. The Genesis pot represents 8.2% of the total GCC token
    supply! Tokens from this Genesis Pot will be distributed to ICO buyers every month,
    but only to ICO buyers who did not move ANY tokens out of their ICO wallet, the “Last
    Men Standing”! It really is that simple. With GameChain, loyalty is greatly rewarded.
    But it gets better: If other ICO buyers are disqualified (by selling or moving tokens
    from their ICO wallet), they will no longer receive Genesis Pot rewards. This means
    your share of the Genesis Pot will grow bigger and bigger over time.


    • Only ICO buyers are eligible for the Last Man Standing Rewards
    • “Last Men Standing” are defined as ICO buyers who haven't moved ANY of their
    ICO tokens out of their ICO wallets.
    • The Genesis Pot represents 10% of the total GCC supply (800.000.000 GCC).
    • The Genesis Pot is distributed to all ICO holders linearly over 24 months.
    • When one ICO buyer moves ANY of their ICO tokens, they are considered “fallen”
    or “disqualified”.
    • The monthly Genesis Pot is now distributed amongst the remaining “Last Men
    Standing”, increasing each individuals monthly distributed tokens. When a big ICO
    buyer moves ANY tokens, then a large amount of tokens will be distributed
    amongst the remaining “Last Men Standing”.
    • This mechanism rewards holding the GCC token, especially when other ICO buyers
    are moving their tokens out of their wallets.
    • The reward for the “Last Men Standing” increases exponentially the more ICO
    buyers sell or move their tokens.
    • This principle continues until all “Last Man Standing Rewards” have been
    distributed or until there is no “Last Man Standing” left, i.e. no untouched ICO
    wallet left.
    • Depending on the ICO buyer’s “ICO Level”, he/her gets a multiplier of the standard
    monthly rewards.


    The GameChain ICO has been designed to be fair for all participants and our ICO
    Levels are independent of the size of your purchase. As in every good game,
    everybody starts at Level 1. And as with every good game, you have to put in more
    and more effort to get to the higher levels!
    Level Ups provide our community with the opportunity to help us think outside of the
    box and allows the community to contribute their unique talents to our project. By
    integrating the talents of our community and the talents of our team, GameChain will
    be able to develop a better blockchain ecosystem and enhance its adoption.
    The benefit of Leveling Up to a higher ICO Level is that you get a bigger multiplier of
    the Genesis Pot, which is a pot of 800.000.000 GCC tokens that are distributed
    exclusively to ICO holders every month. The higher your level, the more tokens you
    receive every month from the Genesis Pot!

    Don’t forget: Little things add up to big things!
    You can apply for a Level Up here: (click) (Don’t forget to provide a valid email
    Our team will review your efforts and get back to you as soon possible.


    Separate to the “Last Man Standing” rewards, The GCC holder pot represents an
    impressive GCC tokens. Every month, tokens from the GCC Holder Pot
    are distributed to GCC holders. When you keep holding GCC the power of
    compounded rewards will quickly increase your GCC holdings!


    • All GCC holders (people who bought during the ICO or after the ICO) are eligible to
    the “Holder Rewards”.
    • 40.8% of the initial total GCC supply is reserved to be distributed monthly to GCC
    • Every month GCC holders get a fixed percentage of tokens added to their current

    ICO Summary

    • Rate of 69.6 GCC per $ or $0.0144 per GCC
    • The ETH rate will be locked at the start of the ICO to match the $ rates above.
    • KYC/AML is required
    • United States and mainland China residents & citizens are excluded from the sale.




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