Ethereum Classic Pool 0,85% fee | Payouts every 12 hours

  • Features:
    - Low Fee, only 0.85%
    - Payouts every 12 hours
    - Payout Blocks and uncle Blocks
    - Lucky days and holidays with 0% fees
    - Anonymous mining
    - Fast Upstream API / Statistics
    - DDOS protected servers
    - 24x7 Uptime and Service
    - Minimum Payout with 0.5 ETC
    - Professional support - [email protected]

    - Fully dedicated Server only for the Ethereum Pool & Node
    - 64GB Memory
    - 20 Core Processor
    - 640GB SSD Disk
    - 9TB Transfer

    Happy days with 0% fee on our pool every Sunday!

  • Thanks a lot for adding our mining pool to your forum!

    Miners Online: 7
    Pool Hash Rate: 227.54 MH
    Pool Fee: 0.1%
    Total payments sent: 54

    Welcome to our pool -

  • Miners Online: 11
    Pool Hash Rate: 642.30 MH
    Pool Fee: 0.1%
    Total payments sent: 60

    Welcome -

  • Greeting everyone :)

    Last two days all ETC mining pools there under DDOS attacks. Rumors are saying its all ETH work.

    Our mining pool BTD was also under attack, but we have top notch AntiDDOS protection, so we did survive it.

    24/7 uptime, come and mine with us


    Now payouts are every 7 hours

    We are working on new design for pool

  • #updates

    - We started to work on new design and better UI/UX
    - We are going to add graphs to our main page
    - Adding Telegram group for chatting

  • Miners Online: 27
    Pool Hash Rate: 3.98 GH
    Pool Fee: 0.1%
    Total payments sent: 273

    Welcome to Ethereum Classic mining pool -

  • #updates - We are moving soon to the new servers - Adding more cryptocurrencies Welcome - ****

  • Now we are back online with even more powerful servers!

    We are going to add soon stratum for Asia!

    Welcome back -


    We are planning to expand and add more cryptocurrencies soon. BTC, ETH, ETC, SIa and Zcash.
    DDoS attacks was problem for us and that's why we are moving all our servers to new hosting company.
    We are now partners with Xeovo hosting. They got amazing DDoS protection and 99% uptime.

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