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    XxXcoin was abandoned by the previous two development teams. The current version was updated and fixed by the Tittlecoin developers. We are now looking to implement XXXCoin X3. We have already discussed on the previous thread moving forward including establishing a team to fund and develop this platform and community. Contact has been made with the old Tittiecoin team who fixed the coin however no response has been forthcoming and as such we are now proceeding with our development.

    We are now looking to establish links with premium adult industry partners and start to develop this adult industry payment platform and premium brand.

    Terms Of Use
    The new brand, typeface, logo are the property of VanityWallets2015 as lead project on this development and may not be used without prior permission unless;
    - you are using the logo to promote XXXcoin
    - you are using the logo in a not-for-profit capacity, e.g. internal marketing
    - you are using the logo as part of non-commercial private purposes such as desktop backgrounds

    XXXCoin X3 logo and branding Copyright VanityWallets2015. All rights reserved.


    The coin is 100% POS


    NEW: TBC
    OLD: Block explorer:



    ReBirth Release date: 07-March-2015
    Block Reward: 4000 XXX (NO HALVING!)
    Initial coin Release date: 26-June-2014
    Algorithm: Scrypt Now 100% POS
    Money Supply: 36,610,138.378747
    Total Supply ever: 50,000,000
    Block Target: 30 seconds
    Connection port: 20133
    RPC port: 20132
    Maturity: 50
    Confirmations: 3
    Min stake age: 3 day
    PoS interest: 5% annually
    Premine: 1,800,000 (4.95%)
    Less than 1% - 100,000XXX was handed over to the Tittiecoin Developers.

    XxXcoin v2.1 Win wallet:
    XxXSource Code:
    MAC wallet v2.1:

    No planned change to the existing core code for the immediate future.
    No planned change to the POS percentage or algorithm for the immediate future.
    Planned upgrade of the wallet to version 3.01 (X3.01) to feature the new branding, logo etc
    Planned inclusion of a node at CryptoID including block explorer, rich list etc
    Planned inclusion request of Bittrex, Yobit, Cryptopia, Poloniex, Nova

    Core group is being established to take XXX forward, we now have three members of a distributed global presence and looking to grow.


    All donations please send to the following address in the mean time to help the project (XXX) XTtrVAA8WxFxLcBHHofTEZLGkhTMQ88Qf3

  • September Update


    previous discussions between myself and the current xxx developer we

    have agreed to take things forward for XXX. The following is a brief

    overview of plans, these are subject to change but form the basis of an

    agreement for the responsibility of XXX as an international digital


    Foundation & Board
    With respect of governance of the project;
    25.5% of voting weight and therefore decision making is applied to the existing developer (tittiecoin)
    25.5% of voting weight and therefore decision making is applied to the new developer (vanitywallets)
    the remaining 49% of voting weight will be available to other members and the community
    the board will be developed over time with a small annual contribution to the project

    it is partly a community and open project each issue that affects its

    users, stakeholders and investors will be put to the community before

    decision making
    both developers can abstain from voting at any time, both developers can make an executive decision at any time (if necessary)

    We should have additional boardmembers (maximum 12, so possible additional 10 with us).
    We should have members which pay an annual fee (even 0.01 BTC to vote on anything we decide that the public should vote on).

    This forms the co-operative between expertise to deliver XXX as a fully blown brand in the digital currency sector.

    New Developer Commercial Contribution
    As a new developer to the XXX project I am bringing the following;

    updated brand ownership and use, domain and website development

    (property of myself unless financially reimbursed at an acceptable rate

    at a later date)
    - additional development and marketing scope as required

    As the existing developer to the XXX project titticoin has agreed to the following;

    additional code above and beyond basic core code (property of yourself

    unless financially reimbursed at an acceptable rate at a later date)
    - additional development and marketing scope as required



    income and expenditure should be recorded as board members and

    registered as "contractors" so it can be reimbursed later, we should

    agree tariffs and boundaries.
    All payments from XXXCoin to any board

    members, contractors, or future employees must be recorded with an

    annual set of public accounts.
    All payments must be made from central

    wallets (any coins held for that purpose should probably be split into

    two wallets with one each for us both to manage)


    i am working with a number of teams of developers at the moment and

    trying to manage some coins/projects of my own, I think this one needs

    to have an updated roadmap which we should work. Here is an overview of

    what has been primarily agreed so far;

    - creation of an android wallet
    - implementation of an electrum server for mobile payments
    - implementation of a checkpoint server
    - the addition of more network nodes, for example on CryptoID which includes rich list
    - official business communication and sales strategy
    - fiat payment acceptance
    - blockchain development to include user registration (perhaps similar to iocoin dions/dns core)
    - anonymity discussion
    - security discussion (prevention of uploading illegal data/images/video to the blockchain)

    blockchain feeds (e.g. people posting up content links to the

    blockchain using xxx that is distributed into a feed in the wallet)
    - categorised directory of adult sites, content and products
    - dropshipping or establishing adult based ecommerce
    - advertising rates and applications
    - email newsletters, social media marketing, direct sales, pre-orders, product orders, branded goods
    - adultworker directory

    direct messaging (for registered members only) so clients (other wallet

    users) can contact escorts etc with all communication encoded on the

    blockchain (but able to decode with a master key for the purposes of

    security, policing and safety)
    - exchange insertion and maintenance
    - investors and venture capital
    - partnerships and affiliates

    An ideal solution would be to merge the best parts of the following coins/platforms;
    - xxxcoin
    - bitshares
    - iocoin
    - nxt
    - any anonymous/tor payment method

    Content Rules

    like Playboy are stepping back from full frontal nudity and sleazy

    content, we should follow suit, for example only when people log in or

    access accounts on clients websites or blockchain data should they

    receive access to such content. For both consistency and theme I think

    we should focus on;

    - non explicit content for promotion
    - non nude content for promotion
    - far more sophisticated content for promotion
    - no cam advertising (unless part of a paid directory) I think its a bit sleazy?
    - we need clear guidance and acceptance of good conduct rules for working with clients

    I think in the immediate future we need to;
    - establish relationships quickly with adult content providers/affiliates/members/investors
    - discuss with exchanges about maintaining a constant presence on their exchanges with or without increased coin circulation

    I know that's alot to take in but I think it gets us started, hope that sounds ok.

    Feedback is welcome.

    If anyone wishes to purchase XXXcoin I do have 980,000 available, all sales would help fund XXX.

    Nova Exchange
    I will be upvoting XXX on in the next couple of days for inclusion all being well.

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