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    There are 4 current types of blades in the wild:

    V1 batch 1s - No overclockable firmware and only 10 were sold into the wild.

    V1 batch 2-3.5s - All other V1 blades sold at auction. Have overclockable firmware.

    V2 - One single board, includes a backpane connector and is smaller. No overclocking.

    V3 (Cubes) - A great consumer product with no more wiring, cooling or mounting complications.

    V1 Blade (12.8 GH/s)

    V2 Blade (10.7 GH/s)

    V3 Cube (30-38 GH/s)

    You will need the following per blade:

    1. A network cable.
    2. 1x ATX motherboard extender. (1x dual molex extender. OR 1x PCI-E 6 pin extender. )
    3. 1x Fan controller (per two blades).
    4. 2x 120mm PWM controllable fans.
    5. A power supply (see next section).


    Blades do not come with a power supply and you will need a typical computer PSU. The limit of how much power we can safely draw is actually due to the cable diameters - which are only capable of ~10A [18 gauge].

    The requirements per blade are:

    1. 1xPCI-E 6 pin power connector
    2. At least 12A on the/each 12V rail

    Estimated power consumption is as follows.

    V1 blades:
    1. 75W (Low power mode @ 1.05V)
    2. 83W (Low power mode @ 1.10V)
    3. 100W (Stock @ 1.20V)
    4. 120W (Overclocked @ 1.20V)

    V2 blades:
    1. 100W (Stock)

    ASICMiner Blade Setup Guide

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