• We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of the alpha release of the SAFE Network.

    Installing both the Launcher and Demo App will enable you to store private data, publish public data, create your own SAFE webpage and even host an existing site without charge.

    If you haven’t already, you can download Launcher and the Demo App below on either Windows, Mac or Linux (sorry, no mobile, yet!)

    As with any alpha software caveats apply, and you should be aware of a couple of things prior to use. Data on this alpha network may get lost and MaidSafe will decide or require to wipe the network from time to time. It is therefore recommended that you store your only pictures of your first born elsewhere.

    This is also a client only network, meaning that users cannot run vaults (contribute their resources), all data will be hosted on a network managed by MaidSafe. The ability for users to run their own vault will be enabled shortly. A more detailed list of limitations is availablehere.


    The Launcher connects you to the SAFE Network without providing either your account secret or password to any application, such as the demo app. It is your secure gateway to the network. Find out more.



    Not on Windows? Download for another platform

    Demo App


    Not on Windows? Download for another platform


    The first time you use the network you will need to set up a proxy to view SAFE websites. Setup instructions are available here.


    If you have any problems please flag it up by posting within the support section of the forum and someone will help. You will need to set up an account to post, but this process is both quick, easy and free!

  • SAFE Network Introduction Video

    Watch this video for an introductory overview of the network. Find out why this technology is so important, the problems it solves, and discover many of the network's unique features.

    A secure home for all your data

    The SAFE Network is soon to provide access to a world of exciting apps where the security of your data is put above all else. In time, downloading the free SAFE software will provide access to: messaging, apps, email, social networks, data storage,


    Crowd sourced internet

    Rather than using data centres and servers common within today’s internet, which are prone to data theft and surveillance, the SAFE Network uses advanced P2P technology, that joins together the spare computing capacity of all SAFE users, creating a global network. You can think of SAFE as a crowd sourced internet. It is on this network that everyone’s data and applications reside.

    All you need to join this network is to download the free SAFE software, create your account and tell the network how much space you are going to provide. It’s that simple!

    The service that pays you!

    By providing your unused computing resources to SAFE you will be paid in a network token, called safecoin. To start earning, download the free SAFE software, create your account and tell the network how much space you are going to provide.

    Overtime, your computer (or vault) will start to fill up with network data and as a consequence, your virtual wallet will automatically start receive safecoin. You can use these to pay for other services on the network, or convert to another currency via an SAFE currency exchange.


    Decentralised Applications

    The ecosystem around the SAFE Network is already starting to blossom and a number of exciting apps* are already being built by third party developers using the SAFE APIs.

    Applications that provide access via the Launcher API ensure that you can access all apps with the same PIN, username and password used when you created your SAFE account. This means that you stay in control of your details at all times.

    *The projects listed within the link above are built and maintained by independent parties.

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