Bitfinex’s New Toolkit To Improve Crypto Trading

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    Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has released new open source libraries, in particular, bfx-hf-strategy, bfx-hf-backtest, and bfx-hf-data-server within a trading toolset called Honey Framework and further capability enhancement, according to the company’s blog

    New tools are aimed at boosting trading strategies to promptly respond to crypto market volatility and other changes in the crypto sphere. Moreover, bfx-hf-indicators will be used in libraries.

    The Bitfinex experts note that this set is presented in an alpha version, and libraries can be improved by changing the content. At the same time, the most knowledgeable customers in technical issues can use the tools right away.

    It is possible to test trading strategies either using historical data or in live marketplace using the software interface provided by the exchange. In a few months, Bitfinex will launch a website with all the documents for each library. It is also expected to introduce new opportunities in Honey Framework for open-source trading.

    Another Bitfinex’s innovation is related to the bfx-hf-algo library. In its new version, a newly created order facilitates implementation of algorithmic trading Ping/Pong.

    The Bitfinex developers offer customers to share any comments, proposals, and suggestions on the Github page.

    As previously reported, Bitfinex couldn’t explain the presence of the USDT/USD pair on the CoinMarketCap portal.

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