Anoncoin (ANC) mandatory upgrade Wallet v0.9.7.1-gost

  • This is a mandatory upgrade that fixes a bug with block verification. It is important to upgrade as soon as possible. Older versions of Anoncoin Core should no longer be used.

    SHA256 checksum 7622014056c27abbf27c1e7186bbed640e7c9cf16eda1c57f4a6ed33852b7c81

    SHA256 checksum anoncoin-mac- 7a3e9dd111e026d0cf33c05471f44f69a1f0e53aff0651f9df9e6584a71941fe

    SHA256 checksum anoncoin-win64- 00d8c81aa80d8be87b417a9c614a93b7f17f8dead0c3c5c67ffd7a7c3f9badd6

    SHA256 checksum 87ded021763bd6f3fb7f61bcdadbb5cda1e59c39dafa57d584b20003db634ce1

    If you have help or questions join #anoncoin-dev on Slack here:

    Source Code:

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